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    The Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home

    The Three Keys to a Higher Vibration

    Channeling of 'The Group'

    through Steve Rother - July 15, 2004

    Greetings from Home.

    Ahh, dear ones, you sit here today as the Masters of the Gameboard. You hold the energy of Planet Earth as it goes to the next vibrational level and that is in progress this day. You have set this into motion with the most astounding energy against the most unbelievable odds, for yes, you were the ones that were not expected to succeed. You, yourselves set it into motion as someone said, "Let us play a Game and take all the rules off of this Game and hide everything of our magnificence, of our own heritage, even our own powers. Let us hide it from ourselves and see if we can re-member" - see if we can re-member who we are and to use that power of creativity to create Home there." Oh, and it was uttered many times. "Are you crazy? You cannot do that. You must have some sort of guidance, you must have some sort of predetermination to guide you to stay on the path that you were going to be on." But no, you wished to take all the rules off to see if God could re-member God. And here you are changing All That Is, for all eyes in the Universe are upon you this day as you now move the Game of Free Choice to the next level.

    Dream your Highest Dream

    This is under way as you are creating the Third Earth now. Every thought that you have about what you want in your life, about your highest dreams, your own practice and healing center, these all become part of the collective thought of God that is forming the Third Earth now. That thought of God will eventually over-lay the original hologram of Earth and reprogram it. As that takes place, everything moves to the next level without you ever having to leave. What is important now is that you take time to dream your highest dream. Here you are planting the seeds on the Third Earth, you are taking your highest thoughts and collecting them in this wonderful collector. Choose your thoughts well, dear ones, for you are now stepping into an important part of creation. This stage is much more important to your future than you know. We ask you now to be aware and be masters of your thoughts. No, you do not have to worry about every single thought that comes into your mind for you have no control over the thoughts that enter your head. They are a stream, a steady stream of vibrational energy that connects one heart to another, so all thoughts of what you call good, bad, high, low, love or fear, will flow through your head simultaneously in a constant stream. That is not what we ask you to control. What we ask you to master is to carefully choose the thoughts you bring from your head into your heart. Those thoughts are the ones that will create the Third Earth. Those thoughts that you claim as your own should be of the highest intent and add to your vibration. That is how you become masters of your thoughts. That is how you become masters of your own creation abilities.

    Even as you listen to these words you are setting into motion a vibrational shift of no less than eight vibrational levels. It is underway as we speak. The physical manifestation of this began recently in what you call the Venus introspection. The changes in your own structure of the Universe itself have helped you to set this into motion.

    Three Keys to Higher Vibration

    We wish to focus this day to give you some ideas of some new tools and some areas to watch for because there are three areas that become very important in order to acclimate to higher vibrational energy. We wish to share them with you in our time together this day, not so much to give you definitive tools, but rather to start stretching your thought process. We hope to give you an understanding of your capabilities as creators. As you exit a lower state of vibration, you hold truths. As you raise your vibrational existence, you raise the higher truths with which you resonate. Here Consequently you need higher truths to support your higher vibrations. We offer you some fun truths today that will allow you to look at yourself from a different perspective, and allow you to see some of the possibilities directly ahead in acclimating and living in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth.

    Key # 1 - Initial Inertia

    Taking the small step in the direction of your passion.

    One key is very simple. It is called initial inertia. Oh yes, we love to play with words. But we tell you that movement in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth is actually easier than in the lower vibration, yet many of you will wait and expect the initial part of it to be the same. We tell you that it is not. So, initial movement in overcoming inertia in the very beginning is actually more difficult in the higher vibrational world. Many of you are standing around saying, "I am waiting for the opening. I am waiting to find my passion. I think I know where it is, but I am waiting for everything to be right. I just do not feel it yet." We tell you, there is a key. For rather than looking for your passion or even trying to define your passion, to raise to a higher vibration we simply ask you to begin moving in the direction of your passion. For that is the key to overcoming initial inertia.

    The Big Small Step

    Please do not wait to define your passion, rather simply begin moving in that direction and then define it. In the very beginning, that forward movement will not start as easily as it did in the lower vibrations so it is important to just put one foot in front of the other and begin the movement. Once the inertia has built, it becomes a form of energy on its own and is easier to direct. Oh yes, we can see the fear popping up in many of you now. "Do I have to? Does that mean I have to take that step? I know where I am going but I am not quite ready." All it takes is the small step. You have made all the big ones. You have trusted your own healing abilities to give to other people. You have done everything in order. Many of you have even printed your cute little business cards only to find out that you are not doing what is on those business cards. And we love those of you who have gotten really good at creating the flyers that you have never been passed out. Initial inertia can be difficult in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth so we ask you to just begin. Do not wait for it to be perfect. Do not wait for all the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place. Take the small step into moving in the direction of your passion and let the magic begin. Once the forward motion has begun you will find that steering becomes much easier when you have initial inertia. If you get in your parked car and unlock the steering wheel and try to turn the wheel you will find it very, very difficult. Yet if you take that same car and gain initial inertia by rolling it down the hill, it is much easier to steer, is it not? Overcome the initial inertia first and allow yourself to steer into the direction of your passion. That is all that is necessary. That is why we keep telling you, dear ones, there are no wrong turns. You are in charge of your reality much more than you know and we are dedicated to proving this to you. The most difficult part will be the failure to take the small step in the first place. In the days ahead many humans will find themselves stuck at this point. That is the reason many Lightworkers are experiencing feeling stuck now. In only a short time they will have the opportunity to hold the door open for others to follow as a result of this experience.

    Many of you easily make commitments to take the big steps. You take all the courses, buy the books and learn the modalities, yet, the small step into action is often the hardest part. You find huge resistance here. "Oh, that means that if I take that step then I have to give something up." Give it up. Let it go, for you have been collectors all your lives. In much the same way the Keeper is learning this same lesson now for he has lived in the same house for twenty seven years and during that time he was a collector of anything and everything. We have told him many times if he wished to experience his own past lives all he had to do was to go out in his garage. He is currently on his second dumpster of clearing out those past life collections.

    The Act of Releasing Activates Initial Inertia

    That initial inertia is all that is needed, for the Keeper believed that collecting would bring him happiness. At one point in his life as a contractor he had everything that he needed for his work. He used to collect tools. Yes, we will embarrass him here. There is an internal dialogue. "Do not tell that story", he says. We will tell it anyway. He would collect tools so that when an opportunity presented itself he would know, "I have the perfect tool for this." Then he would run out to his garage and not be able to find it. So there comes a point in your own existence where your stuff that you have been collecting owns you. Let it go and watch as you start initial inertia. For only then will you find out what is really important. Then you will find out where your true creative abilities lie. Then you will open the door for the possibilities and gain initial inertia for stepping forward. And that, today, more than ever before, is possible and more prevalent for each and every one of you. That is key number one.

    Key #2 - Utilizing Vibrational Communication

    Key number two is learning to use something called vibrational communication. You are infinite beings playing a game in a linear time line to give you the illusion of being finite. When infinity takes form in a linear time line it appears as a vibration. Thus everything in your world will seem to be made up of different vibrations. You are vibrational beings that exist in the physical bubbles of biology only because your own biology is vibrating between a range of vibration that your eight senses can perceive. That is why you think you are here in this room. But we tell you once again, humans have a problem with reality. You keep thinking that it is real. Even this day you think that there are only 62 of you here in this room. There are no less than 14,000 beings in this room at this time. They are watching from all dimensional levels. They are sitting in your lap. They are playing with your hair. They are behind you going, "I am here. I am here. I am here." And you do not know it because your perception through your own physical bubbles of biology does not allow you to perceive within the vibrational range that they exist. So they are simply out of your vibrational range and therefore to you they do not exist. Your sense of reality then leads you to believe that you are alone in the room. Ahh, but you are changing. Even this day as you have jumped eight vibrational levels you are starting to perceive new dimensional realities. You are starting to perceive new things outside of your normal range; therefore, vibrational communication becomes the new form of connecting hearts.

    Vibrations of the Heart
    Okay. So I am God. NOW WHAT?

    As you move through vibrational communication, you will learn to communicate on different levels. Soon some of you will begin channeling. Oh, is that not fun? This will happen to so many that it will become very mundane and commonplace. Some of you will even call it channeling, some of you will call it other things. Some of you will find other forms of communication to bring this through, but there are many areas that you can be looking in now for new forms of vibrational communication. One of them is right here. Talking will take on new connotations, for many people will begin to hear what you are feeling instead of what you are thinking or the words that you are speaking. You will find that happening more often as you move forward into higher vibrational status. You will also find other levels of vibrational communication taking place. Speaking is one of them. That is part of the reason that we have asked you to start activating this Web of Love on September 18, 2004. As you do this you are actually setting up a network of communication between hearts. It strikes a new energy and a new grid across the Earth that will open the door for vibrational communication on many levels. In the meantime, you will start getting all kinds of things intuitively. You will start knowing things without knowing why. Of course, your humanness will make you hear that skeptical inner voice that says, "I am not supposed to know that" or our favorite humanism, "Am I making this up?" Oh, we love that one. Yes, of course you are making it up. What if we told you that all channels are only channeling future aspects of themselves? What if we told you that you were talking to yourself in another dimensional reality? Would it make any difference? All of those things are true, yet we have told you another concept and try as you might, it is difficult for you to understand because the concept is that you are God. The moment we speak about you being God, your first resistance goes up and you say, "Oh. Did they really say that? Did they really say that I am God?" Because your concept of God makes you think that you are the only God. That is not true. You are all Gods making space for that connection, taking responsibility for your own creations is the other piece of the puzzle.

    Ahh, but now we are past the initial part of that shock. The next question is, "Okay. So I am God. What do I do with that?" You begin by creating your highest vibration. You begin by taking responsibility for the one creation that you can take responsibility for and that is your own happiness. Dare to create your own reality in a higher level. Dare to release those things you thought would bring you happiness because of a belief system and move in the direction of your heart. That is the hard part for humans because you have lived and have defined truth thus far by belief systems. You put something in a neat little box, pass it on to your children and make laws so that everybody has the same truth and all of it is now going out the window. As you are reaching higher vibrations, you will begin grasping higher truths. Along with that will come a form of vibrational communication which will become much more important, but it means trusting that receiver that you call your heart for that is where vibrational communication passes through you. That is where it is received in your own physical being. That is the part that we offer to each and every one of you that you receive internally. Know that this one key will change the face of your planet in a very short time.

    Voicing Intuition

    Ahh, so how do you activate it? Does that mean that once you think you know something that you walk up to someone and tell them about their past life? No, for in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth, all healing must be requested so being evangelical no longer works. Do not force yourself or your beliefs on anyone. You offer and keep that quaint little smile of spiritual confidence and you wait to be asked. But when you are asked, you have a split second to overcome initial inertia and you can either say, "Well, here is what I am getting and this is what it looks like to me," or you can say nothing and let it pass. And many of you will internally comment to yourself, "I must be making that up. I cannot say that to them." There are some other tools that can help you in the vibrational communication area.

    Music ~ A Form of Vibrational Mastery

    One thing that you will know as you move forward, music will become more important in your lives than ever before. You will hear songs that you have heard thousands of times and all of a sudden they will bring you to tears because the vibrational connection of that heart to yours will become much more important than ever before. That energy is starting to change each and every one of you not only inside, but outside. Allow the beauty of that to flow through you and take all that it is and listen to the true beauty of the music.

    Many of you create music. To some this seems to come easy and others more difficult. You have what you know to be abilities. Some of you say, "Well, I am tone deaf," or "I just cannot do that,"? or "I cannot sing." However, I love music. Know that your own connection to music is just as valid. For mastery of music is actually a form of vibrational mastery. Let us explain: Music is a vibration and therefore a form of vibrational communication. Music is not a human attribute, but rather, a spiritual attribute; therefore, it runs by different principals than you experience in human form. It is for this very reason that you have a separate part of your brain dedicated to interpreting and remembering vibrations in the form of music. As young children you often memorize complicated things by putting them into musical form. That simply illustrates that your mastery of music is far beyond other forms of mastery. We tell you now that the principals that govern music are actually more common ways of how things work throughout the Universe. Music can only be mastered over many lifetimes. Now, here is the fun part. Once music is mastered, it never has to be mastered again as it is carried forward from one lifetime to the next. And even though you still come back with life lessons and difficult things that you are working with, you sit down at the piano at age two and you play all by yourself because you have already mastered it. Many of you are in varying degrees of mastery of the music lesson. Please do not let the fact that many will not create music stop you, for it does not mean that you cannot communicate musically. All it means is that you will not be the one creating the initial vibration. So play the music that is of your heart and that means something to you. Define your own collections of your best songs. Define things that bring you to tears and then share it with others when they ask. That is one of the doors that can open in vibrational communication right away. That is one of the easier ways to overcome initial inertia. Music will become more important as you become closer to Home.

    Communication = Education = Empowerment
    In all Communication there is Education. In all Education there is Empowerment.

    Many of you will begin channeling. You know that. Many of you have begun channeling and do not know what to do with it. Ahh, you are not alone. The funny part is, people keep waiting to hear from God and even if you stepped outside and you saw your name written in the sky, "Joanie, this is God. I want to talk to you." You would think someone was playing a joke or that it was another Joanie they were talking to. The funny part is your mind would rationalize it in some way so that you would not trust it. So we ask you to begin trusting what you get even though you feel like you are making it up. As that vibration comes through you from the other side, it has to go through your own higher self. And as it comes into your being, it will feel as though it is part of you. Somewhere deep inside you will know that energy to be truth but trying to rationalize it with your own belief systems simply will not work for most of you. Walk every day with a comfortable detachment to your divinity and show your wonderment every time it happens. This will put you on the same level with those you are communicating with and make it easer for true vibrational communication to take place. And, yes, some of your friends will look at you like you are real strange. Trust us. You are strange! It is about time to re-word some of these definitions anyway. After all, the Keeper loves to joke for what he does as a living is actually defined as Schizophrenia, so it is time to start re-thinking some of your own definitions.

    It is the communication part of vibrational communication that is most important. For in all communication, there is education. In all education there is empowerment. Do you wish to end war on your planet? It just takes communication. For in communication is education. Once you become educated, each one of you knows that you are the same as each other. The knowledge of God is that you are part of the whole and no one is separate. It is actions of separation that cause all war on your planet. You are not on this side of the line or that side of the line. You are all human beings looking for the same enlightenment process. That is where the magic is. So instead, look to that and find ways of developing new forms of communication for that will enhance the similarities rather than focus on differences. If humans could only see how silly they act. It is their own distain with themselves that makes them war with those closest to them.

    Human Angels "Winging It"?

    Where are you going? What is the goal and what does it look like? What did you have in mind when you created Planet Earth? We are asking these questions of you, dear ones, there is no grand plan in place. You are winging it every day and we use that word intentionally for you are the Human Angels that are creating your reality every step of every day. We ask you not to get bogged down in belief systems. Once you turn on the news and see the events of the world that are taking place, do not get bogged down in a belief that this is true. That is something being reported in a very small segment of your reality. Focus on the important things. Do not turn a blind eye to that area, but at the same time know that you have vibrational communication possibilities that can change all of it in an instant. Begin that process intentionally. Even though you may not see the results immediately on CNN, it will be planting itself on the Third Earth for that collective of thought patterns is creating the new hologram for Earth even as we speak. And you are doing it. You are setting that into motion, each and every one of you and we are incredibly proud of you.

    Soul Contact through the Eyes

    Another part of vibrational communication that we ask you to use is through your eyes. You have learned to make eye contact with people over and over again. Yet we tell you that there is an important part of this because as you make eye contact with people, you exchange part of the soul. Now keep in mind that all healing must be requested, so if you make eye contact with a person and they look away, honor it. Do not go after them. But if they look at you for more than a second and they give permission to go in, we ask that you begin making soul contact and go right into the soul. Go right into their heart and open yours. Go right into the energy of who they are and share that energy with yours. Here you give a part of yourself and you share a part of them. That is vibrational communication at its highest. That form of vibrational communication will become much more important as time goes forward for you are imprinting your own DNA with that structure at this time. You can either imprint it with a belief system and a stamp that says, "I am alone on this planet. I do not know why I am here," or you can take the imprint of this huge family that are all waiting here to connect hearts with you. Do the latter. It is much more fun. Understand that you are a part that connects each one to another and that everything you feel is felt by everyone else sooner or later. You are part of the Universal Energy and the gridwork that connects one heart to another. That is beautiful and you have allowed yourself to step into that by yourself. That is what creates the energy of Home. That is full vibrational communication.

    Key #3 Learning to Utilize Intersections of Realities

    And now number three since many of you have your pens out. Number three is simply learning to use the intersection of realities. You have a timeline. You are infinite beings so you have no beginning and no end, but in order to come here to Planet Earth and play the Game of the bubble of biology, it was necessary to put you into the illusion of having a timeline, so you have what you call a past, present and future. You are moving linearly in that timeline in order to accomplish and play the Game within a field of duality. Now what is happening is that you are aware that you are not the only ones playing that Game. Furthermore, there are many other yous, side by side in other timelines that may be making slightly different choices. There is another timeline somewhere where Steve Rother has chosen not to take that tap on his shoulder and is still playing the role of Contractor in San Diego, California. He thinks he is happy but cannot count all of the hugs he has missed. He has no idea. Furthermore, there are other realities that exist concurrently that do not even seem to have a connection to your own. There are many timelines that were necessary to create the illusion of making the infinite finite. Even so, there are magical times when those timelines cross and leave permanent imprints on each other. Those are intersections of reality.

    Such a timeline intersection happened in the days of Merlin and the stories of Camelot. It was an alternate reality which crossed your own and left permanent imprints. We tell you that many more of those permanent imprints are coming ahead soon. As you begin to experience them you will look at them as fun little events. You will look at them and say, "Oh, was that not strange?" You saw one not long ago, your police force in Mexico City saw space beings all over the sky and reported them globally to the world only to have them go away the next day. Interesting concept, intersection of realities."

    At this very moment in time you have new planets appearing in your solar system and those appearing in the cosmos daily even though it has never happened before. New planets are showing up every day. Your scientists are having a hard time counting them and naming them at this point because so many of them are coming in. One day there was no planet there and the next day at the same coordinates there is a new planet. We tell you some of this is happening because there are intersections of realities now taking place. We even tell you that there was even the death of a star with the story we told about Akaru, about Trudge. This was a story we told about a whole race of beings who died in order to create dimensional realities that would intersect with your own. That is happening even this day because of that, so the gift of Leilu, Amarah and Trudge live every time you look in your paper and you see that a new planet is discovered. The star systems are merging much the way that alternate realities can merge. That is what is happening here. So as you look into the paper you say, "Well, that is really nice but what does that have to do with me? How can I use that?" You will find ways of using that for when you have an intersection of timeline realities, it intersects forward and backward in your own timeline. We tell you that this holds the key to time travel in your reality and you will begin discovering and playing with that soon. As you are starting to see, some of these strange things are happening throughout your Universe. As they do understand that it is a signal that you can begin working with the timelines. Your own personal timelines: your past, present and future are now beginning to blend into Now time.

    The Countdown to Ascension

    Dear ones, you have stepped into the fifth dimension a long time ago. You keep waiting for this thing called ascension. We have even told you there is a countdown to ascension. It began on 01/01/01 and continued on 02/02/02, 03/03/03, 04/04/04 and you will soon celebrate 05/05./05, which leads you to the ultimate conclusion that this will end on 12/12/12. But what if we told you that you have already stepped in the fifth dimension? This is just a game you are playing because you love games. You love the acclimation period. The reality is you wake up every morning in the fifth dimension. You brush your hair, you get ready for work, you go down and start your car, drive off out of the driveway expecting a third dimensional reality. The challenge is that in the fifth dimension, you are such powerful creators you create the third dimension inside the fifth. Is that not an interesting concept? We would not have thought of that one up here in heaven. You are so imaginative!

    So take your Games. Enjoy your Games. Have a wonderful celebration on 12/12/12 and every magical master date between now and then. Play the Games for they mean a lot to you, but understand, you are the creators. There is no grand plan in place and you can have it today or you can have it tomorrow. Either way it is going to take your courage to step into it, to push against those boundaries, to define that for yourself. Ahh, but you will have help for you will see many of the cosmic winks as these intersections of realities begin happening more and more often. You will see inspiration coming through, you will see openings, you will see other things happening in your own world that you will be able to utilize. Utilizing them is what brings them in. That is what creates the space, much the same that many of you go out to buy clothes but you cannot buy any clothes because your closet is full. Get rid of some of the clothes in the closet and watch what happens to your buying sprees. Make space in your life for these things to happen as well. Make room to release so that other things can come in and you can begin using these intersections of reality. Make space in your life for the miracles that await you.

    The Mary Energy

    Now we wish to plant another word with you that has to do with initial inertia, it has to do with vibrational communication and it has to do with intersections of realities. For there has been a magical energy that has been the Mother energy on this planet and it has visited many times. It will be visiting again soon. It has already begun. It is here to help build a base energy of all that you are moving into, for as you move into crystalline structure, it can be very difficult. Everything is new. Your own biology is changing and sometimes revolting because it does not know what to do. It does not know how to take all this energy so it just does crazy thing, it breaks out, has irregular heartbeats and heart palpitation and dizziness and all the fun things that many of you start experiencing. Your doctors cannot quite figure out why. We are telling you this for a reason for there are some things that can help you, and they do not have anything to do with belief systems or religion. We work with the spirituality of mankind. Spirituality is the core essence on which many religions are built, but spirituality in itself is not religious, so we ask you to erase that belief system for just a moment while we tell you that the Mary energy is here on Planet Earth.

    The Mary energy is here to provide a base of stability for you to step to the next level. It is the same thing that happened in the days of Christ for that too was an important intersection of realities that forever changed the face of your Game. It has happened many times and if you look at some of the stories that have been told, the Mary energy was both the mother and the lover - both the good and the bad, both the positive and the negative, the virgin and the prostitute. No, not right or wrong, but simply both contrasts. The mother energy of Mary is here and you will see it, you will feel it. There will be many that will start channeling the various incarnations of Mary, for she was not only the virgin birth of the Christ, but she was also his lover. She was his wife and the mother of his children in many of the alternate realities that happened concurrently. That energy was necessary to create the movement toward the Christed energy. It is the Crystal Energy this time for all of you are moving toward crystalline form. That is what is happening. That is why the Crystal children are beginning to come in and as that Crystalline Energy starts residing within each and every one of you, know that there is a solid base of the Mother Mary Energy. It is a part of your own heart connection that is here for you this day and she will help with initial inertia, with vibrational communication and your own connection to the Earth as well as these intersections of timelines. Reach into that energy and move it. Work with it in any way you can and you will find it getting stronger every day.

    There is a critical mass that is about to be reached. When that critical mass is filled, all the dimensional overtone levels are full and they will close all by themselves. But we tell you, as one thing closes, another one opens so watch for it as you go home this day, as you re-turn to your normal dealings over the next few days, Even those of you reading these words will feel the effects. Watch the new intersections of realities that pop out of nowhere. Watch the strange things that happen as the portals open up even at your desk at work. Watch and learn to use them. Trust those feelings you are beginning to get as your own vibrational communication starts getting stronger. Trust it and use it. Bring the energy through you for light can be worked with in one of two ways: You can be the light or you can reflect the light and it makes no difference which one you do, it is still light. You are light beings. That is why we call you Lightworkers. You handle this energy well and when you feel that you can not get past initial inertia, take one look at what is holding you back, cut the cord, let it go for it allows all the gifts of heaven to come to you so quickly that you will not miss any of it. And then, turn around and help others to overcome that same initial inertia. Challenge them to be the creators and your creations will grow. Challenge them to create the highest and best in their lives first. Challenge them to hold that smile of spiritual confidence that you have and give them the tools, give them the love, give them the energy and make soul contact.

    We love you beyond words for they do not exist in any language. You are part of us and we are part of you. We are so very proud of you for you have dared to step out, take off your wings and forget who you were. You even forget that you are sons and daughters of the King and have the greatest lineage possible. Just hold your heart open and allow each one of us to touch every one of you. Welcome Home, dear ones. You are creating heaven on Earth as we speak and it is the most beautiful sight in heaven that we have ever seen.

    It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect for you are you. Nurture one another at every opportunity for to help another is to help yourself. Re-member that it is a Game you are playing and you are supposed to be having fun, and play well together.


    the Group

    Special Request
    Copyright Steve Rother. This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version.

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