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Hay House, Inc.

Hay House, Inc.
Give the Gift of Inspiration

Sagittarius Would Love a Tree in Their Name

Chocolates for Taurus
Dark Chocolate for Scorpio

Hay House, Inc - 125x125
A spiritual approach to weight loss for someone who is open to receiving this information.

Therapeutic gemstone gifts.

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Gifts for Every Sign

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logo Aries likes the color red, hats, fast cars, fast food, steak, apparel that makes them look macho.

logo Taurus likes the color emerald green, heavy jewelry, garden supplies, opals, baked goods, carbs.

logo Gemini likes all colors except brown, variety, things that come in pairs, new people and places, phones.

logo Cancer likes comfort foods, silver jewelry, antiques, lace, moonlight tours, crochet clothing.

logo Leo likes the color yellow, gold jewelry, sun tans, being the center of attention, glamour shots of themselves.

logo Virgo likes cleanliness, the color brown, massage products, fixing things, gadgets, needlepoint, puzzles, and small pets.

logo Libra likes symmetry, proper etiquette, delicate jewelry, and low-maintanance pets.

Scorpio Scorpio likes intensity, healing products, extremes of light and dark, the taboo, secret places, blacks and reds, reptiles.

sagittarius Sagittarius likes adventure, wildlife, the colors purple and torquise, bikes, hiking, big dogs.

logo Capricorn likes mountain climbing, boxed goods, watches and clocks, knee pads, angular art.

logo Aquarius likes the color electric blue, futuristic items, programs in beta, the weird and offbeat.

logo Pisces likes the color sea green, mermaids and dolphins, wine and fine liquors, movies, flowing attire such as silk scarves and draped caftans.

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