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    Soul Mate and Twin Souls Survey Feedback

    The Twin Soul Survey has been one of the most popular spots on this site and the feedback has been fascinating and thought-provoking. (I've learned a lot from you). So that everyone might also benefit from others' viewpoints and experiences, I've decided to put some of your interesting and insightful comments here. I don't necessarily agree or disagree with any particular statement on this page. Many of you have bared and shared your souls. Thank you for your input.

    More than 1,500 people participated in this survey. Here are the comments:

    From an Anonymous Air Sign - Female

    I unexpectedly found my twin soul a few months ago. Rather, he found me and contacted me out of a mutual interest. But at first when I met him in person, I didn't know he was my twin until a little later. For one thing I expected meeting my twin soul would be everything it wasn't in my case. But there were just all sorts of indicators confirming that it was him. Two psychics brought it up without me even asking about him. They described him in detail. As I got to know him, I realized that he had lived things that I had dreams about. That part was the clincher. And later, I got my own psychic confirmation that he is my twin soul. I think he suspects we are, too, but nothing's been said. Our relationship has been just friendship. We date other people and rarely see each other or communicate. I wasn't attracted to him at all when I first met him. Immediately thought he wasn't my type. I've been looking for my twin soul for years and this is really a let down. The search is over and big deal. And yes, astrologically and numerologicaly it all fits, too. I doubt that I'll do anything about it. If fate insists we'll be together it'll happen naturally I guess. But for now, I have a very passionate and very sexual relationship with this other guy I see now and then and have known for a long time. I'm not ready to give up the best passionate sex I've ever had for my twin soul - and what I know about my twin, I'm not thrilled about. We hit it off when we met, but til death do us apart, this lifetime? Forget it. For as alike as we are, he's immature in ways that would make a permanent relationship with him a hardship on me. Besides, when I'm alone, I fantasize about being with the passionate one, not my twin soul.

    From a Female Sagittarius in reference to a Male Libra

    We met each other when we were 15. He wasn't my first love but he was the first person I'd had intercourse with. I became pregnant, in fact, but quickly miscarried shortly after my heartbreaking discovery. He was running with the popular crowd while I was more of a loner - unique and very independent. For whatever reasons, however, we became drawn to eachother even at times when we didn't want to be. We discovered, first of all, that we are both twins. I'm the dominant twin in my family and he's the introverted one in his. So it's easy to see that we both felt our relationship stemmed from our need to 'finish' something we aren't able to do in our twin relationships. Though our bodies aren't the same, and neither are our eye color, our eyes are shaped the same and it's been clear to us since we met that we have the same 'look' in them. I'm not sure what that is. We have not maintained a relationship, but through the years (we're 28 now) we've kept in touch. Why? Because we have no choice! When I think of him, he calls me. And vice versa. In fact, there was a time when I was thinking of a song and I called him on the phone. He was playing the song! And I don't mean that it happened to be on the radio. He'd intentionally put it on and the lyrics in my head were in the same place as they were on his CD! Throughout broken marriages and career changes and all the other life things that have taken place, we're still as close as we ever were. We both agree that we feel more 'connected' to eachother than we do with our own twins. I don't know what will happen - maybe we'll marry eachother. The thing about us, though, is that we don't have to get married or even be near eachother to enjoy these mystical bonds we share. I'm a pretty skeptical person in these matters, but I know for sure that what we have will be there for the rest of our lives and probably even after we die.

    Permission granted to quote astrologer Linda Rankin

    I wanted to add my own input as an astrologer. My field of specialty is Karmic Astrology, especially synastry. I've been studying for over 25 years, with 11 of those as a practicing professional. Since 1988 I have been absolutely possessed by research concerning karmic relationships. To date I have amassed almost 10,000 charts in this research. From data bases, to friends, clients, to virtual strangers who are foolish enough to cross my path. They all are submitted to relationship scrutiny by me.

    There are many different views on exactly 'what' a twin soul is. One is that it's simply one soul separated; another that it is two souls who have simply spent so much time growing together that they are literal reflections of each other. I am not sure, after this research, whether I can find truth in either of those scenarios - HOWEVER, the energies which bring these feelings out are most definitly present AND absolutely readable in a chart.

    The thing which compelled me to do my research in the first place was the changing nature of our love relationships. What worked even 35 years ago between two people, just doesn't hold water anymore. What worked for my mom and dad, for their mom and dad and so on and so on, is no longer valid. We seek MORE. And an interesting fact, we began to seek more as those outer planets Uranus, Neptune and ESPECIALLY Pluto, became a part of our 'discovered' knowledge banks. Usher in the wonderful Chiron in the late 70's and you have a full blown soulmate craze.

    This led me to find the influence the generational, the evolutionary planets play in our personal relationships. Makes sense when you consider it; big planets bring huge change to the face of our earth. Big planets bring powerful energy to our own personal lives when they start zinging back and forth between charts. The 'old' comparison aspects between sun, moon, venus, mars etc., are still valid, of course, in understanding how two people will interact in life, but not enough to explain the overwhelming energies present in many relationships today; consider a sun/moon conjunction OR sun/moon opposition between charts -- a nice, pretty dynamic relationship aspect. For this example let's add a neptune/sun conjunction as well. And here comes the comes that soulmate energy. Neptune uplifting the 'people' love into the universal spiritual's all in those higher octaves. They work; they work for me consistantly..time after time..year after year.

    I have a website devoted to the basics of helping people understand this. This is NOT a plug for the site, but with your survey, I thought you might find it interesting. These theories work...check it out from your own chart to someones who love or have loved -- it's amazing.

    There is a LOT more research to be done in this area, and even after 11 years, I've only scratched the surface. But we, astrologers, combined...will dig it all out.

    In love, out of love, soulmate's all about our personal growth.

    From a Gemini

    Philosophically impossible. And not one that necessarily should be strived for -- rather that we should endeavor to love and understand as best and truly as we can, but not force ourselves or our loved ones to live up to the perfect standard of being in complete understanding at all times.

    This myth of "soul mate" has made more misery than it has ever made joy, allowed people to deceive themselves into oneness when they hadn't even mastered the art of being whole themselves.

    The man that I am with now I am absolutely certain I was meant to be with. After many mad tumblings and ideas of similar minds, I have found a partner that seems very unlike me, but with whom I am most unthinkingly WITH. We move together seamlessly, without much thought-- taking for granted that we push through the air in the same way, that the same joke will come out of our lips. We do struggle sometimes, in the effort of translating one language of thought to another. But there is no other person in the world, I feel, that I am better suited for. The struggle is what makes him even more familiar to me, as I see my own frustrations or pains manifested in his arguments with me. It makes me realize that we are similar in that we are both fallible, both imperfect and striving.

    I think that the idea of perfection is an illusion, and I do not believe that any one person is duplicated. There are those strange ones, those people that always have some kind of mysterious tie to you, even in the knowledge of your incompatibility in real life -- you have something ineffable that weaves you together. But these I would not call twin souls, or soul mates. I would call them your unknown. And all of the madness and passion that you have for them ultimately is no comparison for truly loving someone. It looks like love, so wild and painful and joyous -- but comes a time when hopefully you'll discover Love with a capital L, the one that makes you understand that love is not all about sturm und drang, but something rich and earthy within you. Something that pulls you up from your very bones and makes you become a loving person, an honest and true and clear heart. You see yourself much clearer than you see them. Love ultimately makes you honest with yourself! -- rather than whirling in a pageant of what you would like to believe you are.

    So I suppose I don't think there are such things as twin souls -- but there are those fated for you. And there are those that are everything that you need, even if they might not sometimes seem like what you thought you wanted. The man I love now is like loving myself a few years ago -- one and the same person, but we're not. We aren't the same soul split down the middle, but we are the same type of soul. We're from the same tribe and instinctively speak the same silent language, although the spoken word is sometimes foreign. That is the closest to what I would call a soul mate -- although I once had a different idea of what that meant. We're just us -- no one understands us the way that we do, although we can understand each other imperfectly. In the imperfection of human togetherness, we know each other as instantly and instinctively as "the same" as truly as human existence allows. We are more like each other, deep in our bones, down in the invisible veins of the self, than we are like any other person either one of us has ever known -- which doesn't lead to crystalline proclamations of Soul connection, but to a sense of "us" that never needs mentioning.

    From a Scorpio

    I truly believe, as does my boyfriend (Virgo), that we are twin souls. When my boyfriend met my family, my brother-in-law commented on how we look like each other -- same facial structure, same mouth shape, same nose shape, etc. We have known each other for some time but were both involved with other people. Up until a few months ago our friendship was strictly platonic but there has always been some sense of "knowing" between us. There is a very strong mental connection between us; i.e. he is able to put my thoughts into words. Many have commented on our relationship by saying things such as, "you two are the same animal" or the like.

    From a Pisces

    When it comes to twin-soul relationships, it is something that cannot be explained and I have several of these relationships but one really strong one and that is with my husband whom I consider both my soulmate and my twin soul. To me, for both categories, it is a "recognition" of the other on a karmic level. I knew his soul and "remembered" him before he disclosed it to me in this life and so, for me, the essential ingredient lies in the knowledge of one's soul, in that special feeling that is so hard to classiy and put into words. It lies in that feeling that is hard to define and whose beauty lies in its mystery and ambiguity.

    From a Pisces

    We are 1 year, 1 month, 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour, and 1 minute apart...coincidence?

    The moment we met, he (Aries) told me he knew before and promised to find me again...sounded like a good line until he started humming songs I was thinking...bringing me things I hadn't said I wanted (but had been thinking about)....finishing sentences for me...all before the first date

    From an Aquarius

    I haven't really looked into this but I have noticed odd things happening between myself and my ex-boyfriend (Virgo). Little things like my fascination with the number 22 ever since I turned 11. It just so happens that my ex's birthday is the 22nd of Sept. Also just things like him ringing moments after I've been thinking about contacting him. Knowing exactaly when I'm going to see him next and where, without arranging the meeting. Remembering past experiences at the same time, saying the same things at the same times. The list goes on.

    From a Pisces

    I know now that without him (Taurus) in my life, it will be almost impossible to live. All my life I have been sad and lost, looking for something. The moment I found him I knew it was him I had been searching for. The incredible happiness I feel cannot be put into words, the glow flows from me, and my eyes have actually changed in size and color. The awareness I have now is so strong, my connection to everything has become sensitive, feeling things I didn't notice before, knowing things.

    I call it my gift from God and that what we share is so special, and even if he never feels as strongly as I do, it doesn't matter as long as I have him in my life. Without him now, I could not exist. Our connection is very strong, he knows this too, and although he can't say it I see in his eyes, and know he loves me. We talk everyday, and even when we can't, I don't think about it, I just know he is there. The feelings I have are not obsessive, and even if they are not returned it doesn't matter. I just need him in my life in some way. We have become very good friends, and I feel as though I have known him forever, we have only known each other a little over a month. I told him how I felt about a week later, but I felt it instantly. This did scare him at first, he thought I was crazy, because he said I didn't even know him, I had to explain that my feelings were real, and that I knew him, not his body but his soul.

    I am confused about the intensity of this and would like to understand what is happening.

    From a Female Leo in reference to a Male Gemini

    I knew this man would change my life and I didn't have a whole lot of say in the matter...or at least my ego defenses didn't. The fear we both have faced and conquered was the feeling of uniting and wanting to melt into the other, shut out the world and just "be" one. We are both very independent and strong individuals that had to learn to allow love to conquer fear. Part of our soul agreement has been to reflect to the other the best and gently coax out the shadow and allow light where the dark reigned. This sounds dramatic and it was, but we took the gift from God we have discovered in ourselves and grew from our fears. This is a journey we agreed to at another time and another place and at times it was the only thing that kept us in alignment with our soul's intent. We didn't see each other for an entire year while we worked on our issues independently but kept in communication by email. We c an both tell you we were never out of psychic communication. He refers to it as the "dark ages" :)

    We learned to trust and love unconditionally and most importantly we taught each other to know who they are and to be able to communicate that with at least one other person with the kind of honesty that sets your soul free, unfettered and capable of such love and empathy.

    To give you a visual to work with we think of "us" as equal in spiritual maturity and soul development or evolvement. We have an identical soul agenda and an intent to integrate the other gender energy (anima/animus). Sometimes it is me that needs a lift "up" and he reaches down and extends his energy to me. Sometimes it is him who needs the lift. Think of the spiral dance of the double helix of the DNA....we spin in our independent world doing our "stuff" and the other is always aware of the others mind, body and spirit condition. We never feel the other is far from our own soul spirit. It ALWAYS works out that the one who needs the lift is on the higher level ready to nurture, coax or sometimes badger the other into taking that step "up" rather than down. Truth? Oh my :) I'm sure you'll see my Leo Sun is well balanced by his Leo Moon. He is the only person that is not intimidated by my ego defense of "back off or I'll bite". He saw thru to my Pisces Moon and new I! was a kitten with a very big mouth and killer eyes that told the truth. My Gemini Asc. matches his Sun quite well. We cant hide or lie to the other. I know every trick he has because I have used them myself and I know the dance steps. I call him on it without judging him for using the footwork. That's my job and he does the same for me. I will also tell you that until we got a handle on who we were to one another it is a very uncomfortable feeling of vulnerability of knowing the other knows "who you are", warts and all without you ever telling them a single secret. I am a therapist and we all dread someone knowing who we really are behind our mask of the persona. Having mine ripped off by a stranger was one of the most disturbing events of my life. It is flattering and frightening at the same time. My Mars in Taurus didn't take well to anything he said or did that bristled my Lion's mane seeing thru me and my "stuff". One of our saving graces from these harsh emoti! onal intrusions cracking our wall of false pride and fear was our (both) Venus in Cancer. We both knew instinctively from day one there was nothing he could do, or I, that would make either of us hurt the other intentionally. Nothing. We have always felt grateful for knowing that and taking the couple of years to "be" that without though.

    We are sure we are now moving into our "purpose" if you will. We are feeling compelled to come out to the world and join forces and spread the word about the potential of truth and honesty in relationship....we are not sure what that word is supposed to be exactly or how that might manifest, but we feel the gentle push. We have both studied metaphysics, philosophy, psychology and religion. We met through a numerology group! We were both Numerologists.

    So that is our life story :) I don't know how the planets might align to identify twins but we see it in our numerology charts. It was the thing that got my attention first. I looked at his chart and thot....oh oh an 11, I need to stay out of his psyche...ha! fat chance.

    From a Female Virgo in reference to a Male Scorpio

    I do not believe there are any certain qualities that 'prove' or 'disprove' whether two people are twin flames or not - I believe it comes from much deeper within and the outside shell & qualities proves very little since so many of us have lived so many different lives. These are merely the human body forms we chose this time around - I truly believe you will know and recognize each other and both will just know without question. Many times the two separate lives have lead different lives on two separate places geographically but the incidences and occurrences in their lives have been very similar. Many same interests or deep seeded beliefs no matter how different from the 'main stream'. I am clairvoyant / clairaudio and have been somewhat in touch with my own abilities since the age of 9. I know now without a doubt that my Guides, the Team that surrounds us have an upper hand in offering the two of us two be brought back together - as they do many different people. Bott!om line is that it is up to each individual to be strong enough to choose to do whatever possible once the two mates have been found. It's not always pure Bliss and it's absolutely not always pure peace - the chaos and roller coaster of emotions can be extreme - but on the other side of that statement is some of the most wonderfully blissful erotic euphoric states of Love that two could ever experience.

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