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    Who Are You and Why Are You Here?

    By Cynthia M. Long

    Who Are You And Why Are You Here?

    These are questions to ask yourself, especially during your life's most difficult moments. In this new era, "The Age of Spirituality", more and more people will be seeking these answers and more!

    Do you GET what matters?

    Not long ago, my best male friend told me he wanted to "check out" of this world because of financial burdens, a few large projects in a holding pattern, and the tremendous pressure from it all. This wasn't the first time this subject came up. He questioned his reasons for staying on this earth. What does one do to help sort out such a confusing life moment? As a friend, being totally present and listening deeply to what he was really saying- was a huge support; as well as simply and clearly letting him know he's loved and he matters.

    Moments passed. Steven started heading toward my home office to work on one of his projects. I was sitting on my couch, quietly, asking my angels if there was anything more I could say to help him sort out such a perplexing and critical life moment.

    As he was walking into the office, I reiterated something I had previously told him. "If you "check out, you'll do the same life, again. Why would you want to do this entire life over when you're so close to moving past these challenges?"

    He turned around and looked at me in silence. Some say there's a Universal Law that governs this belief which many people don't know about or care to believe. The law states, anyone taking their life before their time will have to make it up and complete it in another lifetime. If they knew about and believed this unfamiliar law, would it be a turning point in their lives? Would this nudge them out of the haze of uncertainty they were in?

    Another moment passed and something significant was coming to my mind. An idea came in and gave me chills that ran up and down my spine. I briefly wondered, would this idea help Steven further? All of a sudden I was being told to write down different scenarios of other people's life struggles and challenges on pieces of paper. The instructions continued..... "Fold the papers and place them in a hat." I was then told to ask Steven to choose one folded paper at a time, read it out loud, and compassionately ask him if he wanted that life scenario. I called Steven to come back into the living room, informing him I had something more to share and welcoming him to choose one of the folded papers in the hat and read it aloud.

    The first read, "I'm in federal prison accused of killing a child. I didn't do this horrible crime. I've run out of funds for my defense. Due to the high violence among inmates, I've spent most of the past eight months in lock down sharing my small space with a few other inmates." Steven sat quietly. I told him I knew the family of this young man. They've endured tremendous challenges. His mother had a brain tumor, and his sister had breast cancer. This was the toughest time in this young man's life.

    "Steven, do you want this life? - choose another," I continued. "I'm homeless, I live on the streets, and I have AIDS." Not an uncommon life situation. "Steven, do you want that life?" He sat speechless.

    Steven chose another. "My husband was killed by a drunk driver while driving to work. I have 6 children to raise. The oldest 13, the youngest will be born in two months." Steven nervously grabbed another and continued reading. "I'm 27 years old. I work as a nanny for a wonderful family. I have drug and alcohol problems unknown to my employer. While driving my employer's car down a busy residential street, I hit and killed two small children, riding their bikes as their mother watched helplessly." This incident just occurred in our neighborhood and the community created a memorial. Steven, gazed in deep thought, left his life situation for a moment to feel another's burdens.

    One by one, Steven slowly went through all the pieces of paper, the last of which I held in my hand. "One more," I said humbly, throwing the final piece of folded paper into the hat. He picked it up and read HIS life situation this time. "Steven, do you want your life?" He broke down and sobbed, and we held each other until his emotions passed.

    Why are we here image?

    Who are you, and why are you here?

    During our last deep conversation, I was led to ask him, "Who are you, Steven? Why are you here?" Again, these are significant questions to ask ourselves, especially during times of crises. If one knew the answers to these priceless questions, would they be on the edge and want to end their life? Steven, fifty seven years old, didn't know the life changing answers to these vital questions presented.

    In my early forties, after completing a twenty year marriage which was a tremendous turning point in my life, I was led, no, PUSHED in an unbelievable direction. At that time, my biggest concern was that I had no clue on how to support myself after being a homemaker for two decades. I was beyond afraid. I was terrified! Too many times to count, while out driving, I ended up at a stop light and I found myself in front of a homeless person with a- "I'll work for food" sign. It was like people appeared with this specific sign and were positioned on the street just for me to experience. It also seemed like I most always missed the street lights, placing me smack in front of their signs. I was so disturbed by this, I couldn't look at them nor their signs, as doing so only brought in more pain. These situations would spark more fear of my uncertain life. Each time, my mind would flood with thoughts of made up life scenarios, almost triggering panic attacks. These daily worries were so intense I began desperately looking for healthy ways to get rid of them as they were damaging my body, mind, and heart.

    The sign post and the turning point

    I was told about Neuro-Linguistics Programming (N.L.P.) and attended a weekend class, to gain knowledge of the techniques, to clear myself of these demons. That weekend class was truly the beginning of the turning point of sorting out and healing my fears. Over time, I made a shift in my belief structure. Whenever I came to a stop sign with a "sign post", three things came to mind. First, I began appreciating the blessings I did have in my life, thanked God and the Universe for providing them. Secondly, the "sign post" indirectly showed me I wasn't as grateful as much as I needed to be, and it was a huge reminder. Thirdly, I thanked the person silently for being my teacher, and I blessed his / her way on his / her chosen journey. And so guess what happened? As months passed, no "sign post" came before me. It's as if they all disappeared from the face of the Earth, until one day, while driving, I broke down and sobbed my heart out. ( I had been going through a four-year long drawn out divorce; one of the best Spiritual experiences - worst human experience of my life, but I couldn't see the blessing at the time.) I was held up at a busy 4-way stop light, but through my flood of tears, to my right, before me and many others, at the intersection, was a woman in a wheel chair, trying to free herself from the bump in the sidewalk. Only her fingers were moving while her head and body stayed motionless.

    I looked around, and NO one was paying attention. It was as if everything and everyone were frozen in this place in time, and this situation was specifically meant for ME. I turned the corner, stopped, and got out. "Do you need some help?" She could barely speak and only a mumble came forth. "There you go. Have a good day." I humbly pushed her free and started walking back to my car.


    "I know this is for me, my burdens are nothing. Thank You, DEAR LORD, for my life." I continued. "My burdens are nothing, thank you, DEAR LORD, for my life." I began crying, again and thinking----"How could I be so shallow, in my thoughts and feelings about my life?" As I was driving away, I looked back once more and there she was, STUCK AGAIN! I pulled over a second time, got out, and said, "DEAR LORD, I guess I need to feel and believe more." I pushed that woman across the longest street of my life while reciting and deeply feeling the lesson "Thank You for my Life, Thank You for my Life."

    Again, a reminder for me to be in greater appreciation for the life I've been given. When I get too busy in my life, I'm shown these gifts over and over. As time went on, something inside helped me to believe in the bigger picture of my life, and I began to feel I was here for something more. Piece by piece, the puzzle came together, and I was shown WHY I AM HERE, on this Earth, at this time. One of the latter puzzle pieces came in and was revealed, WHO I AM. Is this backwards? Perhaps, but does the order really matter?


    What does matter is that WE GET the bigger pictures of our lives. WE GET, it is more than earning a living and accumulating things. WE GET, relationships should be the most important part of our life's journey, as we're here for a short time, some shorter than others, and ours or our loved one's life, can end in a heartbeat. WE GET, the importance of treating oneself and others with respect and compassion, no matter where they are, OR, we are, in our/their growth process.

    WE GET, some are here only to learn surface living. They're not here to learn much more or want to get information that may be basic to some. In this world, most people revere those who are moneyed or successful on the surface of life, but simultaneously ignore or devalue those who've come here to experience difficult life paths. Some of our greatest teachers appear in human disguises. Pay attention to those who have been disregarded by most!

    WE GET, through service we become more of the solution. WE GET, it's NOT about competition anymore, but rather, community.

    WE GET, there's no separate OTHER. Separating from others is separating from our SOURCE.

    WE GET, integrity and ethics are modeled. WE GET, trust is earned.


    In service and gratitude,
    Cynthia M. Long

    About the Author:
    Cynthia M. Long is a fifth generation Californian and lives in the northern Bay Area. She is gifted with three beautiful, young/adult children and two new grandsons.

    Cynthia, an old soul, healer, spiritual innovator, seeker of truth, is dedicated to discovering inventive ways to create positive shifts in individuals' lives by pioneering gift products.

    "I'm part of the New American Heritage, a Cultural Creative and one of the 78 million baby boomers, the largest adult generation in our country's. Collectively, we'll help create the positive shifts needed for our world to thrive. We're the generation that will be the guiding force for the next seven generations to come. Each of us is a point of light, massaging the way towards a world based on cooperation verses competition, building healthier and closer relationships, community re-structuring, and ultimately rediscovering who we really are." (c) Cynthia Long

    Bestseller by Dr. Bren Brown

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