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    Autumn Equinox - Empowering Instructions

    By Eva Vavaroutsos

    The Importance of Timing and Position in Spiritual Practice

    Whenever anything happens to you, your timing and position are key factors in the outcome. For example, if you win the lottery using Quick Pick for your numbers, you were at the right convenience store at the right moment. When you meet your spiritual teacher, your spouse, any stroke of luck or misfortune, and even your death, it is because you were in a certain position at a certain time, and this configuration enabled the meeting and the result.

    It is possible to be aware of timing and positioning, and to use this awareness to enable and speed up your spiritual evolution. Throughout history, people have used astrology in order to select auspicious times and locations for ceremonies and new ventures. Generals have used strategic manuals such as The Art of War to identify the elements of optimal timing and positioning to win decisive battles. And spiritual aspirants with a knack for energy manipulation can also benefit in great ways from this knowledge.

    Timing alone is helpful, and positioning without consideration of timing is also useful. But it is the combination of positioning and timing, and a proper awareness and anticipation of how to use them, which brings about desired and dramatic results.

    Wiccan Kitchen:
    A Guide to Magical Cooking & Recipes

    There are times of day, times of month, and times of year that give us access to special power. During these special times, it's as if the weight of humanity becomes less of an obstacle. It becomes more possible to experience divine grace, to feel the ecstatic vibration of higher energy, to know bliss, silence and stillness. If you can manage to optimize your position as well during such special times, for example by travelling to a special place of power, you can experience a personal transformation during your period of retreat that can change your life.

    The Significance of the Equinox

    In the cycle of a year, which is the most practical cycle to consider when attempting to change your life, there are five or six major special times of power. During these times, you have much greater access to power. The times are the Summer Solstice, the Winter Solstice, the Spring Equinox, the Fall Equinox, your Birthday, and the birthday of your spiritual teacher, if you have one.

    The influx of power is as scientific as it is metaphysical. The gravity of the sun, the moon, the Earth, the atmosphere, the oceans, and the position of heavenly bodies all contribute to what you can feel, and what becomes possible, during these special times. If you simply learn to become more aware, and sensitive, you will feel the difference of these times quite tangibly. Such events feel like a time for celebration! Whether your celebration is exuberant or quietly internal, the Equinoxes, Solstices and birthdays are times of great abundance and access.

    The Equinox is a time of balance, when day and night are equal. In a spiritual sense, the Equinox is a great time to stabilize and secure new footing. If you have made any great changes, experienced any substantial gains or losses, or undergone any other type of transformation, the Equinox is the perfect time to keep momentum moving forward, and to see to it that you don't 'take two steps forward but three steps back'. And besides the balance aspect, the amount of energy available during an Equinox is so tremendous that it is also an enabler for any kind of change.

    Proper Timing: How to use the Power of an Equinox

    Briefly, you need a plan. Take the time this Equinox (today, tomorrow, the next day) to set the stage for the year ahead. Begin with a life-changing goal for the next special time, whether it be the Winter Solstice, your birthday, or your teacher's birthday. Then write down the steps that need to be taken between now and then in order to achieve your goal by that next Solstice or birthday, and put progressive dates on the steps.

    You should be building towards a growing climax of effort, followed by surrender, just like your meditation. When you meditate, you select a proper spot place to sit, position your body properly, and ensure that your environment is conducive to your retreat. That's the planning part. Then you concentrate, focusing with increasing effort until your concentration is balanced on a single point of focus, to the exclusion of everything else. When you have achieved this level of focus, you release your concentration and remaing poised, basking in an expanse of divine grace, however brief it might be. That is the meditation. Allow your use of the special times of year to follow the same pattern of planning, effort and surrender, and you will see amazing changes in your life.

    Once you have set up the goal and steps for the next Solstice, continue to plan an entire year in this fashion, and make this quarterly pattern a part of your life. As an added stroke of energy, you might consider positioning yourself to take a special trip to a place of power for three or four days of the Solstice or birthday. Surrender on retreat in a place of power in a time of power - this is a secret of Enlightened Ones and energy pioneers.

    The Equinox & Solstice
    Ceremonies of the Golden Dawn

    Proper Positioning: Places of Power

    Positive places of power should make you feel good and welcome when you think about them, and while you are there. You don't have to go hiking or camping in a remote area to access power. Many five-diamond resorts in pristine settings are built on places of power. I suggest this as your power position of choice.

    To choose the proper resort, consider the type of energy you are drawn to, and find a resort that accomodates that feeling. Do you need to be nurtured or healed? If so, a warm place surrounded by water, such as Hawaii or the Carribbean, is a great choice. Do you need clarity? A mountaintop ski resort in Colorado, or the Alps is ideal. Do you need stillness? Try Lake Tahoe, or Lake Geneva. Is it introspection you need? Try a desert or forest resort. Spa travel is the perfect modern retreat destination, and the best way to place yourself in the ideal position to experience maximum benefit on retreat during times of power. Don't worry about bugs or strangers or weather - stay in a comfortable place where you can focus on what you came to do - surrender and retreat.

    If you can't afford a three or four-day stay in a resort such as this, perhaps your goal should be to make enough money to take such a retreat during the next special time. Invest in your spiritual development! Give yourself a complete break from everyday life, five or six times a year. I can't think of a better investment you can make. Invest in yourself, so that you can then offer more to others.

    Best wishes for a lovely Equinox!


    Eva Vavaroutsos is a teacher, writer, filmmaker, and technology entrepreneur. She has studied with a number of Enlightened masters and is currently considering applications from new students with sincere interest in spiritual enlightenment, energy, self-mastery, consciousness, and the empowerment of women.

    The Autumn/Fall Equinox is September 22nd

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