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    Heliocentric Versus Geocentric Astrology Readings

    By Marilyn Muir

    Ancient man looked up at his dazzling night sky and marveled at the wonders of the heavens. Life was primitive and difficult but the night sky was truly a thing of beauty. I would like to believe this was a bright moment in what must have been a difficult existence. Man dreamed his dreams and experienced his visions as the panorama of the sky revealed itself night after night. The patterns were paradoxically fixed yet moving.

    Many similarities were observable night after night, but even such sameness shifted gradually as unknown to man the Earth revolved on its axis and traveled in its orbit. However, to the unaware inhabitants of that spinning, racing planet, they were stationary and the visions of the night sky were in motion. Constellations were chosen and named and story telling developed into cosmic myth. It was thought that the bowl of heaven (the visible half circle) contained the whole of the heavens. The day sky was dominated by the Sun and was too bright to allow many observations with the exception of the Moon, or at sunrise and sunset perhaps Mercury and Venus were briefly visible.

    Over the centuries, observations of the influence of the heavens on human behavior and experience developed into astrological patterns and meanings handed down from generation to generation. Since life on Earth was the basis for human observation, those patterns and meanings were naturally night sky based and geocentric (geo = Earth + centric = centered) or Earth centered. Astronomy and astrology were united as those early stargazers developed an Earth centered body of information. There are ancient maps that clearly reveal that the circular nature of the bodies and their travel was known. There are even ancient maps that show the Sun in the center of our local solar system with the other bodies circling the Sun. Despite that knowing, the body of information that developed was Earth centered and night sky based and it slanted the history of astronomy and astrology for many centuries.

    Since most of us have been to school (thank a teacher that you can read) and have studied the normal science curriculum, we are aware that we live in a heliocentric system. Helios = Sun + centric = centered), a Sun centered system. But our observations are that of an Earth centered system. How do we resolve science with common practice? Astronomers have been doing this for years. How? Our navigation maps are all geocentric. Reality is heliocentric, but apparent reality is geocentric. We are dealing with perspective, both galactic and personal. The best way to illustrate this is by explaining parallax.

    Find a small stationary object in your location, such as a door handle. Train your eyes on the object chosen and close one of your eyes. Hold one thumb up in front of your open eye and move your thumb until it covers the object chosen. Without moving your head, hand or thumb, close the open eye and open the previously closed eye. Did you notice that your vision somewhat jumped and that your thumb is no longer covering the object? In order for the object to be covered you must move your thumb. Try this a couple of times to make the illustration clear. There are just a few inches between your eyes but there is a definite shift in perspective between what your left and your right eye see. Now think cosmically. There is a demonstrable difference in perspective over such a tiny distance (eyes). There can be a tremendous shift of perspective cosmically.

    The planets and their satellites, asteroids, comets, and other space debris do orbit our Sun which happens to be approximately 93,000,000 miles away from us. This is a 93,000,000-mile shift in perspective, not the tiny shift between our two eyes. Our personal perspective is that all these bodies listed including our Sun orbit the Earth. The energy can be studied and applied as it is in reality (heliocentric) or as it is in our apparent and very personal reality (geocentric). This explanation will help you understand why our astronomers and map makers must use the Earth perspective to take their measurements, create tools and equipment, and apply those findings in an Earth-centered fashion. Astrologers use the astronomical tables developed by our scientists to create a personal perspective sky map. Most astrologers don't have a use for what is going on 93,000,000 miles away as they attempt to read a chart, they are looking for the personal perspective of an individual so that mapping must be geocentric.

    Does that make the heliocentric reality less real? Absolutely not, real is real. Heliocentric astrology does exist, but it is less popular than geocentric astrology. There are real applications for heliocentric astrology particularly in mundane charts such as weather, politics, the stock market, or natural geological experiences such as volcanoes or earthquakes. Also, there are serious students and adherents of heliocentric astrology for personal application and it is not an either/or proposition. One of the best readings I ever experienced used a combination of available charts. The reading combined a regular natal chart reading with a solar chart overlay. The detail was amazing. However the skill of the reader is paramount. The same is true of combining the usual geocentric chart with the heliocentric chart. The skill of the reader will determine the success or the failure of the reading.

    In my article title I used the word "versus" which can be true but can also be misleading. Your average astrologer will use the geocentric perspective. Your specialty astrologer may use the heliocentric perspective. Both will use different approaches (such as your left and right eye) but both systems will have value. One is more generic to the whole of the system (heliocentric) and the other more personal to a specific location (geocentric). An astrologer skilled in the use of both systems may use them simultaneously but may not see them as adverse to one another because both have real value. I have studied both but I personally practice geocentric. That is not a judgment; it is about my personal skill and choice. As always I urge you to experiment. You will not have to learn a whole new system. The planets, signs, houses and aspects do not change their nature. You will add a Earth/Moon position and reading and eliminate the Sun because the entire chart centers on one location. You will also develop a new approach and application that may aid you in the delineation of any chart.

    Marilyn Muir is the author of Presidents of Hope and Change Jefferson, Lincoln, Kennedy, Obama... The Lineage of Hope

    Based on ground-breaking research by noted astrologer Marilyn Muir, this book describes the remarkable similarities of these four presidents in their Aquarian connections to the USA and their commonalities of character and motivation.

    In a non-technical way, the author details how their sky maps (astrological charts) synchronize with the important events that took place during the lifetimes of presidents Jefferson, Lincoln and Kennedy-all of whom held office at profound moments in our nation's history. Ms Muir reaches deeply into the USA past to predict our nation's future. Demonstrating through meticulous astrological research how, under each of these president's watches, the country not only survived deep setbacks, but went onto greater and more successful heights.

    The author takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the stars as she details the strengths and weakness in President Obama's own sky map; describing how and where it aligns to not only the birth chart of the USA but also his connections to the specific chart of his own inauguration. Is he the right man for the job?

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