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    "From the Akashics'

    Maximizing The Energies of the Full Blood Moon in Aries

    October 8th, 2014

    By Dina Deon

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    Dina Deon photo

    Peace and blessings. On Wednesday, October 8, 2014 we have a few spectacular events happening in the astral realm. We have a Total Lunar Eclipse on the full moon which is in the sign of Aries and this will be the 2nd of our blood moons we are to experience in 2014/2015. The first blood moon occurred on April 14th and 15th. This blood moon will be taking place October 7th and 8th and the next occurrences are expected April 4th and September 28th of 2015.

    In short, blood moons imply a major shift or dramatic changes are soon to take place. So often we expect doom and rush into a state of fear rather than opening ourselves up to finding out how we can use these shifts to move forward in our own personal and spiritual development.

    Today we are going to delve into the realm of the Akashic Records to explore what we should expect during this shift as well as how we can utilize this energy for our own expansion and spiritual growth.

    What energy should we expect with this full moon in Aries? A fiery, trailblazing energy that destroys anything no longer needed in its path. This full moon energy is going to bring many things to the surface, primarily thoughts and feelings around love. Expect all relationships to be challenged!

    What is the energy of this blood moon? There is a strong emphasis on 'unconditional love', learning to see people for who they are, where they are and being comfortable enough within yourself to accept them/love them for who they are.

    How will this full moon in Aries be enhanced by the blood moon energy? Again all relationships will be challenged; relationships with our parents, children, partners, friends, etc. are going to be challenged as the blood moon takes us on a journey of loving those around us without conditions.

    What does unconditional love look like? When loving unconditionally we are able to see beyond our dislikes, we are able to see beyond our differences, we are able to love and care for others as we love and care for ourselves. There is no competition, we are not striving to get to a particular place in our relationship. When loving unconditionally we allow the person to be whole in and of themselves without a push to follow our path. Unconditional love is the teacher who guides students to the path of many choices, and supports them, encourages them regardless of the direction they choose to go. Conditional love says "I will love you if you look like this, dress like this, respond like this, learn this;" conditional love leaves no room for a person to be authentic.

    What about the relationship with self? The relationship with self is the very reason all relationships will be challenged. As self evolves from a place of conditional love, it will fight to free itself from those who place requirements and restrictions on love. We experience conditional love within self all the time! Those restrictions come to us saying "When I find love I'll be happy, When I lose weight I'm going to, When I get my degree I'll be able to.., Once I move I can..., Life would be perfect if I..."

    The same conditional love we readily give out to others is the same restrictive love we give to ourselves. So many times we put off things we could successfully complete today for yet another month/year/lifetime because we feel we aren't ready. That is conditional love! Not standing in your enoughness is a sign of conditional love. Constantly looking for love outside of yourself is a sign of conditional love. Unconditional love moves you to use the skills/talents/gifts/wisdom that you incarnated with to move your life forward. Conditional love is forsaking those skills/talents/gifts/wisdom and force feeding yourself the notion that you need the degree, class, training, book, teacher, etc. to get the job done. Unconditional love reminds you that you came here with all that you need to thrive.

    So the process of learning to unconditionally love self will jump start on the blood moon. For those who are more sensitive, the process started in early to mid September. They have struggled with feelings of depression, experienced their fair share of negative self talk and secluded themselves from others. The energy is bringing to the surface the conversations that happen within self all the time. This energy is pushing buttons by causing changes in our day to day life to shift. People who've never worried about how they are going to pay their rent are having challenges doing so, those who've never worried about gas are having to borrow money from others, those who have never dealt with utility bills being behind payment are feeling these challenges. Not to push into a state of depression or hardship but allow them to check how they respond to themselves in crisis. Do you respond lovingly, do you reassure yourself, do you work your magick? Or do you fall into despair, immediately run out to seek help, do things that go against your morals/values? How do you respond, how do you show up for self? This is all apart of coming into unconditional love.

    With this energy bringing up feelings and thoughts that resemble depression, how can we find peace or make this shift easier to bear? The key is using the fiery, trailblazing Aries energy to not only release but destroy these negative thought forms and emotional patterns that no longer suit us. So many times in the healing process we want to go through with water (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) energy and cleanse the issue, understand it fully and make peace within it. We don't desire to use fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) energy because we know once fire touches something it will never be the same, it can never return to us in the state it originally was. We have a tendency to want to hold on tight, especially to that which we need least. We want to keep repairing the broken down house infested with asbestos, investing time, energy and money into something that has run its course rather than burning it down and using the land to build a house that fits our current needs.

    What is the difference between destroying and releasing? Our openness to receiving it again.

    When we release relationships, we often leave room for the persona to return IF (conditional love) they change and are able to fit our requirements.

    When we release a job, we leave room to get that same type of job just at a different location with the same type of people but in different clothes.

    When we release a thought form/emotional pattern, often it comes back to check on us here and there.

    When we use fire energy to destroy, we must immediately replace it with something better. Often times when we release we mistakenly think the work is done, we rarely replace it because we're on some levels still open to it or something like it returning. Fire energy allows you to see that which is no longer necessary being destroyed; you mentally know that it's incapable of returning so you grieve yet move forward, move towards replacing it with something that will not take you through the same process in the near future.

    Is it possible to destroy something without understanding it? No! You can't set fire to anything without being conscious of what you are going to burn. In order to set something on fire you have to decide what you are going to burn, how you're going to burn it, when you're going to burn it and where. It's a ritual in itself! Same thing goes for destroying unhealthy thought forms/emotional patterns. You must be consciously aware of what you are working to destroy, why, when, how and where.

    Here is a powerful ritual for self healing to use for the Full Blood Moon in Aries, a life changing energy.

    Author Bio - Mystic Philosopher and healing artist Dina Deon is available for individual Akashic Records Readings as well as Reiki Energy Healing. Dina Deon is devoted to assisting her clients in walking their own spiritual path, living on purpose and healing on a soul level.

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