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    About Aries - Video


    Aries has energy to burn. Her partner will have to keep up if he wants to keep the ram's attention for long. The female Aries will often have a somewhat masculine attitude to relationships.

    As the first sign of the zodiac, she can't help putting herself first. The impatient ram can be selfish and will want to get their own way. And if she wants something, she's going to get it.

    Aries is likely to try something rather special for breakfast, perhaps a little too special. She won't use a recipe book as Aries will think she knows best.

    The result will be unique regardless of the quality; it will delivered with a fiery flourish. The ram's mate may feel pressure to devour the whole meal - those flames need fuelling.

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    In the office, Aries may want to make a show of previous conquests.

    Ambitious Aries wants to lead, not follow. She won't want to be herded anywhere. Energetic, fearless Aries can start several projects at once, and infect those around her with an enthusiasm to succeed. But those embers can burn out quickly, so someone else will have to finish off her projects while she blazes a trail elsewhere.

    Aries is a useful member of any team, and can take the company forward if she manages to direct her energies and passion in the right direction.

    But competitive Aries HAS to be the best and may try to take charge regardless of what her role is meant to be. Adventurous Aries needs to be challenged - if her colleagues aren't as dynamic as she'd like them to be, this star sign is unlikely to be diplomatic about her true feelings.


    After work Aries won't be a wallflower. The competitive ram will want to outshine others with everything she does. In the social jungle this sign is high up the food chain. If she spots a piece of meat she likes the look of, Aries won't hesitate to move in for the kill. Charming, exciting and irresistible, friendship with Aries may be fleeting but it won't be dull.

    Spontaneous Aries thrives on variety. Friends should be warned if they try to tie her down to fixed plans, her warm glow may turn to ashes.

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