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    Your Tarot Forecast for 2018

    Manisha Singh Sharma

    Tarot reading consists of a deck of Tarot cards, which are typically 78 in number. These cards were historically used as a deck for playing cards and are today used as a powerful tool for fortune-telling and a divine way of revealing the truth about one's life.

    Tarot 2018 will help you be prepared for what the New Year has in store for you. Getting your Tarot reading with the help of a good clairvoyant will help you gain insight, get clarity, find resolution and edge towards that transformation you are aiming for in 2018.

    A 7-card spread was used for this reading Tarot 2018. To see what it forecasts a deeper insight, a 10-card Celtic Cross tarot reading can be done.

    2018 urges you to let go of your past and move forward this year to make the best for your career or a new relationship, especially if the old one is not working.

    Believe in yourself in 2018 and Lady-luck will be waiting around the corner to introduce you to the right people. Take some time out to exercise to maintain your health.

    This Tarot reading for you predicts a fruitful year, provided you work hard for it. Recognise your bad habits and improve or let go of them.

    Tarot 2018 predicts that you have left the worst behind and things will start looking better this year. Be prepared for better opportunities and more socialising.

    A little patience is required this year. Things will all work out, finally. Use the year to explore your creative side. Be careful of your health, specially your skin and stomach.

    A year to retrospect on your past, what you plan ahead and how to go about it. You need to have some patience and not rush matters. Try changing your course or path for a better result.

    Your goal this year would be clarity of thought, speech and action. You need to be firm in your decisions and not allow people to misuse you as in the past. Things will be positive on the personal front; if not married, marriage is in the cards and if married, there could be an unhealthy attachment to the family.

    You need to concentrate on making some much required changes, either in your family life or in your health. Let go of any grudges you may be holding against some people. It's important to keep the mind at peace sometimes.

    2018 will go smoothly for you, provided you plan well for it. The year is going to be a real busy one and you need to delegate duties carefully so that you are not burdened with too much work yourself.

    You will discover a new 'hidden you' in the coming months. Don't get anxious when certain skeletons fall out of the cupboard. Get out of any hibernation you may want to settle in.

    Tarot 2018 predicts that you have 'arrived' in life. All the hard work you did till now, will start repaying you with good results. Even on the personal front, things look rosy.

    Get a hold of your moods and sensitivity in the coming months. Engage yourself in cities that will promote your expertise in your career.

    The Ultimate Guide to Tarot: A Beginner's Guide to the Cards, Spreads, and Revealing the Mystery of the Tarot

    What Does Each Card Mean for You in 2018?

    For personal growth in the next year, Tarot 2018 reveals that there will be shifting relationship with your own self. You need to take time out to reflect on your deep seated values and how you should react to any situation in life. The tarot cards ask you to reconsider who you are and act accordingly. As the year progresses, so will things become clear to you.

    So, from the beginning of the year, month by month, till the end; Tarot 2018, foretell the following-

    The 'Lovers' in the tarot dec, encourages you to respect your own self as much as you respect the relations around you. Achievement of inner harmony will only be possible when a balance is struck between honouring your own self as much as you honour others.

    The 'Strength' card suggests that you will approach the world with more compassion and understanding if you are in peace with yourself.

    'Justice' encourages you to explore personal balance more and right any wrongs so that the scale doesn't tip too far and throws you off balance and off yourr chosen course.

    The reversed 'Tower' suggests that you should be prepared to face certain changes in order to move forward.

    The reversed 'World' implies that if you are not prepared to face changes, you may not be able to keep the balance. Change is necessary for evolution.

    The 'Judgement' nudges you by mid-year to strive more seriously for clarity and redemption, if you want to live up to your full potential.

    The 'Hanged Man', reminds you again that for a greater purpose in life, we must let go of our old ways and seek fresh perspectives to chalk out a path towards your goal.

    The reversed 'Emperor' suggests that you could be unnecessarily throwing your weight around and tipping the scales too much on one side. A little care needs to be taken on how others are treated.

    The 'Death' card implies that you are now ready to face the world in a new improved self, by letting go of the old ideas and manifestations.

    By autumn, the 'Wheel of Fortune' will reveal how we need not have felt threatened by the changes, as they are part of life.

    The 'High Priestess' implores you to focus on knowledge and intuition as the year starts coming to an end. This can then be used to guide you better in the years to come.

    The year ends on a good note with 'The Empress', as you will create in yourself, reliable strength and understanding of the fluctuations of existence.

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