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  • Free Personal Horoscope and Lucky Numbers

  • Free Natal (Birth) Astrology Chart

  • How to Communicate with Animals - Free ebook

  • Psychic Readings by Clairvoyant Students - $25 for 90 minutes.

  • Mr. Rebates - Cash-Back Shopping at over 1000 Stores


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    Tara's Favorite Freebie
    Daily Goodie Box - Free Sample Boxes

    Get a box of free goodies. All you have to do is let them know what you think. Shipping is Free. No credit card required.

    HARRY'S - Free Trial + Gift Sets - Just pay $3 for shipping.

  • Harry's is a subscription service dedicated to providing their customers with a close and comfortable shave for less money! They offer high-quality razor handles and blades, as well as natural shaving gels. Before each shipment, you will get an email from them with enough time to modify or cancel your plan!

  • When you purchase the trial, you receive a weighted rubberized handle, a five-blade razor cartridge, 2 oz of foaming shave gel, and a travel blade cover.

  • You have the ability to choose the subscription type that you want and get to choose how frequently you shave. Cancel the subscription at any time.

  • New Gift Sets available - Winter Winston Set $25, Truman Gift Set $20 and Winter Winston Deluxe Set $35.

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    Make money listing (hosting) your space on Neighbor for people to store their stuff. (Insurance is built in to the renter fee.)

    All you need is a spare bedroom, attic, garage space, RV pad, warehouse, empty lot. (I have an RV area that I will be hosting. I won't be challenging Bill Gates for the money I'll make, but I want it to look like someone is home when I'm not.)

    Need to rent a space? Save 50% on storage with Neighbor vs traditional self-storage.

    Want to be a storage host? You can approve or deny anyone you don't want to rent your space to. Nice extra: You get a $50 Amazon gift card when your space gets rented.


    It's a fun and profitable way to sell and buy clothes.

    I joined in March 2018. It's free, fun and simple to have your own closet (store) to sell clothes you know you won't wear again.

    Here's my little clothes shop on Poshmark:

    Sign up using my Invite Code 'astrostar' at the bottom of the form to get $5 Credit for signing up. Start your own closet!

    winning star The Star is my personal recommendation, that I've purchased from a company and had a positive experience. ~ Tara


    winning star Rakuten/
    - It's free...and what a fun and easy way to get paid to shop at places you already like. It can sit in the background of your browser to kick in with coupons and cash rebates when you arrive at a shopping site, or you can shop through the Rakuten website. When you buy something at a Rakuten store you get a percentage (variable) rebate. More than 1600 stores participate, even Amazon. Sign up at

    winning star Honey
    - Similar to Rakuten. Also free, it's a browser extension that automatically finds all coupons and promo codes available when you shop at an online store. Invite a friend to join and get $5 with their first qualifying purchase. I'm using both Rakuten and Honey and it's fun to get money back because I do most of my shopping online.

    Mr. Rebates
    - Cash-Back Shopping at over 1000 Stores, including Walmart, Macy's, Ebay, Amazon, Sam's Club, and others. I haven't tried this one yet. But the advantage with Mr. Rebates is they offer cash back for Home Depot - does not. Rebates get credited within 1-3 business days from the order date or the ship date.

    American Consumer Opinion
    - Get paid for your opinion by taking surveys, averaging 10 mins each, evaluate new products, or test new advertising. You will receive Points in your Member Account. Point incentives range from 5 Points (US 5 cents) up to 1,000 Points (US $10.00) or more.
    This is a terrific and FREE resource to compare prescription drug prices locally. You might have seen the commercial. It's legit. Get this #1 free medical app for iOS and Android with coupons built into the app. Just show your iPhone or Android smart phone to the pharmacist to save.

    My friend's doctor recommended it to his patients. In my friend's case, his meds would have been $1400! for a month prescription. He got the app and found that Walmart had it for $5! So, if you are paying out of pocket, this will help you compare prices and save a lot of money.


    winning star BistroMD Free Diet Analysis
    - BistroMD is ranked #1 in a blind taste test beating Jenny Craig, Diet-To-Go and E-Diets.

    winning star UDEMY
    Learn anything online. Choose from 80,000 courses.

    winning star WALMART
    Receive Next Day Shipping on select orders $35+.

    winning star GROUPON.COM
    - Save up to 70% on great deals. I especially like the local dining discounts.

    winning star ZULILY
    - If you haven't discovered this savvy shopper online mall by now, it's a must for men, women, and childrens' items at huge discounts. Membership is Free. It's my favorite online shop for women's clothes, brand names discounted up to 70% off. New collections come in daily. It's a fun place to window shop. Eventually you will find something you can't live without. But before you go to Zulily, head first to and sign up so you'll get a rebate on your Zulily purchase.

    winning star SAM'S CLUB - Shop Instant Savings to save hundreds of dollars on select items.

    winning star Free Anti-Virus Software - AVAST.

    FREE at the US Postal Dept (USPS)

    This is a free service from our U.S. Postal Dept. that you might not know about. USPS offers Informed Delivery to verify that you are receiving all of your mail. USPS already takes photos of letter-sized mail as it's scanned at processing facilities, but now the postal service is sharing those photos with you. Opt-in to receive daily emails with scans of mail that will be delivered that day. Check if your zip code is eligible at


    winning star Free Personal Horoscope with Lucky Numbers
    Based on your natal astrology. Easy form to fill out at Sara Freder's web site.

    winning star Sacred Prayers at Global Enligtenment Project. The 27 Esoteric Merkaba Field Prayer of Protection is very powerful. I use this prayer a few times a day, especially when I wake up.

    winning star Teal Swan - How to Survive in a Crisis - Lessons 1-5 are free.

    winning star
    - Free tarot readings at Lotus Tarot.

    winning star Allen's Astrology Freeware

    winning star Walter Pullen's Astrolog
    - For Windows, Mac, Unix.

    winning star ReikiRays Free eBook
    - "Top Ten Reiki Infographics." Thank you to Reiki Master and teacher Marion Hakata of for the heads-up on this valuable resource for practitioners.

    winning star Shamanism ebook

    winning star Free Aura Profile
    - What are your life aura colors?

    winning star Astrology Ephemerides for 3200 Years
    in PDF format.

    winning star Flower of Life with Drunvalo Melchizedek
    Free Episode at Gaia

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