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    Is Your House Making You Overweight, Sick or Tired?

    Author Margaret Shontz: Book Review

    By Irene Watson

    Margaret Rouse Shontz starts her first chapter with a caption "whatever touches the body is absorbed by it through the skin, nose, mouth, ears, or eyes." One may not realize this until some thought is put into it. The medical and drug industries provide medications with patches or cream for absorption through the skin. Yet, most of us don't even think that touching a table top that has recently been "waxed" with toxic chemicals, could affect our body system.

    Shontz references her own experiences in her quest to reduce illness in her body. Being very aware of the changes within her body during certain situations, Shontz realized that the major causes of her health challenges were due to improper electrical currents. In the beginning of her book Shontz explains various electrical currents and frequencies to make the reader aware that any slight aversion coupled with chemicals, foods, or some things will affect the human body.

    Shontz suggests that the reader give their house a "house symptom check-up." Some of the illnesses that the house may have are: green on the brass front door handle, dull knife blades, fruit rots rapidly, green moss on shingles, or paint is peeling.

    In turn, Shontz gives suggestions on remedies or elimination of the cause. In one of her chapters she calls "Bathroomitis" she explains that "in many cities, the grounding of the electrical service to the water pipe is City Code;however, [some cities] let the ground be to a grounding rod instead of to the incoming water pipe." Shontz believes that water pipe grounding is interrupted by magnetism and becomes a possible household problem. She further states that once the "improper electrical problems are solved, the house water becomes softer."

    Although Shontz has a disclaimer on every page, she has done much research to back her findings. She cites various books as well as information that she found on the web. In the back of the book Shontz includes a bibliography for the reader.

    It is obvious that Shontz has done much research and believes that a "sick" household, as well as improper electricity, may cause body illnesses, including weight gain. Personally, I found the information overwhelming on the first read.

    My recommendation would be to use Shontz's book as a reference and check your household one item at a time. It is a process that could be trial and error until all areas have been checked. Shontz makes it easier by including an index. I commend Shontz for stepping out of the realm of traditional beliefs surrounding illness and presenting alternative information.

    Irene Watson is Managing Editor for Reader Views

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