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    'Healing in the Akashics'

    Healing Ritual for the
    Full Blood Moon in Aries

    October 8th, 2014

    By Dina Deon

    Website: www.DinaDeon.com

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    Dina Deon photo

    Peace and blessings. As usual we are delving into the realms of the Akashic Records to retrieve a self healing ritual that will assist in utilizing this Full Blood Moon in Aries energy for our highest good. Be sure to take a few minutes to read through the ritual fully to determine how much time you need to set aside and when.

    Self healing is an imperative part of our personal and spiritual growth. You always want to be open to, receptive and honoring of the healing process. With any healing technique you want to be sure to set clear intentions so that you are fully conscious and aware of what is being done and understanding of why.

    With this or any other self healing exercise you want to be sure to listen to self! If self introduces a new step, flow with it. The goal is to bring you back to your center. Once in your center self you're able to steer the ship just fine!! Enjoy, be gentle and loving with yourself.

    Recommended tools: Paper, pen/pencil, 2 white candles, sea salt, red food coloring for bath and an open mind.

    2nd Bring your inner-most happiness to mind, asking self what you can do at this moment to bring a smile to your face and then do it!

    3rd Bring your inner most peaceful state to mind, asking self what you can do at this moment to bring you to a peaceful, calm space and then do it!

    4th Bring your inner most loving space to mind, asking self what you can do in this moment to feel the presence of love within and then do it!

    5th Allow yourself to hold this state of happiness, peacefulness and love.

    6th Breathe in happiness and release all sadness, guilt, anxiety and frustration, bask in the showers of your happiness.

    7th Breathe in peace and release all worry, doubt and forcefulness, bask in the energy of peace surrounding you.

    8th Breathe in unconditional love and release all restrictions, conditions and sorrow, bask in the energy of loving you as you are, for who you are and where you are.

    9th Allow yourself to truly experience happiness, peacefulness and love. This feeling, this moment is your birthright. When you return to your 'center' this is how it feels, this is your essence, your natural self.

    10th Ask self to gently bring to the surface the #1 thought form/emotional pattern that prevents you from experiencing this moment on a regular basis.

    11th Gently ask self to show you the root of this issue, to take you back to the moment where this thought form/emotional pattern was formed and accepted.

    12th Gently ask self to reveal times or experiences when you have used this thought form/emotional pattern to limit yourself.

    13th Gently ask self to reveal ways to your life experience/journey that will shift positively if this thought form/emotional pattern no longer exists within you.

    14th Ask self how you can best utilize this fiery Aries full moon energy to ensure this thought form/emotional pattern can no longer reside or thrive within you and then do it!

    15th Ask self to reveal a practice/thought/emotion aligned with your highest good that you can use to replace the one that no longer exists.

    16th Consciously make an agreement with self to utilize that which has been revealed to you.

    17th Inform your spirit guides/angels/ancestors of this agreement and ask them for assistance in remembering this new practice and ask them to prompt you to use it in the event you forget or aren't in this happy, peaceful, loving state to think as clearly.

    18th Shower self with thanks, hugs and love, then do it again, and again. Enjoy this moment for you have done powerful work within yourself.

    19th Offer self a love offering, an appreciation for the transformation/alchemy performed in this moment; an offering that supports your highest good such as a walk, a warm bath, a colorful salad, a warm cup of tea, a new plant, new essential oils, etc. Ask self what would be most enjoyed at this time.

    Optional: Write a letter to the thought form/emotional pattern, thank it for its use in helping you move through whatever situations, experiences, ordeals that have occurred. Explain to the thought form/emotional pattern why it is no longer needed in your journey. Explain what you are replacing it with and why (how it makes you feel, what you will now be able to do, etc). Then find a place where you can safely burn the letter outside. As you meditate on the flames engulfing the thought form/emotional pattern, focus your energy on receiving, using and benefiting from that which you have now welcomed into your life.

    Laugh a laugh of empowerment, dance and bask in these wonderful energies. You have allowed yourself to shift! You have covered new ground in your journey, you have taken your power back from an issue that was no longer needed. You are so powerful, you are so beautiful, you are so connected to self, you are aligned with your highest good. You are such a lover of self, you are such a force of positive energy, you are the presence of love, you are the essence of peace.

    You are strongly encouraged to keep this self healing ritual in your spiritual toolkit to assist in transforming thought forms and emotional patterns that are no longer needed in your journey. We would be honored to hear about your experience! Please share what you are most comfortable revealing below or send me an email. You may also post any questions, comments or concerns that you may have regarding this ritual. Clear understanding helps us ease into the healing process much quicker and it helps to dispel any doubts that may arise.

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    Author Bio - Mystic Philosopher and healing artist Dina Deon is available for individual Akashic Records Readings as well as Reiki Energy Healing. Dina Deon is devoted to assisting her clients in walking their own spiritual path, living on purpose and healing on a soul level. For more information on Dina Deon's healing services please visit www.DinaDeon.com

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