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    Recycling Tips

    ReUse Bags

    Everyone accumulates them, but few have so many inventive ideas for bags as Vicki Lansky. Get organized, make crafts, and cleanup.

  • Protect cookbooks by placing them inside clear, large storage bags. This will keep it clean and mobile so that you can grab onto it during cooking and don't have to worry about spills.

  • Cut the bottom from a plastic grocery bag, then cut up the side between the handles to make a quick apron.

  • Don't struggle trying to get produce in those flimsy produce bags. Take a bag in one hand and pull it back to the elbow (enclosing the hand and lower arm). Reach and grab the produce with the bagged hand, then use the other hand to pull the bag from the arm and around the produce.

    Recycle Pantyhose and Socks

    Hosiery and socks can be recycled into other uses like:

    1. Storing onions.

    2. Tying up tomato plants.

    3. Making stuffed animals.

    4. Making dolls.

    5. Lint trap: Cut off one leg of pantyhose, and attach to outgoing dryer duct with a rubber band. Hose will fill with nice clean lint.

    6. A Sling shot!

    7. If your fan belt snaps, use a pair of pantyhose as a substitute. Cut to fit.

    8. The best dust cloths: A pair of socks. Put one on each hand and use both at once.
    9. Pantyhose: Tie newspapers for recycling or blankets for storage; cover dryer and washer filters.


    - Buy refurbished computers for less (with warranties).

    - Donate your old computer equipment.

    - Reuse envelopes by covering the address with a plain label or a stick on a piece of paper.

    - Donate your old clothes and other household products to charity.

    - Create note pads by stapling together once-used paper.

    - Shop at and hold garage sales.

    - Donate your old clothes and other products to charity.

    - Pick up books from your local library or used book store.

    - Organize a community swap program - a designated place to leave unwanted items for others to use.

    - Donate your extra hangers to a dry cleaners.

    New Uses for Old Maps

    Don't throw out old maps. Give them new direction as:

    - Colorful book covers.
    - Placemats: Glue on to poster board or colored cardboard a little larger than the map. This will leave a colored border on the map side, and a plain reverse side. Cover the map side with clear contact paper.
    - Decoupage on trays, cans, wooden boxes, etc.

    Bernice Arthur is a professional artist who also sets up recycling centers and shows others how to use non-traditional art materials creatively. The following project is excerpted from her self-published book, The Art of Recycle (Order from: Bernice Arthur; 122 Longmeadow Drive, Apt. 29; Holbrook, MA 02343. Price: $15 -- check or money order.)

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