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    The Color Test

    The Meaning of Colors
    Medical science has proven that different colors have definite and various effects upon our nervous system and that they act quite independently of our eyes or minds.

    All matter emits vibrations. A human being also radiates subtle emanations of everything of which he is composed. A person with extra sensitive sight is able to see the colors of these rays known as a person's aura.

    Colors are of the deepest significance to us throughout all phases of our life. They have more influence on us then we can possibly imagine. If we use them intelligently, they can help us by strengthening, soothing, and inspiring us.

    Dark, drab and dingy colors can harm our spirits and health.

    Strong bright colors may bring out the best in us, physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

    Quickly select your favorite color and click on it to read a personal evaluation of your personality based on the color you chose!

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