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    Jupiter in Your Chart - Signs and Houses

    By James Jarvis

    Jupiter is the planet that represents the universal principle of expansion. Where it is located in your chart, by sign and house, reveals where this expansion wants to express in your life. Jupiter is associated with all aspects of higher learning and broad fields of knowledge such as psychology, education, spirituality, healing, and law. Those who have a strong Jupiter influence in their charts, either by aspect with the Sun or by house position, often find themselves working in these fields of study.

    In India, Jupiter is known as "Guru" which means teacher or "dispeller of darkness." Jupiter shows where we get the greatest expansion in our lives and where we can help others expand in theirs. Jupiter takes approximately one year to transit or travel through each sign and twelve years to orbit around the sun. This means that every twelve years, Jupiter returns to the same position it was at your birth. The Jupiter return marks the beginning of a brand new, 12-year cycle of growth and expansion. The year of the Jupiter return is an especially powerful year as it signifies a recommitment to whatever sign Jupiter is placed in the natal chart.

    If you don't know what sign Jupiter is placed in your natal chart, you can go to the Jupiter Signs Table at https://cafeastrology.com/jupitersigntables.html and look it up. Once you know what sign Jupiter is in, you can look below to see your interpretation. If you have your astrological chart and can determine which house Jupiter is in, then you can add an extra layer of delineation. For example, I have Jupiter in Aries in the 10th house, so I would read the description for Jupiter in Aries plus Jupiter in Capricorn/10th house. This means that Jupiter for me is a blend of 1st house and tenth house energies. It's not too surprising then, that professionally I am a life coach and a transpersonal counselor specializing in personal empowerment.

    Jupiter in Aries/1st House. With Jupiter in Aries/1st House, the focus is on personal empowerment and initiation. Jupiter in Aries gives you the courage and determination to take on new challenges and initiate action. Jupiter in Aries represents the pioneering spirit, the desire to forge ahead and be an innovator in one's chosen field. You can use your Jupiter in Aries to improve yourself through confident and self-assertive activity.

    Jupiter in Taurus/2nd House. Jupiter in Taurus/2nd House re-connects you with the wisdom of the natural world. Jupiter in Taurus calls you to learn from the wisdom of your body and the earth. Jupiter in Taurus is the natural ecologist who helps us see how inter-connected we are with the planet. The esoteric ruler of Taurus is the earth so Jupiter in Taurus helps you expand your consciousness through tuning into the wisdom of earth-based or indigenous spirituality.

    Jupiter in Gemini/3rd House. Jupiter in Gemini/3rd House challenges you to balance accumulation of knowledge (Gemini) with wisdom (Jupiter). If you get too caught in the pursuit of knowledge, you can lose track of the big picture; your values, ideals and connection with spirit. Jupiter in Gemini asks you to learn how to discern between useful and expansive knowledge and knowledge that is without intrinsic meaning for your life.

    Jupiter in Cancer/4th house. Jupiter in Cancer/4th house individuals are learning to serve others without losing themselves. This requires tapping into the source of nurturing energy (filling the cup) so you can serve without regret or burnout. Unusually compassionate and nurturing, you are learning the lessons of how to embody these qualities without the "smothering mother" effect.

    Jupiter in Leo/5th house. Jupiter in Leo/5th house expands your creativity through artistic or expressive outlets. Combining the Sun (the ruling planet of Leo) with Jupiter is a very potent recipe for optimism, growth and creative expression. Jupiter in Leo represents the inner child who creates their life exactly as they want it to be. You can use Jupiter in Leo to ignite your inner fire of creativity, innovative spirit and passion for life.

    Jupiter in Virgo/6th house. Jupiter in Virgo/6th house can be likened to the Buddhist practice of mindfulness. Virgo is the sign of the concrete mind and on it's own can emphasize more of the critical aspects of thinking; analysis, quantification, detail orientation and linear and sequential processing. With Jupiter in Virgo you have an opportunity to expand your perception to see both the details and the whole at the same time.

    Jupiter in Libra/7th house. Jupiter in Libra/7th house creates a strong commitment to the principles of justice, equality and partnership. The partnership model is based upon equality and the desire to create win-win situations for all. Hopefully, this win-win scenario will bring greater peace and equality to the world, as well. Jupiter in Libra also represents the expansion (Jupiter) of peace (Libra). Just remember that the peace you seek in the world begins within yourself.

    Jupiter in Scorpio/8th house. With Jupiter in Scorpio/8th house, the focus is on expanding consciousness (Jupiter) through acceptance of the personal shadow (Scorpio). As you learn to accept the deeper aspects of your personality; intense emotion, power, and sexuality, you can be a positive mentor for others. Allowing these "shadow" areas to just be without judging or projecting them on others brings a new freedom both personally and collectively.

    Jupiter in Sagittarius/9th house. Jupiter in Sagittarius/9th house teaches you to trust your inner wisdom and expand your consciousness and understanding. The first step is to discover how to tap into universal wisdom through your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Jupiter in Sagittarius represents universal teachers and teachings that will uplift the masses. You are being asked to access your own inherent wisdom and share it with others.

    Jupiter in Capricorn/10th house. Jupiter in Capricorn/10th house combines the idealism of Jupiter with the realism of Saturn (the ruler of Capricorn). You are the "practical idealist" who has the ability to manifest and bring your dreams down to earth. Since you are working with the universal principles of expansion (Jupiter) and contraction (Saturn), it's important to create a balance so you can grow and expand in a sustainable way.

    Jupiter in Aquarius/11th house. Your Jupiter in Aquarius/11th house puts you at the leading edge of change. Deeply interested in positive evolution that fosters new collective paradigms, you gravitate to community, political or social work. Jupiter in Aquarius also indicates an interest in cutting edge healing technologies that utilize energy, light and sound. Above all else, you are an advocate for those without a voice or who are alienated or ignored by mainstream society.

    Jupiter in Pisces/12th house. With Jupiter in Pisces/12th house, you are called to expand your ability to trust in universal support. By surrendering the illusion of being in control, you create the possibility of a deeper experience of faith and trust in the universe to emerge. Jupiter in Pisces reminds you that you are connected to a larger whole; that you are not separate from God/Goddess. The key words to facilitate this process are surrender, faith and trust.

    Author Info - James Jarvis, M.A. is a transpersonal counselor, master astrologer, and LifeQwestCoach who specializes in helping you "Create the Life of Your Dreams." https://www.dharmaveda.com/

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