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    The PISCES Page

    About PISCES - Video

    A Day in the Life of Pisces


    Pisces is a dreamer, day or night. He'll enjoy drifting in and out of consciousness like a piece of debris in a vast ocean.

    Intuitive Pisces won't need an alarm clock to get up in the morning as he's so at one with the rhythms of the world around him. Back on earth, Pisces will try and draw his partner into his dream-like world.

    Once he's drifted down to the kitchen, sensual, creative Pisces will want to cook up a storm for his beloved. Natural and wholesome, the fish will somehow know exactly what his partner wants to eat. But all this attention will require security and affection in return. Those fish may feel exposed in open waters, away from the comfort of their shoal.


    Dreamy Pisces will meander into work whenever the mood takes him. He'll want to surround himself with a soothing environment where his artistic tendencies can flourish.

    Intuitive Pisces will know if someone's down, as he can feel it in his waters. He can lift the spirits of colleagues by transporting them into his fantasy world but this sign may sometimes need to be given a reality check.

    In a corporate environment, Pisces may be a fish out of water. If he's required to make a presentation, he'll approach the project with his own unique style. Artistic Pisces will prefer to act on his senses rather than worry about logical reasoning. This sign is unlikely to be practical, so if he's required to analyse facts, he may decide to put the data to an alternative use.


    After work, Pisces may need to be dragged into a busy social event to stop him wandering back to safer waters.

    Once he's there, open Pisces will like to corner anyone he can for a heart to heart. He can be insecure so this sign often needs reassurance from friends. But he will connect most with people who reveal their true nature and deepest secrets to him.

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