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    The Extrovert and Introvert in a Relationship
    - Can it Work Out?

    By Dana Rhinehart

    Is your partner an extrovert or an introvert? According to Myers-Briggs, extroverts tend to be outgoing and social. They love being around people and feel energized by parties and get-togethers. Extroverts tend to make friends easily.

    Introverts, on the other hand, are more reserved; socializing with people drains them after a while. They don't warm up to people as quickly. They need personal time to be alone and recharge their batteries.

    Can a relationship between an extrovert and an introvert work out? Absolutely! There are many examples of happily married introvert/extrovert couples. After all, there's more to a person than extroversion or introversion. As long as both partners have tolerance, empathy, and understanding for each other, their marriage will be fine. They will balance out each other's differences beautifully.

    However, sometimes the very qualities that attracted the extrovert and introvert to each other can become a turnoff. Here's a classic scenario: An extroverted wife wants to go out with friends on the weekend, while her introverted husband would rather stay at home and relax. She thinks he's being unsocial and uncaring; he gets frustrated because he doesn't like it when he's expected to be social all the time.

    Unless an extrovert and an introvert take the time to understand and respect each other's differences, they are going to have a lot of friction in their relationship. A compromise is usually in order. Although the extrovert should try to see things from the introvert's point of view and respect the fact that they need personal time, an introvert should make an effort to occasionally go out with the extroverted spouse.

    It's also in the couple's best interest to develop some shared hobbies. Gardening, for example, or hiking, or swimming. The relationship will be much more fulfilling if there are activities they can share and enjoy together.

    About the Author - Dana Rhinehart is a freelance writer who specializes in relationships and marriage advice. She is happily married, but sadly she has no pets--except for some bunnies that steal from the garden.

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