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    (July 22-August 22)

  • Leo Lucky Horoscopes
    By Tara Pierce

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    (15 mins.) By Barbara Goldsmith

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    Astrological Horoscope, Moon Phases, and More

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    Darkside Zodiac: Leo

    Tree of Love Gold Pendant
    Tree of Love
    Gold Pendant

    About Leo

    By Myriam Maytorena

    Leo is a Fire Sign

    Zodiac which also rules the fifth House, the House of Pleasure.

    The fifth Sign of the Leo is ruled by theSun, in ancient times the Center of the Universe.

    In the Zodiac Leo is opposite Aquarius.

    Leo is the sign of the Lion, the flamboyant King of Beasts who wants everybody to know that he is the King.

    What a Leo is Like:

    Opinionated but extremely capable, they see projects through to the end.

    Arrogant and egotistical they are popular and good at making friends and influencing people.

    They are good actors in every sense of the way, on stage and off.

    They are natural generous leaders who live life with enormous drama indeed like a roaring Lion.

    Pleasure, overindulgence, gambling and spending money makes them feel good.

    They have an instinctive desire for both acclaim and self - approval.

    They will literally use a mirror to see what effect they are making and will study what to do to make a better impression.

    They want to be desirable, attractive, and will acquire the traits needed to appear better.

    Self - approval replaces conscience, they'll do anything as long as it improves their image.

    Introspective they are not, self - analysis is unimportant, the effect they make on other people however, is.

    Leo is the most dominant, creative and extrovert of all the zodiac signs.

    They are truly Lions in their splendour and personality, ambitious, courageous, self - confident, strong - willed, independent without any self - doubt.

    Born leaders, they are most effective when in command, bringing out the best from their employees or co - workers.

    They possess enormous magnetism, are uncomplicated, act bigger than life with enormous daring.

    Ambitious, thriving on adversity, they will pursue their goals relentlessly.

    Intelligent, philosophical, sometimes religious, almost fanatical in their religious beliefs.

    This fanaticism can be positive as well as negative.

    In competition they are ruthless, jealous, and will resort to trickery, cheating, backstabbing and lying to best their rivals.

    They are not above using other peoples' ideas and presenting them as their own.

    Their passions and lusts are also Lionine, for luxury, power, sex, money.

    Normally they can control themselves because of an inner wisdom which creates checks and balances.

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  • How It Is With a Leo: Personality, Traits, Compatibility, Friendship, Attraction and Love. (Kindle)