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    Venus Retrograde In Scorpio Challenges Romantic Relationships

    By Astrologer Donna Page

    Venus is Retrograde in Scorpio in 2010 and 2018

    The universe is amazing. The symbols from the sky that we use in astrology reflect back to earth meaning and help for us if we choose to listen. A very important message is being delivered with the current Venus retrograde cycle. Approximately every eighteen months Venus goes retrograde. Every Venus Retrograde is different. Yes, it is true that the generic interpretations of Venus retrograde are valid; however, it is essential to interpret the exact moment of each individual Venus retrograde cycle to ascertain the deep spiritual understanding of what the universe is telling us.

    This retrograde is very significant as there are several clusters of planets conjunct, that is to say sets of two planets are in the same sign next to each other. Think of a group of people at a party or picnic and several have paired off in their own corners talking to each other; each pair in their own world speaking about what is of interest to them. The other significant symbol of the planets pairing off is Venus and it's about relationships. How do we relate to other people? When she is retrograde she wants us to reconsider our relationships and whether or not those we are connected to are the people we need to be spending our time with.

    Venus retrograde in Scorpio will bring forth hidden pockets of jealousy, secrets or even hatred. What have you not been able to forgive or let go of? Where in your life have you been betrayed? During this Venus retrograde, situations can arise that will reveal where trust has been broken and what you need to do to repair the relationship. This isn't just for romantic relationships; it is for any relationships in your life, they can be friendships, child, parent, boss coworker; there are many ways we can overstep boundaries in relationships that can break a bond that will need to be cut or healed.

    Mercury and Saturn are paired up in Libra suggesting we think deeply about relationships. The new moon in Libra happened the day before Venus went retrograde; therefore the Sun and Moon are in Libra. This annual new moon energy wants us to find balance in our lives, kindness in our actions, and the right relationships. Venus and Mars are together in Scorpio, the sign of passion and power. Venus and Mars are notorious for getting in trouble together. When you put them in the sign of Scorpio, who loves sex and secrets, you have a volatile tempest brewing. Pluto is with the north node in Capricorn which is not a body in the sky but the symbol for where we are headed and points to where the eclipses are occurring. Neptune is with Chiron in Aquarius, talking and shedding light down to us mortals about healing that needs to happen, overcoming differences, and respecting other points of view. Uranus and Jupiter are together in the sign of Pisces, expanding possibilities to think way outside of the box, in fact what box? It is time to live the dreams that science fiction gave us years ago.

    Much of this vibration is to shift us to a new level of life that includes the vision of a future of peace, harmony, betterment for mankind, balance and serenity. Yet Venus and Mars in Scorpio suggest that the way to that place will be through fighting and conflict. Mars in Scorpio is very strong and will demand what it wants - Venus in Scorpio is problematic, as she doesn't behave as sweet loving Venus, but as a wild woman who refuses to be manipulated or controlled - hence attracting situations of being controlled or manipulated to test her strength and will against.

    What you can do to best use the energy of Venus retrograde in Scorpio is to take time to reflect on what you want and what you do not want. Examine and eliminate anything or anyone in your life that you feel you can not heal trust issues or who is not good for you. Step into your power as a sexual being, taking charge and responsibility for the intimacy in your life. Examine where you want to be several years down the road and make changes that will ensure your arrival. Find a cause that you believe in where you can donate some of you resources, time or money. Start a dream journal and dream big. Allow for great possibilities in your life that are bigger and better than you ever thought possible.

    Every moment the universe is sending us opportunities and help to expand our lives. Getting in touch with the astrology message from the universe will accelerate the visualization and manifestations that you already do. Do not fear this Venus retrograde, it is tough but provides us with the ability to tap into our own inner strength to enable us to fast forward our dreams and goals and have the right people in our lives that we love and feel connected with. Astrology is an incredible tool to help you navigate life. However without the tools and resources to know what is going to happen and how to make the best use of the astrological energy you are missing out. To find out when the next astrology shift is about to happen go to AstroPlanetNews.com.

    Donna Page is an astrologer who promotes the ability to create the life you want faster and with ease by becoming in tune with the influence of the planets. Get your free report on how the planets can impact you personally and globally.