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    'Numerology of Astrology
    Degrees of the Sun'

    An Excerpt

    By Lynn Buess MA, EdS

    Website: www.NumerologyRising.com

    Lynn Buess MA, EdS has done it again! As an innovator in the consciousness and self-awareness field for more than fifty years, he has now contributed a decidedly unique perspective of the time-honored system of astrology, helping humanity further understand its relationship to the universe.

    With this latest contribution to self-growth, Lynn offers an original perspective of numerology - this time with the combination of numerological characteristics and astrological influences. He not only writes from an intellectual viewpoint but as someone who has experienced glimpses of cosmic consciousness.

    Read below for the author's experience leading up to his latest numerology book

    Here are Four Samples from
    Numerology of Astrology:
    Degrees of the Sun

    9th Degree of Aquarius

    If this is your sun sign you will go through many ups and downs in your life, but will likely come through it all with a generous, optimistic and positive outlook on life. Your outward penchant for giving can hide a tough emotional interior. You sometimes let money be the spokeperson for feelings that you have trouble conveying. It is easier to convey emotions through intellectual formats rather than to address your true feeling directly to the public. Your optimism and eccentric ways wins you a kind of cult following among those who know you and appreciate your efforts.

    Early childhood abuse can cause you to be compulsively idealistic toward the world in an unconscious attempt to hide from earlier misery and pain that have occurred. The down side of this combination is one who turns bitter and anarchistic toward the world. If it is not going to be a perfect world, then tear it down and start a new and better one. You can become a self-sacrificing philanthropist and compensatory do-gooder. This may be a karmic reaction to having contributed to the emotional abuse of others in another time and place. Whatever you experience, you will most likely be found supporting charities and self-help projects whose aim is to bring relief and hope to the less fortunate.

    This combination can take you right to the front of the avant-garde, gifted and unusual. Among the various mood swings that you will experience, there will be times of great public celebration and sharing. You support utopian and idealistic philosophies and can be attracted to the leader of groups whose message espouses humanitarian principles at the forefront. Your willingness to communicate and engage others opens doors in the field where communications are essential. You are likely to take on social issues such as global warming, or civil rights, ecological improvement and issues similar to these.

    Notables With This Degree:

  • Oprah Winfrey - talk show hostess, business woman
  • William McKinley - American president, military leader
  • Tom Selleck - movie and television actor
  • Emanuel Swedenborg - Swedish scientist, philosopher, Christian mystic, and theologian

    16th Degree of Libra

    If this is your sun sign you are boisterous, buoyant, belligerent and sometimes bad. Hey, this doesn't sound like a Libra. You can confound some of your more discreet and delicate Libra family with your display of such shenanigans. Your bluntness and direct approach to issues can earn you respect when handled with consideration for others. At times, you simply offend and step on sensitive toes with your demeanor. More likely than not, before your life is over you will have stirred up a few fires of tension, and at times controversy. When you are in touch with your highest self this may result in the social questioning of the issues that you have presented. Positive social change can then follow. If done out of ego, you are more likely to attract public ire and negative reactions.

    There is a karmic hint that in another time and life setting you may have been a renegade and social outcast who sat on the outside looking in with anger and castigation. This would be a combination of the proverbial rebel without a cause; although you most likely did believe that you were staunchly defending your position. There is often anger toward mankind, the universe, and God. You sit at the precipice of enlightenment or possibly tragedy. You can take a giant step in the elevation of consciousness if you so choose. There is a restless portion of your soul that is longing to get back in touch with your divine self. It is not so easy to let go of your rebellion.

    You search for the higher truths of living and there is an investigative quality about this combination. Once you get on the scent of a deep arcane mystery, you can become a very good detective in whatever profession or pursuit you have chosen. Expect drama, excitement and the uncertain. Anyone who wants to go on a journey with you will want to be prepared to expect the same.

    Notables With This Degree:

  • John Lennon - rock star and actor
  • William L Alden - journalist, humorist, author and diplomat
  • Savannah - former groupie and accomplished porn actress
  • Ilan Halimi - Jewish man killed by Muslim gang, caused social outrage
  • Charles X - King of France until the French revolution

    8th degree of Leo

    If this is your sun sign you have a gift for grandeur, empowerment and a flair for drama that allows you to make your point with convincing accentuation. This gives a drive for power and heightens the chance of success. For many of you money will come into your life with abundance and ease. For many of the same, it can slip right through your fingers without some discretion and discipline. Your ability to embellish and describe can lead you into fields of communication or media. This is a combination of the fervent and passionate on-stage performer. The stage gives you the opportunity to flush out personal feelings long stuffed from earlier childhood trauma. There is the likelihood of issues with a parent who showed a compulsive need to control.

    You will likely be exposed to many forms of abuse by those who have power or are in the position of authority. Probably you were exposed to some such abuse in your own childhood. You are keen to have those who do abuse power brought to justice and be publicly reprimanded for their assault upon society. There is a karmic hint of past abuse of power in another time and place. You admire strong personalities, especially those who take on a cause to protect and improve the lives of people who are not able to protect themselves against predators and abusers. Your proclivity to be enamored with the noble and pure may lead you into groups or organizations that preach power to the people and empowerment to the individual.

    You have a kind of indomitable spirit which takes you through life and often attracts those who are dazzled by your strength and brilliance. You have a magnetic personality that inspires others to have courage and fortitude in the midst of the most distressing events. Your flair for general issues may cause you to overlook details and minor issues which can grow to become major obstacles. You seek a strong partner but end up competing. You can find one who is both strong and able to touch your soft and delicate side. It is there, even if not so obvious to the masses.

    Notables With This Degree:

  • Sebastian Kresge - K-mart business magnate and promoter
  • JK Rowling - author
  • Herman Melville - novelist, poet, essayist and short story writer

    21st Degree of Capricorn

    If this is your sun sign, this combination gives kind of a chatty quality to the usually more reserved Capricorn personality. If you don't take yourself too seriously this can bring candor and a witty sense of presentation that can make you a highly valued spokesman for an organization or cause.

    The down side is you can be arrogant and so sure of what you say, that you become intolerant of other peoples valued perspectives. Then it is easy to be pedantic and pompous to a fault. Under those circumstances you create polarization and pandemonium rather than unity and inspiration.

    Whatever your chosen path, it will not be easy to keep you from outwardly expressing your opinions and views. This is a good combination for teaching, lecturing or expressing yourself through pen, art or other outlets. This can be an excellent combination for motivators and people who lead and direct others.

    You like the perks of power and are not opposed to displaying the trophies that represent your position of prosperity and influence. You may challenge some of the notions that Capricorns are sure footed, wary and reliable. There is the karmic hint that in another life setting you failed to fully develop special talents with which you were blessed. You may very well still possess such innate traits, but they are less obvious because of your outward thrust toward life rather than a guarded approach.

    Capricorns are grounded and deal well with the reality in front of them. This combination gives a little extra zing to the self image. You are able to be more sensual and expressive of sexual and romantic energies than some of your other Capricorn family members. Your combination of success and ability to express yourself well can make you a desired partner and mate. This can apply to short term fun or long term commitment.

    Notables With This Degree:

  • Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - meditation and eastern philosophy teacher
  • Kirstie Alley - movie and television actress
  • Swami Vivekananda - spiritual leader of Vedanta and Yoga philosophies
  • Siti Nurhaliza - Malaysian pop singer-songwriter
  • Rush Limbaugh - radio talk show host, conservative political commentator

    Author's Experience Leading up to his Latest Numerology Book

    In 1977, I started writing my first numerology book that was to become Numerology for the New Age. As indicated in the preface of that edition, I felt there was no attention given to the deeper issues of psychology, spirituality, and cosmology in the numerological literature of that time. That volume was written to fill the perceived void. Judging from the global response, many readers felt it did a good job of accomplishing its intended purpose. Numerology for the New Age became one of the best selling numerology books for years, and was translated into several languages.

    As the author I was very pleased with the volume although many questions regarding numbers still exerted strain upon my inquiring mind and soul. This dichotomy was indicated in the Epilogue of that volume as quoted below:

    "Even at this moment of completion I look back at parts (of the book) I would not write the same way today. To give in to the temptation to revise would (seemingly) trap me into a project ever cyclical, with no end possible." (Numerology for the New Age l977).

    From the vantage point of time and age it has become more understandable to me what was happening. Much of that volume was written by intuition and inspiration. I believed it was valid and insightful material, yet I had not really experienced much of the information in real life. Over the past thirty-three years I have been rewarded with extraordinary events in the outer world and inner worlds.

    During those years I have conducted tens of thousands of sessions, including thousands in several cultures other than my own nation. My skills as a psychotherapist and consultant gained added depth and perspective from the introduction to the myriad traditions and lifestyles.

    Since that time, I also opened the door to the issues of alcoholism, gambling, sexual dysfunction, and victim-hood from my own family background. Hundreds of hours have been invested in professional therapy and healing sessions to face and move toward resolution of the conflict within the dark side of my own shadow self.

    These past years have also been enriched by mystical, tantric, and spiritual moments of extraordinary dimension. Perhaps one of the most profound came out of a moment of cosmological inquiry and research. In that sojourn, I went through the center of the earth and out into a cosmic journey through time, space and wormholes of light. The excursion took me back into the center of creation and light. It was as if I was in the womb of creation - blessed infinitely in universal love and bliss.

    Suddenly the thrust of life sent me spiraling out into creation. I traveled through galaxies and evolutions untold. Finally I sensed that I had entered this solar system and journeyed through the lessons on several of the planetary schools of life in this system. Then came the realization of entry into planet earth attended with an awareness of certain lessons I brought from other realms to be integrated in this realm of physical and material planet.

    From the first moment of birth from the cosmic womb, I experienced fear, confusion and anger with the feeling of being separated from Source. My anger and rebellious nature created a struggle within my being. On occasion I aligned with the forces of rebellion around the universe. The interpretations and experiences presented in this book are given herein through the symbolic wisdom of numbers. Obviously the interpretations presented herein are partially biased by my personal perception. It is impossible for anyone to separate themselves from their own experience.

    In 1998, blood clots developed in my small intestine requiring emergency surgery. Within a period of ten days I had a double near death experience, twice approaching the precipice of physical transition. It is common for a person coming out of such an event to believe they have some special purpose to do before their life ends. I felt that one thing I wanted to get done for certain was the completion of a book that would more comprehensively integrate the cosmology, psychology and spirituality of numerology.

    I thought that Forever Numerology was going to be the one. However, it is clear that the best was yet to come. Many readers found the early chapters to be ponderous and too complex which discouraged them in their journey through numbers. They initially wanted to know more about themselves and not the universe! Therefore, with this edition I have started the interpretations to coincide with where your life is at right Now. Once the present becomes clearer, we can go on to eternity.

    The book you are holding represents coming as near as possible to completion of a vision that started with the conception of Numerology for the New Age nearly thirty five years ago. Vastly expanded thoughts and alternative forms of interpretation have been introduced while writing this volume that you hold. This edition of The Heart of Numerology is my Magnum Opus for numerology.

    Truly there is no complete volume to be written on any subject. I do feel that with this book I have presented a more thorough and balanced presentation about numerology and how it helps us to better grasp the cosmic dance between the yin and yang, darkness and light that flows throughout creation and the consciousness of humanity. It has been both a cosmic and human journey of enlightenment for me exploring numbers and preparing this book. I invite you to let this book help you along your own path of symbolic self discovery. (2011)

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  • Forever Numerology
  • Numerology: Nuances in Relationships
  • The Tarot and Transformation
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