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    Take Steps to Breathe New Life as Spring Equinox Approaches

    (March 20 is the Spring Equinox)

    By Mikkie Mills

    Spring brings a fresh sense of life to people, so it is the perfect time to make changes that will brighten your mood and revive your surroundings. The spring equinox, set for March 20 this year, marks the end of winter and a time for all things new. It also marks the right time for you to make changes!

    Preparation is always the key to effective change, so now is the time to start getting ready for the spring equinox. There are several things you can do to prepare and celebrate this annual event. Putting some of these ideas into practice will not only improve your surroundings but are some of the best ways to reduce depression, too.

    Clean Your Home

    There is a natural instinct to spring clean during this time of year. However, you will find the job overwhelming if you don't plan or try to do it all at once. A better way is to make some small changes every day in preparation for spring.

    Start by exchanging your heavy bedding for lighter, fresher spring bedding. A good choice is to exchange your flannel sheets for something more breathable. You can up the look for spring colors, too.

    You can start getting your windows ready by taking down storm windows, cleaning them and installing screens. Even though it's still too cool to leave them open, you can get them sparkling for the spring sunshine.

    Add some spring accents to your home. Start with small things like pillows or maybe some new candles with springtime scents. Just doing a few small things will get you in the mood for spring.

    Plant a Garden

    A garden is a step-by-step process. It may be too cold to plant seeds now, but breaking up the ground and adding compost will ensure it is ready when you get the best seeds for your garden. Make sure they are high-quality seeds of plants that will grow in your area.

    Those who live in areas where outside space is limited or unaccessible can have an indoor garden. Things like herbs and basket tomatoes are perfect for inside planting. Planting a garden will not only provide you with great items for your meals but will breathe life into your space.

    Cleanse Yourself

    Just like your home, your body and mind will benefit from a ritual cleansing. There are a couple of ways to do that. You can do a fast to cleanse your body. It can be for as little as 24 hours, but a three-day fast has better results. You can change your diet to include more organic products, more fruits and vegetables, and new recipes.

    For your mind and spirit, you can limit the negativity that goes into it by reducing or eliminating television and online media for a specific period of time. You can also improve your positive attitude by actively limiting negative thoughts and replacing them with positive ones.

    One good exercise to achieve this is to create a vision board. Vision boards are a collection of words and pictures of your dreams and aspirations. By creating it and placing it where you will see it on a daily basis, you are creating an intention that will help turn those dreams into reality.

    Just like planting seeds in your garden, you can also plant positive seeds into your mind and spirit. You should try something new that helps you maintain your spirit, like reading a book on how to heal emotionally or taking a yoga class. Perhaps you can learn something new like a craft or skill.

    Implementing these new habits into your life now will set the mood for spring when the equinox arrives. Then you will be ready to jump into new beginnings with hope and excitement.

    Mikkie is a freelance writer from Chicago. She is also a mother of two who loves sharing her ideas on positive energy, healing, and astrology. When she's not writing, she's chasing the little ones around or can be found testing out new aromatherapy techniques.

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