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    Use Your Vibrations of Energy to Communicate

    By Maria Boomhower

    In the past, I have touched on the connection of quantum physics and communication. One of my passions is to understand the connection that we create on a much higher level.

    This article only touches the surface of this is rich and amazing subject, yet will help you open the door to communication mastery.

    First is to realize that Quantum physics, which is the study of the building blocks of the universe, tells us that everything is made up energy. Even our bodies, which are made up of cells, then atoms, are made up of sub-atomic particles such as electrons.

    Actually, everything is made up of 'large groups' of subatomic particles including plants trees, thoughts and light. The only difference is the way these particles are grouped together into the building blocks.

    The studies now being done in the neuro-sciences have shown that thoughts are biochemical and electrical. They are real things. And that our mind is photons of light held in an electromagnetic field.

    We as electromagnet beings of energy give off and pick up energy when we interact with other people. And there is a fundamental need in us to connect with one another.

    The studies have also shown that we see the world not as it is, but as we are. And when we go to connect or communicate with another person, it is based on our assumptions, beliefs, values, attitudes and intentions. The success or failure of the connection will be based on much of this.

    There is also a need to have our external world match our internal world and a person will often sabotage what is before them if it doesn't match their inner belief systems.

    At the quantum level we are all connected and we tend to attract people at the same frequencies that we are. This can be the frequencies of our attitudes, beliefs or feelings at the moment.

    Because our brain wants to seek out information that matches its belief system, it will attract other people, places, events and situations that coincide with that belief. We send out a vibration, which is attracted to the same frequencies.

    If you have heard the saying, "Birds of a Feather, Flock together", you can understand the basis of the science. Before modern times with media and advertising, people of the same mindset found each other.

    This is why so many of us get trapped in remaining at a level that we don't want the to be. We are attracting the same types of people, events and situations into our lives.

    To change this, it is important to change the way you communicate with yourself. Look at what you are telling yourself. What are the attitudes that you are repeating. If you state that it is a hard, cruel world, that is what you will manifest in your world. Subsequently, if you state that there are wonderful and helpful people, you will find them.

    It is important to tell and train your self to be open to learning new ideas and thoughts. We need to change our vibration level and then communicate with others at a higher level.

    Through modern equipment, science has seen the different vibrations that we are projecting.

    Negative emotions are long and slow.

    Positive emotions shorter and faster.

    Resentments, road rage etc, create low frequency vibrations.

    This creates inability to create your desires.

    However, quantum physics has also shown us the we have the amazing power to change our lives.

    Maria Boomhower
    The Master Communicator

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