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    How to Get Through Mercury Retrograde

    By Ellen Zucker

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  • Say the phrase "Mercury Retrograde" and watch people cringe.

    "The last time Mercury went retrograde, my computer crashed and I lost my data."

    "Mercury went retrograde and my application got lost in the mail."

    The stories are legion.

    It's true! Computer glitches and communications foul-ups are much more likely to occur during the time that Mercury's motion is retrograde than at other times.

    So, should you go into hiding when Mercury goes retrograde?

    Few of us have the ability to disappear from our lives for three-and-a-half weeks three times a year.

    But you don't have to dread this event. True, I would opt for a different time to launch a direct mail campaign. But if you work with the energy, you can make it your friend.

    When Mercury moves retrograde, it appears to move backwards - as seen from our perch on planet earth.

    The key is to remember the significance of Mercury's retrograde motion.

    Mercury is the planet of communication, thought, and mental energy. During Mercury retrograde periods, the energy is flowing inward and backwards. As a result, it doesn't function as efficiently in the everyday world as it normally does.

    Your mental energy is channelled into an inward direction now. As a result, communications are less clear. There is a greater tendency to hear what we think we heard rather than what the other person said.

    Items involved with communication and local transportation, such as telephones, computers and cars, are more apt to have glitches. (Remember to back up the computer and double-check your appointments).

    Lastly, your perspective is likely to change when Mercury changes direction and resumes its direct motion.

    Which is why most astrologers counsel their clients not to sign important contracts during that period.

    But Mercury's retrograde energy is an asset for many things. Use it for what it is designed to do and Mercury becomes your ally.

    There are many reasons why the Mercury retrograde period is not a time to push forward:

    Here are nine ways to make Mercury Retrograde work for you. Note that many suggestions begin with the letters re. Think re for retrograde.

    1. Re-connect.
    This is the time to look up old friends and family. You've been meaning to call Aunt Martha, or get together with your old high school buddy. Do it! Now is the time to pick up the telephone. Chances are they will be receptive and you'll be glad you did.

    And you, yourself, may hear from long lost pals now.

    2. Re-search.
    While it is not the time to go forward with grand plans, this is a superb time to research facts and ideas you can use later.

    3. Re-view.
    Take that application or take your business plan and give it a second look. Chances are you will see things in a different light. And that can give you ideas to strengthen it. And that second look will ensure you have covered the bases.

    4. Re-do.
    If you were too hasty the first time, or you chose not to follow my advice, you may find yourself having to redo that report. But each time you redo, you refine.

    5. Re-fresh.
    Your brain and your body were not designed to function 24/7. Taking a little time to kick back and relax refreshes you and ultimately makes you far more productive than trying to plow straight through.

    6. Re-solve.
    Go back and clean up old relationships that ended badly. You can resolve many issues now - even bury the hatchet.

    7. Back Burner items.
    Now is the time to get to projects that have been pushed into the background.

    8. Re-organize.
    Mercury Retrograde is an excellent time to clean out old closets, old files, old agendas, throw out what is no longer useful to make room for the new.

    9. Re-contact.
    Are you in sales? Then, this is the perfect time to re-contact old leads.

    If you must take on a new job or a new project during this time, know that it will change. A lot. So stay loose and flexible. Because your perspective will change also.

    But if you had previously began a project, applied for that position, contacted that key lead, Mercury Retrograde will not affect you.

    Use the Mercury retrograde time in a positive way, and you'll be refreshed and renewed and ready to move forward when Mercury changes course.

    Ellen Zucker is a practicing astrologer with an interest in business and career matters. Subscribe to her free monthly astrological newsletter. www.celestialcurrents.com

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