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    Compatibility of Scorpio with Other Signs

    By Amy E. Ellis

    Scorpio with Aries

    There can be a lasting romance and love affair. Aries may feel that they at last have met someone who appreciates them unconditionally. It's a combination of fire and water. There are possibilities that they either fall in love and get married or enjoy sex and become enemies for life. Both are passionate, dedicated, powerful people who can match each other in just about every aspect of life. Scorpio can expect to have incredible sex experiences with Aries. Aries could be intrigued sexually with Scorpio.

    Scorpio with Taurus

    These two signs can generate power, wealth, and families together. A small flirtation could become major over time and that can lead to marriage. There is physical attraction and a lot of sensuality when these two link up. Taurus finds Scorpio possessiveness very attractive. Scorpio demands loyalty from this relationship and so does Taurus. This is a pleasing combination that has both long and short-term potential. Taurus is a sexual keeper and sexy Scorpio should ensure that they don't let Taurus go away.

    Scorpio with Gemini

    Gemini is the hardest sign for Scorpio to understand. When Scorpio thinks they have uncovered Gemini's last secret, her or she will expose another surprise. There is possibility here as long as both share a love of drama, erratic separations and dramatic reunions. To make this relationship work, Scorpio should provide Gemini lots of liberty and Gemini should remain a mystery to Scorpio. Sex can be nasty or amazing. This combination is best for a one-night stand. Both signs will require making many changes and compromises if a long-term relationship is desired.

    Scorpio with Cancer

    It's an ideal combination. Both are extremely compatible in their approach to love and sex. Sex could turn a one-night stand into a very safe association. Scorpio needs to realize that Cancer is more sensitive than they show and Cancer needs to know that Scorpio is truthful but will need occasional isolation. Scorpio will need to be careful during full moon periods. They will look physically more gorgeous together than separately. Scorpio will make Cancer feel loved like never before and Cancer will offer Scorpio all the love they desire.

    Scorpio with Leo

    It's a powerful combination. When these two sexy signs come together, there is no telling what will occur. The energy of the attraction is unquestionable. There are possibilities for these two to have a lasting love affair. They either fall in love and get married, or have sex and become rivals forever. These two are obsessive, dedicated, powerful people who can match each other in just about every aspect of life. Only time will tell whether these two have long-term love. Sex will be another matter. Scorpio can anticipate having amazing sex with Leo. Leo will be intrigued sexually with Scorpio. Where it goes beyond that, is completely up to them.

    Scorpio with Virgo

    You share a capability to communicate, sympathize and know one another. Your talks get better over time and so does the sexual rapport. There is a silent bond between Scorpio and Virgo that once recognized, will barely ever be broken. You will offer each other what the other person automatically needs and needs sexually. Sexual and romantic compatibility will be extraordinary. A strong friendship and devotion will keep these two together. Scorpio should avoid playing any head games with Virgo or there will be a serious price to pay. The prospects for a long-term love are excellent.

    Scorpio with Libra

    Libra's charming beauty is what Scorpio's desire. Scorpio offers substance and power to Libra. Libra might feel Scorpio a bit extreme to their taste and Scorpio may demand more understanding and commitment from Libra. Libra will help Scorpio become fashionable and lovable. Libra will come in touch with the mysterious side of life and that might fascinate them.

    Scorpio with Scorpio

    These two may have a long-lasting love affair. Some of these relationships have been well-known. Both of these are watery signs which match well, but still water also needs other elements to maintain life. When these two meet they either fall in love and get married or have nasty sex and become rivals for life. The problem is that you both have a strong need to control your partner. Possessiveness can also create problems.

    Scorpio with Sagittarius

    When they first meet the Sagittarian will be drawn to Scorpio's passion and sex appeal. Sagittarius likes playing with Scorpio and doesn't mind using flattery to enjoy sex. Scorpio desires to feel desirable. A one-night stand could be fun, but in the long-term view Scorpio should stay away from the sex-starved Sagittarius. Sagittarius can and will cause problems for the devoted Scorpio who is very loyal to their lover. It is advisable that you better be friends as you both have a great chemistry for wild sexy nights.

    Scorpio with Capricorn

    Intense Scorpio mesmerizes Capricorn and there is potential for long-lasting love. They share many things in common and their taste and approach in sex and work will be identical. Sex could be very hot and it will keep the relationship going. Capricorn gets better as age progresses and is very much attracted to an impressive lifestyle. On the whole, the association looks very promising and it may last a lifetime.

    Scorpio with Aquarius

    This friendship could turn into a sexual relationship in no time. There will never be boring moments and they may have unforgettable moments with each other. Partying and socializing will keep you both stimulating and extremely erotic. You both will share creative talents in sex. But sometimes stubbornness could cause a problem.

    Scorpio with Pisces

    It will be like love at first sight when they first meet up...and great sex. Sparks will fly all over. They both are highly instinctive, sexual, and strange by nature. They both suit each other and have a passionate time together. This could be a very satisfying, flourishing and memorable experience for both.

    About the author, Amy E. Ellis has been studying Astrology for more than 25 years. Her work has been featured on the radio and several prominent websites. She is currently writing a series of Astrology books and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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