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    The Cardinal Grand Cross of April 2014

    from the 'Skyscraping' Newsletter

    By Philip Sedgwick

    First, there's information on the ongoing Solar Fire upgrade sale and my consultation schedule and more at the end of this post. But to the news at hand...

    On the 20th of April, the Moon aligns with Pluto in Capricorn, opposite Jupiter in Cancer. This axis squares Uranus in Aries, which opposes Mars retrograde in Libra. Scary, right?

    Sure it is. That's what everyone has been blogging, posting and projecting.

    We've been through all of these aspects in the recent past, just not all at the same time.

    Back in June 2012 the onslaught of Uranus to Pluto squares began. There was another in September 2012, another in May of 2013, and yet another in November of 2013. Besides the one coming up in April, they square off again in December and for good measure, 's another in March of 2015. By my count, more than a double-dip into the "third time's the charm" "let's hope this sticks" axiom arsenal.

    In August of 2013, Jupiter joined the fray, adding his embellification (a hybrid of embellishment and amplification) in a nearly concurrent fashion by opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. As this year started, Jupiter opposed Pluto in January and squared Uranus in February. Now he comes up to aspect the two transcendental planets on the same day, doing as he loves to do: adding straws to the camel's back.

    Of course, it seems that Mars is always aspecting someone notable because of his swifter orbital revolution. Recently, when direct, Mars opposed Uranus back in December and as the year to year odometer rolled over, he squared Pluto. Like Jupiter, he gets to multi-dip this month, offering his impulse and instinct to Jupiter's grandness, Uranus' off the wall-ness and Pluto's intention obsession, virtually at the same time. Mars turns direct in May, offering nagging prompts to April's efforts as he squares Pluto and Uranus in June while still in Libra. As August begins, from home turf in Scorpio, Mars finds Jupiter in Leo for the last square in the series.

    Again, we've dealt with all of these aspects before, just not all at the same time. Now, we deal with them in a crescendo of consciousness opportunity. However, once that consciousness surge wanes - as it will - the accumulation of insight and inspiration must remain in the forefront of the consciousness of every Earthling for this stuff to stick and evolve the planet.

    So what might happen? Well, there's the North Korea, Crimea, Ukraine, Syria potential hot spots. But I'm putting my money on a slightly different aspect as the watch dog of the military action tinder box. Ceres and Vesta, both retrograde in Libra, stand sandwiched in between Mars and the lunar. Let us hope that Ceres cautions Vesta about matching striking around potent powder kegs and issues the reminder that if someone pees in the pool, everyone swims in it. A subtext-driven reminder of the ultimate outcome could potentially offer the greatest impact for favorable outcomes. Uptake and processing of the prompt may not be immediate, but in the long run, within the recurring component aspects of the grand square, there is a chance for getting it and getting it right and for the good.

    Will the dangers of rampant Plutocracy be noted and will avarice finally cease under the pressurization of the Grand Square? There will be incidents and those speaking out, but it will take time for a major mundane money consciousness shift. Bill Gates recently urged the wealthy in China to give more to charity. At the same time the Supreme Court in the United States waived limits on individual campaign contributions, affording the rich more opportunity to buy elections. Yesterday, wage equalization for women received a voice in the United States surrounded by protests, accusations of hypocrisy and useless political posturing. Perhaps with the Libran component (Mars, Haumea, Vesta, Ceres and Node) can take root and the realization of the plight of those suffering the devastating consequences of greed (starvation, poverty, inhumane work conditions, a polluted planet) will make the greatest impact.

    Perhaps the pattern will yield the discovery of Malaysian Flight 370, forcing the realization that it was not sucked up into the mother ship after all. Most interestingly, the detection of pings in the Indian Ocean temporally aligned with Mars opposing the Sun, while aligning with the Hawaiian goddess, Haumea (who has a relationship with the fish of the sea), and opposing Eris (who hates to be left out, ignored or not included). A sidebar of the search for the missing airliner is the forced awareness of what a junkyard our oceans have become. What will we do about that to maintain a healthy planet?

    What can you do individually?

    For Mars retrograde in Libra:

  • Apply diplomatic solutions in life that do not encroach upon or compromise your bottom line, minimum standards for a satisfactory, contented life.
  • Play nicely in the sandbox.
  • Remember, all things are always connected, and once interacting, remain interacting.

    For Jupiter in Cancer:

  • Foster your own needs first. It's like the pre-flight warning on airplanes. If you go unconscious by putting on another person's oxygen mask before your own, you become a liability, not an asset. Stay conscious, clear and committed to the highest doctrines.
  • Ensure your basic life necessities are in order before taking on massive goals.
  • Approach all goal-oriented relationships with the attitude that you are building an extended family.

    For Uranus in Aries:

  • While it's fine to assert your individuality and counter-culturedness, ensure you do not become one of those cantankerous, rebels without a cause or a clue or consciousness to back up off the wall contentions.
  • for the whole of the planet in everything you do, regardless of how mundane. Be a grand and contributing citizen of Earth.
  • Offer progressive solutions or maintain radio silence. Squeaky wheels without solutions are no fun.

    For Pluto in Capricorn:

  • Assess your bottom line in all things.
  • Locate the "I have enough" Goldilocks zone for your financial status.
  • Apply soulful intention to each and every action taken.

    Ignored in many discussions of the Grand Cross of April 20th is the Chiron-Venus conjunction in Pisces. Here are some questions that directly pertain to that conjunction, which is by the way, trine Jupiter in Cancer and sextile Pluto in Capricorn. If you're inclined to point out that the Piscean alignment is also semi-sextile Uranus and in one of those dastardly quincunx angles to Mars, the following questions apply for you in extra measure:

    Does it help to worry about the economic outcome of the Grand Cross?
    Does it help to fret over potential political upheaval?
    Does it further anything at all to await the rapture-less end of the world?
    Does your worry aid you in accruing expanding insight and consciousness?
    Does fear make it better?
    What good does it to forecast doom and gloom?

    Or... does it make more sense to do the best you can do with the greatest insight and consciousness available, remaining aware and vigilant of the hazards of the real world, and getting out there and doing your thing fearlessly and worry free?

    That is the crux of the cross.

    Okay folks, the discounted upgrade offer on Solar Fire is still in progress. But at some point in the near future, those prices will be gone, possibly without warning. So you know what to do.

    Check out the insightful, leading edge Galactic personal and Twin Stars relationship report, too.

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