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    The Seven Reasons Yoga Is Great for Winter Depression

    By Michael Dehoyos

    A lot of people struggle with winter weather. Even during the holidays, the lack of sunshine and cold weather makes a lot of people feel down. Luckily, yoga can help you handle the winter blues in a lot of different ways.

  • It's Relaxing
  • The wintertime is very stressful with the holidays, your family demands, work, and everything happening at once. It can be difficult to find time to spend alone to relax and recuperate. Yoga can help with that by reducing your cortisol levels so you can stay calm during the holidays. When you miss the sunshine, you can use yoga to be more centered and happier and relax your muscles tired of slogging through the snow.

    1. Improves Relationships
    2. Winter can put a strain on any relationship, because your mood and your partner's can get worse during the shorter days. You also have to spend more time with each others' families in addition to work commitments and other obligations. In addition to spending less time outside, all of that can end up putting stress on the romantic relationship. Yoga can help you better manage your feelings and prevent you from snapping at your partner and saying something you might regret. People who are particularly affected by the winter blues can find a lot of benefits in doing yoga regularly.

    3. Be More Self-Confident
    4. Yoga can help you get to know yourself better and allows you to be more self-confident and happier with your mind and with yourself. Jane Ritter, a lifestyle blogger at 1 Day 2 Write and Write My X, explains to the readers of her blog that "it helps you to build trust and strength so that when you experience stressful times, having a regular yoga practice gives you mental power and fortitude. It's also good exercise to channel your extra energy."

    5. It Helps You Acknowledge Your Qualities
    6. Yoga is great for finding your best qualities that you have, especially those you weren't yet aware of. You can then become more mindful and spend time focusing on your wellbeing. You should be paying particular care to the tension and stress spots in your body, because that's where you have physical and emotional strengths. Try a backbend position to release the stiffness that's built up between your shoulder blades. It will also help you get emotional relief.

    7. It's Good for Family Issues
    8. Like it or not, we are stuck with our families for our lives. If you find that family get-togethers during the holidays stress you out and you hate facing their judgment about your life or facing family tensions, turn to yoga. It can help you sort everything out and you will ultimately realize that you can't change your family. In the end, the only thing you can do is have love and respect for them while being balanced and standing up for yourself.

    9. It Relieves Stress
    10. Winter can be a wonderful and magical time, with family, gifts, and spending time with those you love. But you can also feel stress and anxiety because of your financial situation, work, or anything else. Yoga is a great way to handle your stress because you can think though a solution instead of just worrying or feeling anxiety about it.

    11. It's Good Exercise
    12. Yoga is the perfect way to warm up and exercise in winter time. You might find that in the winter months you feel constantly cold, especially your hands and feet. Rana Alleman, a health writer at Brit Student and Next CourseWork, tells readers interested in their health that "the good news is that yoga can help. It's a fantastic way to stretch and strengthen your body, and you'll find that your limbs, fingers, and toes will get warm and will stay warm throughout the day thanks to better blood circulation."

      Yoga is an excellent tool for anyone thats experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or just some winter blues. Not only does it relax and strengthen your body, it can also do wonders for your mind and emotions. You'll find that you can stay happy, balanced, and calm throughout the winter and holiday season, no matter what happens with work or your dramatic family get-togethers.

      Michael Dehoyos is a writer and editor for PhD Kingdom and Academic Brits. He is passionate about helping others achieve better balance between their work and personal lives, and doesn't think you need to sacrifice your happiness and social life for career goals and ambition. Michael also writes for Case study help.

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