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    Will Numerologists Ever Get Organized?

    By Lynn Buess MA, EdS


    I was reading an article recently in one of the new rising websites about numerology. It was written by some old guy who was reflecting upon the state of numerology. He sure did have a lot of opinions! Anyway, while wading through all of the big words and lengthy paragraphs, I realized that there were some interesting things worth thinking about.

    One of them that caught my attention was the possibility of numerologists working together to form a united association. Let's suppose this was to happen. What might be some of the components of this organization? There are so many possibilities that it is difficult to know where to start.

    It is a given that there would be administrative leadership and personnel.

    A basic start would include a structure to include practitioners along with members who are just starting to explore numbers.

    Some standard of qualifications would have to be established. Many options also could come out of that process.

    Some that come to mind would include developing common nomenclature to make numerology easier to learn.

    Once the fundamentals were established, attention could be given to other divisions of focus.

    Of certain importance would be a research division to explore applications and theoretical possibilities.

    In time it would make sense to have an academic division to work on uniting numerology with mathematics, statistics, physics and more.

    One cannot overlook a division that works with music, the arts, sound and color and so forth.

    We must not forget a division of applied numerology. One thought that comes to mind was a numerologist who specialized in personnel placement. There are dozens of areas of specialized information that individual practitioners possess that could be taught and directed outward for public sharing.

    A community service division comes to mind as a natural fit to the growing organization.

    And finally, but not least, a team of members, associates, practitioners and perhaps media experts to review numerology websites who want to be recognized by the organization.

    Well, it is clear that this writer is not much of an organizer, and maybe a better idea man. Why don't you share your thoughts with others? Talk among yourselves.

    I toss these suggestions out for consideration, and leave it to a more enterprising numerologist to get things going. Maybe a leader with an 88 integrated self and 33 life number? Or, maybe a not as exotic, but effective 8 soul number with an 11(2) life number? What do you think?

    Perhaps the time has come? Spread the news and share these ideas openly.

    If you appreciate these suggestions and have feedback, kindly reply at the blog section.

    Numerologist Lynn Buess, MA, EdS is also an international author and speaker, wellness innovator and therapist. Visit his website at

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