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    Charlie Sheen's Numerology

    By Richard King

    [This article is neither intended to extol nor defame Charlie Sheen. It is offered simply as a means of relating the numbers in his King's Numerology chart with the events and circumstances of his life and destiny to further the understanding of numerology as a science.]

    As the world watches the outrageous antics and endless media reports of Charlie Sheen, one has to ask if he is simply a reckless rebel and another Hollywood actor with "issues," or even if he is on a collision course to being a fatally ruinous wreck? This article makes no judgments. It simply serves as a vehicle to understanding Charlie Sheen's behavior and life style as reflected in the numbers and numerical patterns of his numerology chart. Note, too, that this article is not a full treatise but rather a brief explanation of the important numerological aspects of Sheen's life, life style, persona, behavior and destiny.

    Charlie Sheen was born Carlos Irwin Estevez on 3 September 1965 (Wikipedia). It is the full birth name and birth date on which the destiny is set. It is this destiny that is driving Sheen. We are all driven by our destiny. As Twentieth Century Saint Charan Singh states, All men come into this world with a destiny of their own which goes on pushing them relentlessly on the course already marked out for them.

    Master Numbers

    A master number is a multiple number set of the same cipher. For example, the binary numbers 11-22-33-44-55-66-77-88-99 are master numbers, as are triad sets such as 111, 222, 333, and quaternary sets as 4444, 5555, 6666 and so forth. The two digit binary master numbers are the most common variety in a numerology chart.

    Master numbers are like nuclear energy coins, exhibiting eleven times the power of their root number. For example, 11 is eleven times one; 22 is eleven times two; 33 is eleven times three and so forth. If a single number were represented by a furnace burning within an individual, then a master number is like having eleven furnaces burning within a person.

    As we can see from this furnace example, master numbers are extremely powerful, exhibiting forces of creative life on one side of their nuclear coin and destructive death on the other side of the coin. In a case like that of Charlie Sheen, the first course of analysis is to determine the quantity and type of master numbers in the chart. Almost exclusively their presence is clearly visible and Sheen's chart is no exception. It is especially filled with the master number energy of artistic ability, creativity, self-expression, pleasure, sex, drugs, addiction, vanity and narcissism.

    The Thirty-Three (33) Master Number

    The first master number to consider in Charlie Sheen's chart is 33 (thirty-three) whose addcap is a 6, the addition of the two 3s (33 is 3 + 3 = 6). Arguably, no master number has destroyed more lives than the 33-6. It is far more potent than a tempest in a teapot. It is a nuclear reactor of enormous power, communication, self-expression, joy, pleasure, health, beauty, children, happiness, personal love and good fortune which can, if positively managed, lift one to great creative and joyful heights, but if left unchecked, will destroy an individual faster than any other master energy through sex, lust, vanity, narcissism, addiction, and out-of-control partying.

    To have a 33 in a numerology chart is noteworthy. However, Charlie Sheen has the 33 master number dominant in four primary locations in his King's Numerology chart -- his Lifepath, his Performance/Experience (PE for short), his Crown Pinnacle PE and his Core Challenge PE! These four placements create a quadstack of 33 energy! Dangerous, to say the least.

    The Lifepath is, literally, the path or script of one's life. Therefore, Sheen was born into a life journey in which there would be massive lessons of artistic expression, communication, joy, pleasure, sex, and potential addiction. His PE is the role of his life. Therefore, not only is he walking down a 33 road (his 33 Lifepath), the performance he will give in life while walking down that road is also a 33. To intensify matters, his Crown Pinnacle PE, the most elevated component of a numerology chart, is also a 33 master number. To further exacerbate the issue, his Core Challenge PE, the main burden of his 33 Lifepath, is a 33 as well! This quadstack of 33 energy is, arguably, the primary cause of Sheen's issues. In effect, he and his life are consumed, to put it mildly, with the energy of pleasure, joy, sex, art, beauty, communication and addiction.

    The Fifty-Five (55) Master Number

    The master number fifty-five is written generally as 55-1 where the 1 is the product of adding the two 5s and reducing to a single digit ( 5 + 5 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1). This 55-1 energy is a powerful number of personal exploration and creativity. People with this number are often very unique, distinct, and highly individualized. They are mavericks, leaders and true originals. They are not followers and do not like to be controlled or told what to do. They do not run with the pack. They are the leaders of their own pack. The number 5 is the energy of freedom, detachment, movement, exploration, experience, diversity, speed, and the five senses. The number 1 is the pure cipher of the self, independence, identity, will power, strength and originality. More than any other number in his chart, it is this 55-1 master number that has contributed the most to making Sheen a reckless rebel, this in combination with his 7 void which is discussed later.

    The location of the 55-1 energy in Charlie Sheen's chart is in his Material Soul, a component governing his worldly needs, wants, desires and motivations. Therefore, it is this energy that drives Sheen to consider himself as a trend-setter, leader and original person, which he has clearly and publicly expressed in his televised relentless exhortations of his own prowess, intelligence and ability.

    The 5 & 6 Combination

    Together, the 33-6 and the 55-1 are a potent sexual cocktail. No two single numbers in combination are more sexual than the 5 and 6. Tiger Woods' chart and life corroborate this potentially career-ending combination. Besides having a 55-1 in his Material Soul, Sheen's Nature component of his numerology chart is a 5 which rules his personality. This 5 makes him mercurial, explosive, diverse, freedom-loving, detached, and sensually driven. He loves to experience, explore and do different things. He does not want to be tied down, restricted or ordered about (remember the 55-1 driving his needs, wants and desires). Sheen wants to be his own man, the relentless rebel on his own course. By his own testimony he is also extremely proud of his sexual exploits, which brings to bear a quote from 15th/16th Century Saint Kabir who states: Sex indulgence is the lowest of human activities. That men should be at all proud of it surpasses understanding.

    The Twenty-Two (22) Master Number

    The 22-4 master number rules power and material wealth. This number is in Sheen's Soul and identifies his most primal needs, wants and desires. Basically, Sheen wants security, particularly material wealth and he is certainly willing to work for it. He's not lazy. This 22 master number is also located in Sheen's 4th House of work. This creates a double stack of powerful work energy on one side, but also a hugely recalcitrant, stubborn and rooted person on the other.

    The Eleven (11) Master Number

    The 11-2 master number rules achievement and aspiration. The most common of all master numbers, the 11 is a high intensity energy of relationship, competition, and others. It can be very intense. In its positive side, it reflects balance and peace. In its negative aspect, it rules imbalance and conflict. The two Ones occupying the 11's structure represent the self (1) in its own interests (1). It can also represent one person clashing with another person, one ideology versus another ideology. Although passive on its surface, as represented by the 2, it is comprised of the pure fire of the self and ego, the two Ones of the 11. This 11-2 master number is in Charlie Sheen's Material Nature and therefore bears directly on his personality, thus creating a fiery, explosive and often conflicted individual who can also create conflicts with others.

    The master numbers in Sheen's chart have contributed mightily to his predicament, especially the 33-6 and the 55-1. Together they are the main numeric players in his life, and they are neither little nor minor players. They are major league, and their powerful manifestation is nothing but obvious in Charlie Sheen's life.

    The 7 Void

    Voids are missing numbers in the full natal name. For example, if a person has no Cs, Ls, or Us in the full birth name, he has a 3 void because the letters C-L-U have a three value in numerology. If a person is missing Gs, Ps, or Ys in his full birth name, he has a 7 void. Voids can create problems because they reference a missing energy and its attending attributes and characteristics. In numerology, the number 7 rules saints and sinners (two sides of the same coin), thought, study, wisdom and foolishness, introspection, reflection, analysis, examination, spirituality, and all things internal. When 7 is void in a chart, it usually represents a person who is devoid of good judgment, who lacks depth of thought and a healthy dose of personal introspection and wisdom.

    This 7 void is negatively impacting Charlie Sheen in two places in his chart. The first is that he is transiting his middle name of "Irwin" which became active at age 24 and will remain active through age 60, a period of thirty-seven years. The name "Irwin" is a 1 energy which rules the self, individual and ego. When this 1 filters through Sheen's 6 Lifepath with its 33 master number root, the outcome is a 7 (1 + 6 = 7). Because the 7 is void in his chart, this combination would be written as 1/7v. This signifies a person (1) who is challenged by a lack of wisdom, deep insight, personal reflection (7). The result is usually chaos within the person. It is not a comfortable numerical set. It portends trouble within the individual, which is openly apparent in Sheen's life, and although the world sees it, he does not. The phrase "troubled self" is an appropriate phrase for anyone with a 1/7v combination.

    The second place the 7 void has impact for Sheen is in his Life Cycle Pattern. Without getting too technical, this means that every nine seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years of his life's journey, Sheen is beset with a 7v/7v pattern. Again we see the lack of insight and wisdom being compounded and creating more problems than the 1/7v pattern in his name timeline of "Irwin."

    Had Sheen not had a 7 void in his chart, his issues would not be so intense or troublesome. Yet, such is his destiny, and he will be challenged deeply to overcome this deficit. This is where the "wreck" question mark in the title comes into play. If Sheen chooses to continue down this road, as he seems to be waging a battle to do so through his reckless rebel persona, then he will continue to remain embattled, if not defeated. Because of this 7v/7v number set, especially with the compounding of his 1/7v name timeline period of "Irwin" until age sixty-one, he will continue to be tested. Currently, he's only 45 years old at the time of this writing in March of 2011. He has approximately sixteen years to go before he reaches his name timeline of "Estevez" where there will be some relief. The operative question, however, is whether his lifestyle and personality make up will allow him to get that far.

    Sheen constantly declares, "Defeat is not an option." This is a fair statement, but defeat of what? No one is stronger than the powers of one's destiny. No one. As Winston Churchill declares, Destiny commands. We must obey. Unquestionably, the powers of destiny rule, and God constructs our destiny. If Sheen is challenging destiny, he will be defeated, regardless of any bold and cavalier statements to the contrary. However, if he means his ability to be defeated by his drug issues is not an option, then his statement is commendable and praiseworthy, and we all wish him unbridled success and triumph.


    (Copyright by Richard Andrew King)

    If you fly in the face of God,
    you'll weep on your knees in hell;
    no one defies His Laws
    and smiles to tell.

    Every seed receives its deed
    growing to fruition.
    To muse in schools where insolence rules
    extracts extreme tuition.

    No one sits upon His Throne
    or countermands His Law.
    If you think of flying in the face of God,
    prepare yourself to fall

    for fall you will. No one escapes.
    If His Laws warrant not your keeping,
    then you, for flying in the face of God,
    will redeem your insolence... weeping!

    (C) Richard Andrew King

    Richard Andrew King, whose website is RichardKing.net, is a numerologist, martial artist, author, and public speaker residing in Southern California.

    If you would like to know more about numerology, read Richard's books: The 5 Minute Lover: Discovering the Secrets of Your Life, Loves, and Relationships... in 5 Minutes!, The King's Book of Numerology: Volume 1: Foundations and Fundamentals ; The King's Book of Numerology II: Forecasting - Part I ; Your Love Numbers: Discovering the Secrets of Your Life, Loves, and Relationships ; The Age of the Female: A Thousand Years of Yin, and Blueprint of a Princess: Diana Frances Spencer - Queen of Hearts . Other books includeThe Black Belt Book of Life: Secrets of a Martial Arts Master; Messages from the Masters: Timeless Truths for Spiritual Seekers ; The Age of the Female II: Heroines of the Shift, and 99 Poems of the Spirit.

    King's spoken word CDs include: Poems of the Spirit; Priceless Poetry and Prose, Volume I: Dramatizations of Famous Literary Works; Priceless Poetry and Prose II: Selected Works of Edgar Allan Poe. His musical CD of twelve original songs is Echoes from the Heart. A complete listing of King's works including his books and CDs is available on his website, at Amazon.com and CDBaby.com

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