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    What Makes Gemstones Healing?

    By Michael Katz.

    Gemstones...contain life force.
    This life force is the divine energy
    that sustains, nourishes,
    and enlivens all living things.

    Gemisphere Luminary


    From your innermost essence to your physical body, you are made of and nourished by a continuous flow of life force. This life force is a current of light which springs from the source of life itself. When it flows freely, you experience joy, vitality, and vibrant health.

    In the natural course of living, however, various blockages accumulate within this flow. These blockages create dark clouds within you. They obscure your radiance and give rise to disharmony, pain, and disease.


    Like us, the Earth is enlivened by life force. As the Earth was forming, life energy was infused into the planet’s crystalline matrices. Thus, the Earth’s gemstones came to embody and express the life force within the planet.


    Gemstones radiate their life force with great power. When used properly they can bring light into areas of darkness and neutralize blockages within your being. As these blockages dissolve, the light of the life force can once again shine through to enliven, nourish, and heal you. Each type of gemstone expresses a different frequency; therefore, it can address a different kind of blockage.

    Gemstones not only contain life force, they also transform it into gemstone energy. In a gemstone sphere, life force is continually drawn in from the entire surface of the sphere to the sphere’s center. As it moves toward the center, the life force becomes more and more concentrated. This concentration fuels the transformation of life force into gemstone energy and causes the gem’s energy to be unleashed with great power.

    When a gemstone is cut into a sphere, the life force that is contained within its crystalline form—and that once possessed all the love and power of creation—is still present. A sphere represents wholeness and infinite potential. Cutting gemstone crystals into spheres unleashes their potential to heal and uplift the whole person.


    You are a complex spiritual organism comprised of many dimensions, physical and nonphysical. Gemstone-sphere necklaces can directly affect all these dimensions. They are the easiest and most holistic way to experience the therapeutic benefits of gemstones.


    When gemstone spheres encircle your neck, their energies can radiate into your entire subtle-energy field, or aura. Your aura is an energetic reflection of your physical body and inner aspects. As a gemstone’s energy fills your aura, it gains entrance to both your physical and inner dimensions, where it can work directly on dissolving blockages.


    Your aura also contains a wealth of information about you. When your aura is saturated with gemstone energy, this energy is drawn back to the spheres carrying the aura’s information with it. The gems respond to this information and adjust their energy flows according to your needs. As long as you wear gemstones, their energies continually flow into your aura and back again, working at ever deeper levels. In this way, they gradually dissipate the energetic clouds and other blockages that obscure your natural radiance.

    "Only the highest quality gemstones are truly healing. Gemstones of lesser quality have significantly less, if any, therapeutic effect—and, indeed, can even have a detrimental effect on their users. Only therapeutic-quality gemstones allow the full range of a gemstone’s healing properties to be expressed, and they alone should be used for the purposes and benefits the Gemstone Guardians describe."

    Therapeutic-quality gemstones are those which meet the high standards for physical purity and quality set by the Gemstone Guardians. For every gemstone there is a different set of criteria which makes that gem therapeutic.

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    "An infinite number of gradations exist between gemstones whose physical nature is so pure that they can express their energies freely and gemstones so choked by inferior color, poor clarity, and contaminants that their energies are trapped, corrupted, or nonexistent....

    Where is the line that separates therapeutic quality from that which is unacceptable? To be therapeutic, a gemstone's physical matrix must be virtually free of foreign matter. [It] must also exhibit all its own unique parameters for therapeutic quality, and these parameters must be present in proper proportion. Anything less may distort the character of the gemstone's energy and make that gemstone unsuitable for medicinal purposes."

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