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    What Do the Dead Want?

    By Esmerelda Jones

    As a crystal ball clairvoyant, I have many people asking about the dead --- ghosts, hauntings and menacing tales. Are these spirits vengeful; are they peacefully resting; are they there at all? Where are the words of assurance, and the certainty that - we are forever.

    True to physical life, ghosts enact their own personality. Often it is a dramatic death --- the whisking into infinity that leaves the spirit shocked, confused and sometimes not comprehending the dimension they are in. Another reason for the unsettlement is the person lived a tormented life of mental restriction, springing fears and prejudices. In death, they cannot unlock themselves, so as ghosts they repeat actions that they programmed into themselves in the previous life.

    Therefore, what you are doing with your life is where you end up placing yourself in death. Are you bursting with revenge and jealousy now? What if you die this minute? Did you hide a treasure chest? Will you be constantly digging for it in death? If a person suffered a murderous end, will they meet cherubic peace upon death? Or, is it only the body that has the escape? Base thoughts do not get pasted over with sweetness. High thoughts, never foisted on anyone, must be honestly desired by the freewill. It is impossible to deceive The Energy of the Universe, and no amount of paraphernalia produces pure love.

    Anyone who has entered an ancient place of woe will instantly feel the despair and heaviness because its "sense" has been engraved over time. Likewise for centuries-old prisons, castles, and mysterious houses of doom. Most people do know that spirit energy surrounds us. All of us are born with an awareness, though in different degrees of development. Whether we want to or not, we will recognize the movement of ghosts.

    As to "good" or "evil" --- that will be seen by your inner eye using the same system that you decide everything with. Look into your sub-conscious and super-conscious. Suspicion and fear draw from your database, which has received information from your upbringing. It notes your response to situations, (you observe others) then inputs controls to your mind. We do not realise that we form over the years by whatever we absorb. Hence, the most important thing in your life is to guard your previous mind. Master your emotions now.

    Are the dead sending us fluttery messages of love? Not always. Sometimes they have much more to say. Direct contact may elicit astounding conversations with the dead.

    If the thought of ghosts makes your spine tingle, just remember that one day you too will be a spirit being. Are you afraid of yourself?

    About The Author: Esmerelda Jones... writer of desires - Victoriana, Victorian Swoon & Erotica, The Wisdom & Romance of Ancient Greece, Crystal Ball Clairvoyant.

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