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    Manifestation - Signs that It's Working

    By Joy Falan

    When working to manifest a specific desire, there will almost always be "signs" that the universe has received your request. It's like the confirmation email you get after placing an order online: "We received your order and it's in process. We'll email again when we ship it."

    However, the "signs" that come with manifestation efforts usually aren't quite so obvious. But with practice you can learn to recognize and decipher these subtle messages and use them to strengthen your faith and stay aligned with the formation of your desires.

    If you've never received any of these signs, you may be wondering what I'm talking about. So let's use an example to show how it usually works.

    Imagine that you wanted to manifest a new vehicle, a Ford Mustang. You've put together all the details in your mind and it's so real you can almost feel yourself sitting in the driver's seat. You can smell the leather interior and the wind in your hair as you joyfully drive your new toy. You write out all the details that you want this car to have, and you submit your desire to the universe. You can just FEEL that it's working already; you KNOW this car will be yours.

    Over the next few days, you start seeing Mustangs wherever you go. New ones, old ones, all different kinds of Mustangs. You excitedly affirm that soon you will be driving one too! A few more days pass, and you start seeing lots of references to horses. You're seeing them online, in books and magazines, on TV...horses everywhere! (Get it? Horse, mustang...)

    p>This continues for a couple of weeks, but now you're starting to get frustrated. Where is your car?! You've been doing all the right things, staying positive, believing with all your heart that it's coming, but it's not coming. You start to doubt. And you start seeing less and less signs. When you do see a Mustang, you feel jealous of the owner. How come HE can have a Mustang but you can't? It's just not fair. You begin focusing more on the lack of having a Mustang, rather than actually having one.

    If you continue in this state of mind, you'll kill your manifestation before it can fully form and be delivered!

    This is just an example but it clearly shows how a person can be building great energy, receiving feedback from the universe, and then swinging their focus to a place of lack - which ensures their desire will not be delivered.

    Have you done this before? I have. Until I learned to recognize that those "signs" were not just wishful thinking or coincidence. They were personalized messages that I was on the right track and my manifestations were working!

    The universe will also sometimes send you little reminders to help you stay on track with your manifestation. Like one day I was feeling kind of depressed that one of my desires hadn't manifested yet, and a car drove past me with a license plate that read BHAPPY. Instantly I felt like the universe was saying, "Hey, you can't manifest anything good from a negative state of mind!" I knew that, but I needed the reminder. So I purposely focused on happier thoughts to move myself back into alignment. (And yes, the desire was fulfilled not too long after that.)

    Your signs may be different than the examples I've shared here, but you will always recognize them because they will grab your attention in a strong way. You'll FEEL like it's a personal message to you, not just a coincidence. And it will usually come at the perfect time, just when you need it most.

    So don't give up if your manifestations are taking longer than you want them to. If you've gotten signs that your order was received, it will be delivered at the perfect time, in the most perfect way.

    Manifesting your dreams is supposed to be fun and easy. If it seems like a struggle, you probably haven't been shown the simple steps that take seconds to perform but will totally transform your life.

    Joy Falan is a freelance writer in personal development, self-help and self-improvement genres.

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