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    Meditate While the Moon is Void of Course

    By Astrologer Robin Collier

    Problem: quieting the mind chatter - sometimes it's really hard!

    Solution: when possible, plan your meditation for when the Moon is 'void of course' (Moon VOC). I'll explain what that is later, in case you care. The point is, these are the periods when emotional concerns are at the lowest point, so it is much easier to clear your mind.

    If you are like me, you meditate at a regular time and frequency, and most of the time this won't coincide with Moon VOC. When you can take advantage of this, you could receive some real insight

    Take a look at the table below. You can see the time slots vary all over the place, but usually there is one or more of these times you can make use of.

    Moon Void of Course for September 2010 - Eastern Daylight Time

    Void Begins  Void Ends 
    03rd 01:41 am 03rd 02:51 am 
    05th 04:32 am 05th 05:46 am 
    07th 04:18 am 07th 05:54 am 
    09th 05:00 am 09th 05:02 am 
    11th 01:16 am 11th 05:22 am 
    13th 07:53 am 13th 08:52 am 
    15th 02:52 pm 15th 04:30 pm 
    18th 01:13 am 18th 03:35 am 
    20th 09:09 am 20th 04:15 pm 
    23rd 01:53 am 23rd 04:47 am 
    25th 09:12 am 25th 04:17 pm 
    27th 11:04 pm 28th 02:12 am 
    30th 06:38 am 30th 09:47 am

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    The tables are available at many web sites, however be sure to check what time zone it's for. The tables for six time zones are posted monthly on my site as free downloads (pdf files).

    The term void of course refers to the period between the Moon making its last major aspect with another planet in the current sign, and the time it enters the next sign.

    The Moon is our emotional activator. When it makes a hard aspect with Saturn for example, there is background energy about security, 'the rules', etc. When it is not making any aspects to other planets, the mental static is at a minimum.

    What it's good for: Meditation. Taking a break from intense activity, music, reading etc. Since it's less likely that 'stuff' happens, if you need to have a possible confrontation meeting, this is the time.

    What it's not good for: With some exceptions, this is not the time to start a project that needs specific results. These are periods lacking focus, so we tend to miss important details.

    Do I use this myself? You bet! For example, I don't schedule client consultations for when the Moon is Void of Course.

    Robin Lee Collier, aka the No BS Astrologer, is your source for goal oriented coaching for love and relationships, business, and more. Using psychology, astrology, and other metaphysical knowledge, along with over 25 years of experience she can help empower you to attain your goals. Copyright 2011-2021 Robin Lee Collier.

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    Llewellyn's yearly Astrological Calendars include dates and times of every moon void of course. It's the one I use - Tara

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