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    The CAPRICORN Page

    About CAPRICORN - Video


    Capricorn puts as much work into his relationships as he does into his career. He'll revel in the social status gained from being part of a successful relationship. Once he's found the nanny-goat of his dreams, he won't be letting go. He'll get to work lavishing his beloved mate with the devotion she deserves. But WATCH OUT, stubborn Capricorn can be a controlling partner. He may try and organise every aspect of her life, whether she wants him to or not.

    In the kitchen, Billy goat gruff may also try and muscle in on his partner's diet. So if he feels she's overdone it recently, Capricorn may decide it's time for a health food drive.


    Image conscious Capricorn will want to look respectable at work, and may expect his trusted colleagues to follow his example. He'll surround himself with all things, well, work-related. Those ambitious goats like to climb the career ladder as much as any mountain, so presenting the right image to the right person is everything.

    Capricorn is comfortable taking the role of leader, as it gives him a satisfying level of control. The goat, as a cardinal sign, likes to make things happen. Although he may not be the most creative sign of the zodiac, he'll be adept at instilling his own work ethic into those around him. Capricorns should remember to relax, however, and be aware of taking on too much of the workload themselves.


    Conscientious Capricorn may be one of the last to arrive at the pub. He's probably been stuck at the office tidying up the mess everyone else has left behind. When he does arrive, the goat may want to organise the itinerary and check the farmyard's in order.

    Capricorn is a devoted friend who will want to impress those he cares about with the extent of his knowledge and wisdom. Social status is important to this sign so he may seek out friends with glamour, power and wealth. But the goat has a long memory and if something's upset him, he may be slow to forgive.

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