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    Using Astrology to Help Your Business

    By Randall Curtis

    All of us are aware of the psychic forces around us but few people realize that they are created in the Zodiac Zone. We can feel the forces of the Zodiac Zone immediately when we walk into a room full of people. We speak of these forces every day of our lives. Here are a couple of the comments most of us have said or heard that relate to these hidden energies. "I don't like the atmosphere in here. Feels weird to me," or "Something's not quite right here," or "We have this intense chemistry between us. All we have to do is come near each other and it starts happening."

    It is important to realize that there is a way to find out what these energies are going to be like before we actually engage them. One way to do this is to track the Moon in its daily journey through the zodiac zone.

    What does the Moon do?

    The Moon fills the atmosphere with the energy of the sign it is passing through. A sign is 30 degrees of space which is charged with a specific kind of psychic energy. This energy is expressed as fiery, earth, airy, or watery.

    For example, when the Moon is in Aries, a very fiery sign, the atmosphere is very different than when the Moon is in the earth sign of Taurus. It is easy to feel these energies when driving in traffic.

    How many times have you heard something like, "Everybody's driving crazy today. I almost got plastered by an idiot road-rager."

    At other times, when the Moon is in Taurus, you might say, "The traffic was moving like molasses. Everybody's driving like they are in slugville. It took me forever to get off the freeway."

    If you actually track when the Moon changes sign, you can basically predict the energy for the day. For example, you certainly wouldn't want to give a party when the Moon or Venus is in Capricorn. The atmosphere will be dull as lead. Nobody's going to have any fun. Of course, the Moon changes sign about every two and a half days. So, it's wise to find out when this happens.

    If you have a business or are always engaged in important projects, you can get an astrologer to track the movement of the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in your birth chart because these planets are usually changing signs through the month. You can then time your events in such a way that you can get the most benefit from the kind of energies you want. How many times have you put on an event that just didn't "fly?"

    The passage of Mercury through the signs shows what your mind will be focused on. This is not magic. It is simply a matter of calculating when this is going to happen. Any skilled astrologer can show you how to do this, or do this for you. So it is with the other planets.

    Each planet energizes the atmosphere differently and affects your daily life in a very influential way.

    If you have a business where the timing of events is very important or want to know when it is best to move ahead on a project, it would be wise to check with an astrological consultant to help you determine when to act and when to do nothing.

    This is one of the best ways to improve your business strategies as well as the relationship to your co-workers. In this way, you will live in wisdom, working creatively with the zodiac which constantly changes the energy around you and within you.

    It is an act of wisdom to use these celestial energies to guide your life. Not to do so is to ignore the wealth that is hidden in the zodiac zone.

    © 2007 Randall Curtis

    Randall Curtis is a professional astrologer with world-wide clients. He is an astrological consultant and trains astrologers to become professionals.

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