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    What is Shamanic Astrology

    By Eugene Light

    All planets have a living essence. This is the main principle upon which shamanic astrology is based. This notion is very real.

    Some people are unable to relate to this concept because it belies our human consciousness. However, this does not make it any less plausible.

    Actually, the living essence in planets is something that we interact with every moment. And, it monumentally affects your life.

    Shamanic astrology can be said to be the most ancient of all forms of astrology. It comes before the astrological chart-making.

    Every tribe on the surface of the earth had their own form of shamanic astrology. Through this, every individual of an individual culture was able to explore their lineage.

    A lineage shows a person's ancestry and their original tribe.

    Shamanic astrology also reveals the role that you must have played in your tribe - either in the recent past or in your other life. Some people acted as communicators, defenders, or healers.

    Shamanic astrology does not lay much emphasis on gender. The traditional form of astrology seen in zodiac signs alternates between masculine and feminine values.

    This is a notion that shamanic astrology seeks to break down.

    Why Shamanic Astrology?

    The key player im shamanic astrology is the shaman. This is a special person who connects you to the spirit world.

    Such a person is both a priest as well as a healer. He is well versed in the arts of divination, healing, and sorcery.

    Shamanic astrology may also have within its ranks trained astrologers. However, these do not count as shamans per se.

    Shamanic astrologers are adept at shamanic rituals. An example of such a ritual is the ceremony that is conducted when the planet Venus is conjunct the Moon.

    In this ceremony, the shamanic astrologer will guide you to get in tune with the energies that are produced by this planetary alignment.

    Shamanic astrology responds to your individual circumstances. This happens with the other branches of astrology as well.

    The theories and concepts in shamanic astrology will apply based on your interpretation and understanding.

    What Does a Shamanic Astrology Reading Entail?

    #1 - Preparation for a Shamanic Astrology Session

    A shamanic astrology reading session has a major impact on your life. You are given hints that are contained in a mythical framework.

    Such a reading enables you to become more self-aware. At the same time, you come to terms with your life purpose and Great Mystery.

    The shaman astrologer or priest-doctor will guide you on the best way to prepare for a session in shaman astrology.

    The preparation stage opens pathways so that you can understand your original intent. As the reading session progresses, you will gain the knowledge you need to take charge of your life.

    The preparation session empowers you to see the possibilities ahead of you.

    Thus, it's important that the preparation session is conducted by a competent authority in shaman astrology.

    Every reading in shaman astrology activates the original set of instructions of your life. It gives you the power of vision.

    You will be able to see, with clarity, the purpose of your life. You are able to identify and isolate the predominant issues affecting your life.

    You will come to understand that you are not driven by the need to survive. You are not driven by the desire for money and fame. You are not motivated by sexuality.

    Rather, you come to appreciate that you are driven by the need to understand the meaning of life and our purpose in it.

    Shaman astrology enhances your desire to pursue meaning and purpose. This is the real foundation that motivates your life.

    #2 - Symphony of the 3 Movements - Lineage

    Shaman astrology guides you to understand that the horoscope is the script of your life. This is the symphony of the 3 movements, as it outlines your original intent.

    Of the three movements, the most powerful one is lineage.

    Lineage proves that you did not just happen by chance. You are not a blank slate. When you come into this world, there's a purpose attached to your life.

    Most people come into this world with a host of expectations. As you grow older, you collect addictions, habits, and attitudes.

    These negativities are already in place by the time you are born.

    Lineage indicates your past life themes. It shows your blood family history, the tribe you are from, what's contained in your genetic code, and even your education.

    Of course, you need to look at your past life themes in a mythical way. This means that it is not important if you have not experienced what comes out of the reading.

    What counts are the stories because these produce results. Shaman astrology helps create your personal mythology from all the horoscope symbols that relate to your lineage.

    #3 - Tools and Equipment

    Shamanic astrology also looks into the tools and equipment of your current life. These tools and equipment are determined by the symbols Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

    The Sun stands for the fuel you need. It is the food you need so that you can grow towards your desired goals in life.

    The symbols Venus and Mars relate to your specific archetype. They relate to the images you need to associate with depending on what you are currently working on.

    Some of these images take a feminine version, while others are masculine.

    The female and male principles act as 12 parts of a whole. Each of these parts is represented by a different god (or goddess), different myths, different stories, and different themes.

    Shaman astrology employs a system of 24 archetypes. This means that it provides you with a huge spectrum of possibilities.

    You can understand the role of all gods and goddesses associated with Venus and Mars. Also, you can relate all this to the direction of your life.

    The positions of Venus and Mars are specific to your archetype. This means that they play a more dominant role in your life than the role played by the Sun sign.

    This means it's important that you first understand the position of Venus and Mars during a reading. Once you have understood this, you can then consider the position of the Sun.

    #4 - Time of Birth and Angles

    Your birth time is taken into consideration during a shaman astrology reading session. The exact time of birth provides the astrologer or shaman with the angles of the horoscope.

    There are four angles of the horoscope. These are the Ascendant, the Descendant, the MC (Mid-heaven) and the IC.

    The angles change degrees every four minutes. They change signs every two hours. This is what makes every person unique.

    It is what makes your horoscope reading specific to you.

    The absence of your birth time during the session makes some of the reading script inaccessible. You won't be able to tell what the angles indicate at the time of your birth.

    However, the basic information will still be available, even without your time of birth. For example, you'll still be able to know your emerging god (goddess) and your original tribe.

    All the same, your birth time makes your reading unique. It individuates you as a person.


    The astrology wheel helps you to unravel the mysteries of life. When this wheel is employed in shamanic astrology, it becomes a wheel of magic and ritual.

    Shaman astrology enables you to take advantage of this wheel from inside the wheel, as opposed to the outside.

    As such, shaman astrology empowers you to tap into the vast energy of the wheel of astrology. It enables you to manifest the energies of the planets that play a role in your life.

    In a nutshell, shamanic astrology empowers you to pattern the energies of the Universe in a way that is uniquely yours.

    Eugene loves to share spirituality insights that support you in raising your vibration and in living a soul-aligned life. He blogs at TheSecretOfTheTarot.com.

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