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    Love's Greatest Secret

    By Randall Curtis


    Photo of Randall Curtis

    Have you ever noticed that most of us spend our lives looking for love, but very few of us ever think of looking for someone to love. Why is this?

    Two Awful Truths

    The First Awful Truth is that most of us simply do not love ourselves enough to feel that we have love to give. We often feel hollow, empty inside, and we search for someone to fill us up. Make us feel loved.

    The Second Awful Truth is that no one is ever going to give us the love we are looking for. But 99% of us don't believe this. Otherwise, why do we spend most of our lives looking outside of ourselves for love? We are engaged in a senseless search expecting someone else to fill up the lonely places we feel inside of us.

    Love's Greatest Secret

    This is love's greatest secret: Only by losing your heart, will you ever find it. Etch these words in your mind. It is the greatest truth you can ever understand about love. But don't pretend you have understood it if you haven't given your heart away.

    Don't ask to get love. Ask to be love. To be a true lover. Someone who is so full of love and respect for self that they have an abundant heart full of radiance. They have tons of love to give. These are the true lovers of the world.

    If you would like to be this kind of person, then I recommend this practice: Be WILLING to give your heart away.

    Stop protecting yourself against getting hurt. Remember love's greatest secret: Only a broken heart knows what love is. Be willing to love instead of looking for a safe place to love. If you do this, you will discover what it really means to give your heart to another human being.

    I repeat: Only by losing your heart, will you ever find it. Go ahead. I dare you to prove me wrong!

    I leave you with the words of one woman who discovered love's greatest secret:

    "I finally listened to your suggestion which was to allow myself to fall in love. Not only did I experience my capacity to love deeply but I experienced a depth of pain so much at my core that I seemed immobilized for a time. But, oh, what a teaching I have had and what a wondrous gift I was given -- for I know myself now in a way that I was unconscious to prior to meeting the man I fell in love with."

    (c) Randall Curtis. Randall Curtis is a professional astrologer with world-wide clients. Email him to receive a free course on How to Avoid Dating Disasters You can also click on this link to gain quick and valuable insights into your relationships.

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