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    Using the Tropical Zodiac in Vedic Astrology

    Vedic Astrology - The Role of Saturn

    By G. Kumar

    Scientia intuitiva est scientia prima - The first science was Intuitively inspired.

    "The aim of scientia intuitiva", said Spinoza," is to find behind things and events Laws and their eternal relations". What the Seers cognised in higher states of Consciousness - in Cosmic Consciousness and above - came to be known as the 12 Intuitive Sciences and these collectively came to be known as the eternal Vedas. Hence these sciences are said to be divine in origin. Descendit e Caelo - They come from Heaven ! They were never written, they were heard ! What the Seers still hear is only an infinitesimal portion of the Infinite Vedas ( Ananta Vai Veda )! They have been defined as the Breath of the Eternal!

    Universal Time

    One degree of longitude is 4 minutes and Time is calculated based on longitude.. The calculations of Sunrise and Ascendant are based on latitude and these mathematical values vary from latitude to latitude. The Vedic concept of Time is based on the celestial phenomenon of the rotation of the earth round its own axis and its movement around the Sun. One constitutes the Celestial Sphere and the other the Ecliptic Sphere.

    The Role of Saturn in the Science of Horoscopy

    The second biggest planet in the solar system, Saturn is also one of the the most important planets. 700 earths can be fit into Saturn. He is the indicator of Sorrow and if he be benign, the horoscopian will be a Wise One freed from sorrow. If he be weak, the horoscopian will be melancholic and depressed and unable to come out of the web of the sorrow of the temporal.

    Saturnine Effects in the 12 Houses

    Saturn in the Ascendant: Saturn in the Ascendant is not good from the perspective of health. There may be physical aliments during childhood. Laziness takes control of the native.

    Saturn in the Second House: In the second Saturn makes one not above want and prone to lying. Will live in foreign lands. Will be a lover of justice.

    Saturn in the Third House: Saturn in the 3rd makes one very intelligent & liberal minded. Will have strength of character and will be adventurous. Will have subordinates and all the comforts of life.

    Saturn in the Fourth House: Saturnine tenancy of the fourth indicates affliction to the heart. Will lack happiness and mental peace. Will be crooked and will be a violator of social norms. Will live in foreign lands.

    Saturn in the Fifth House: Will lack happiness and pleasure from children if Saturn is in the fifth. Will lack intelligence and will be fickle minded. Will have high longevity.

    Saturn in the Sixth House: Saturn in the sixth is the destroyer of enemies. Will love all the pleasures of the mundane. Will be a voracious eater. Wealth will grace you in no uncertain measure.

    Saturn in the Seventh House: Will be equivalent to a king as the royal planet of Liberation becomes posited in a quadrant. Saturn has full directional strength in the seventh. But some negative traits develop like lack of mental peace and happiness. Laziness also manifests.

    Saturn in the Eighth House: This adverse postion of Saturn makes one prone to illnesses, will be crooked, sorrowful and will be abandoned by relatives.

    Saturn in the Ninth House: Saturnine tenancy of the Ninth makes one egotistic, without much wealth and devoid of happiness from father. Will indulge in sinful acts. Will be skilled in warfare. Will take delight in tormenting others.

    Saturn in the Tenth House: This benign position of Saturn makes one have scholarship, intelligence, virility and will be the leader of assemblies. Will be well off in life. Will change professions often.

    Saturn in the Eleventh House: This is the best postion for Saturn to be in. Saturn well posited in the eleventh makes one highly determined, healthy, wealthy and wise. Will have royal favour. Will be a good sculptor. Will have a lot of subordinates.

    Saturn in the Twelfth House: In the adverse 12th, Saturn makes one devoid of happiness & wealth. Will be tormented by many an illness. Will be subjected to the machi- nations of enemies. Will have to face defeat wherever he goes. Will be merciless and live away from one's place of domicile.

    Mundane or International Astrology

    The United States is ruled by Gemini, an intellectual and enterprising sign. Aries rules England. This is confirmed by Shakespeare who defined London as the seat of Mars!

    This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, This demi-Eden, this semi-Paradise, England, bound in with a triumphant sea, Whose rocky shores beat back the envious seige Of watery Neptune !

    Aquarius rules Russia. It is ruled by Saturn, who ,in the words of Cheiro, symbolises an unknown and unknowable power, Soviet Russia ! Jupiter rules the Mongloid race ( Asians ). America's symbol is the Eagle, indicating that the U S will have dominion over air !

    Astrology's Interrelatedness with other disciplines:

    The Law of Cosmic Interrelatedness:
    This Law points out that not only all parts of the Cosmos are interrelated but all sciences ( as parts of the Whole ) are interrelated.


    Pythagorus saw that the Key to the Mystery of the Universe was held by numbers. Furthur researches in Astro-Numerology has shown that Combined Fadic, Name and Birth Numbers have effects along with the individual Fadic, Name & Birth Numbers.


    In his famous book " Ancient Astral Gemstones & Talismans", Richard S Brown of www.agt-gems.com records that not only the Nine Primary Gems but other secondary gems are also used in Planetary Gem Therapy.

    Planet Primary Gem Secondary Gems:

    Sun - Ruby Red Spinel & red Garnet
    Moon - Pearl Moonstone
    Jupiter - Yellow Sapphire Yellow Topaz, Citrine, Yellow Beryl
    Rahu - Hessonite Orange Zircon, spessartite
    Mercury - Emerald Green Tourmaline,jade, peridot
    Venus - Diamond White Sapphire, white Topaz
    Ketu - Cat's Eye Beryl, Fibrolite
    Saturn - Blue Sapphire Blue Spinel, amethyst
    Mars - Coral Cornelian, bloodstone

    Astrology & Holistic Medicine ( Ayurveda )

    The seven planets correspond to seven gross elements ( dhatus) thus:

    Jupiter - Fat
    Saturn - Veins
    Mars - Bone Marrow
    Sun - Bones
    Moon - Blood
    Mercury - Skin
    Venus - Seminal Energy

    Medical astrologers of yore could discern the cause of disease by analysing the horoscope. A weak planet during its period of directional influence can bestow disease. If the fourth house is afflicted, it clearly means affliction to the heart ( as the heart is the 4th house by correspon- dence). If the sixth house is afflicted, digestive tract disorders are indi- cated.

    Astrology, Astronomy & Mythology - Allegories & Symbolism

    Bacon in his book "De Sapientia Vaterum" ( Of the Wisdom of the Ancients ) opined that scientific truths are contained in Mythology. For instance, there is a story in Greek Mythology that Athena was taking bath in a pond where Zeus (Jupiter) was taking bath. Zeus got angry and threw her out of the pond. This is an allegorical depiction of an earlier theory in Astronomy that Venus was a satellite of Jupiter and was expelled from the orbit of Jupiter!

    Mythology is, in other words, nothing but the representation of Astronomical truths. As per the Vedic Code, the function of Epic and Mythology is to adumbrate philosophic verities!

    The Ursa Major Cycle

    The first astronomical calender was erected by the Vedic Emperor Vaivaswatha Manu ( circa 8576 A D ). It was based on the Ursa Major Cycle. The constellation of Ursa Major ( Sapta Rishies or the Seven Seers), stays in a constellation for 100 years and to make a retrograde circuit of the Zodiac ( as the Zodiac is tenanted by 27 constellations), it takes 2700 years. All Vedic Mythology is based on these astronomical calculations. Prof. Drayson says in his "Asiatic Researches " that " the Vedists thought proper to connect their Mythology with an astronomical period of a strange nature. It is that of the Seven Rishies ( Seers ), moving along the Zodiac in retrograde motion and taking 2700 years to complete one circuit". Ursa Major, the Great Bear, was in Regulus ( Magha ) at the start of the Mahabharatha War !

    Astrology as related to Yoga.

    Yoga has been defined as the Art of Conscious Self finding. "The aim of the Integral Yoga ", said Aurobindo," is to know and deal with the secret forces which determine our destiny ".

    "Life, not a remotely silent or a highly ecstatic uplifted beyond, Life alone is the field of our Yoga", spake the Master. The barriers on the path of a spiritual aspirant are the " hostile forces" in Man - namely, lust,anger,pride,avarice,attachment, sloth & covetousness, which lie in the subconscient ( subconscious mind).

    Man houses dangerous forces in his house
    The Titan, the Fury and the Djinn
    Lay in the subconscient's cavern pit
    And the Beast moved in his antre den !

    The Science of the heavens, as the friend, philosopher & guide of all humanity can advise the aspirant to overcome the " enemies " within him - which are formidable forces - and reach the Goal of Life, Self Actualisation.

    In the Occidental world, Free Masonry existed as a noble science and as a royal Art. Pythagorus was one of the founding fathers and Free Masonry was enhanced by scholars who were familiar with Oriental Wisdom. It originated from the Vedists of the East and its development was greatly influenced by Pythagorus. Similar to the Oriental belief of benign forces helping an aspirant, there existed a belief ( in Free Masonry ) of a Grand Lodge in the heavens watching over the Masonic Israel on earth and superintending its development.

    Our aim is the Union of East and West, of inner freedom and outer mastery. Isn't the Universe one perfect Whole and aren't we parts of that Whole ? All Seers have seen that perfect Whole as nothing but Love!

    Author G. Kumar, Astrologer & Epistemologist has compiled Free Ebooks on AstroNumerology, Vedic Astrology & Pranic Therapy. Recently he was awarded a Certificate by the Planetary Gemologists Association as a Planetary Gem Advisor. He has 25 years psychic research experience in the esoteric arts.

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