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    Kabbalah Course - Perception of Reality

    Lesson 2 - Penetrating into Reality

    By Michael Laitman, Ph.D

    Kabbalah Lessons courtesy of

    • In the revelation of true reality there are levels called 'worlds'

    • The advancing in the research of reality is a true adventure

    • Where is it possible to meet our forefather Abraham?

    • All is sealed within man. Change is possible only through ascending to the root

    • Will we be able to direct reality, to be in balance with it?

    In this method, the revelation of the true reality, there are degrees called worlds. Just as researchers can go deeper into the structure of matter using scientific measuring instruments, a microscope or a telescope, moving deeper in or further out to greater distances, so too do those researching reality, through the wisdom of Kabbalah, penetrate into the depths of matter, thought and reality. Those degrees of inquiry are called worlds. When elevating into those worlds there are many surprises to be found.

    I would say that advancing in the study of reality is a true adventure. The person begins to sense and to see his or her future and past, because it is suddenly discovered that there is no time, but that all of these things exist, and that the person virtually moves on the axis of time. The person finds that it is possible to go back or forward even beyond the state at which he or she is now, and that the entire reality, all the people around the person, live according to some pace of time while he or she can run, advance a few thousands of years or go back a few thousands of years in one year.

    That is why these people who can suddenly make those leaps in time are called prophets. It is not that they have some wild imagination, but that they have advanced a few levels ahead and they are in that reality which all humanity will experience in the future. So they tell us what they feel. They can also be good historians, by descending to states that we already were, reliving them and telling us about it.

    The books of Kabbalah are written in the same way. For example, Abraham went from here to there, he met such and such person, said this, and did that. How do I know? It is simple - the Kabbalist who studies, turns back on the axis of time, and reaches a state like that of Abraham to the same degree, and the same situation, and then tells us about all of reality; he is present in it, in all its details. He can actually take all of his impressions from that state and transfer them to us. Our problem is that we may not be able to understand it correctly since we are not experiencing the same adventure, exciting as it is. Besides being able to move on the axis of time, Kabbalists also reveal additional powers in reality.

    There is a reason why fairy tales have ghosts, demons and angels. All of these forces do exist, and a Kabbalist who investigates and penetrates nature begins to understand how these forces work. The Kabbalist becomes connected with them, tells us about them and uses them for his or her own personal development and for our general development.

    What I am trying to say is that even though penetrating reality is difficult, it takes the entire soul of a person, all of ourselves, and it fills us with everything possible. Then, a person who investigates reality reveals that which has to be attained, and the reasons why there are problems in each and every generation and situation. This means that it is not just a theoretical investigation or a pure science, but it is practical for that moment and state which the person is in.

    The wisdom of Kabbalah is intended to help the person. How is this so? By being able to see the future and the past, to know which properties the person had when he or she first emerged, or descended into this world many incarnations ago, and also what the path is that he or she must go through.

    From seeing both ends, the person already knows how to advance from one stage to the other. At every single detail he passes on the time axis, he can see which forces are acting on him, why he needs to get married now, with these specific children, and that everything is already sealed and determined, with there being no surprises. It all emerges from the Reshimot, as we call them, or genes, as scientists call them, which are our inner preparations.

    We see this through very simple things. Two orphans who were separated at a very young age suddenly find each other after 30 years, one living in Australia and one in Norway. It turns out that they both married women with similar names, named their children in the same way, have the same profession, and even their house has the same street number. It is really amazing. Why is this so? We do not know the reality in which we can tie together all of these occurrences. But why does this happen? Because we, with our attributes, determine what will happen to us.

    So it is this every situation in life, as known in psychology. There are for example some people who always get set up by others, who always end up at a disadvantage, and there are others who are the opposite.

    This means that people create their destiny in a primitive and simple way. But once people get to know themselves and the forces acting on them, they become capable of pre-arranging all of these situations.

    They cannot escape fate completely, they have to go through certain states because they need to learn something in each state, and acquire something for the future goal, so that they will be ready to receive it. So when the person already knows what it is that he or she has to acquire in each state, in terms of knowledge, and experience, both bitter or sweet, then the person prepares him or herself for the changing reality.

    There is a very nice article by Baal Hasulam called "revelation and concealment" of the Creator's face. He writes that according to how much a person knows how to direct the general law of reality, from face to back, in both the good way and the bad, is the extent to which the person can completely see the world and what happens to him or her in an opposite manner.

    And here is where we come to the other side of the wisdom of Kabbalah. The fact is that it is not intended just for the knowledge of reality as a pure science, where we can discuss what is in those worlds. We can actually change the worlds, be above them, determine our own destiny each day and be elevated. And all of the things that happen to us and the forces that push us are only in order for us to reach the state where we will direct reality, be in the balanced state in each and every moment, and know what balance means.

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