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    About Ouija Boards

    By Teresa Edwards

    Ouija is a fusion of the French word "oui" and the German "ja" for yes. A ouija board has the letters of the alphabet inscribed on it, along with words such as 'yes,' and 'no. To use the board you ask a question and allow the spirit to move the pointer until a letter is selected. The selections spell out an answer to the question.

    Ouija boards are a form of channelling, enabling the user to converse with spirits. The modern ouija board began as a combination of tools used for scrying: a wheel made up of the letters of the alphabet and a glass inverted and placed in the middle.

    Although there are different designs, usually the word "yes" is placed at the top and "no" at the bottom, with the letters being placed in a circle starting with the letter A next to the word yes and continuing around until the final letter Z ends up on the other side of the word yes. The nine numbers from one to nine are placed at the bottom next to the "no."

    It's very easy to make your own ouija board. As it needs a slippery top, it should be covered with clear plastic or placed under a glass surface. You need to allow plenty of room around the edges of the board so the indicator has room to move around without falling off the side of the board.

    To use a ouija board, you begin by placing the planchette (pointer) on the board. The board should be placed where it's comfortable to use, usually on a table. Next, it is warmed up by making several slow sweeping circles over the board. You need paper and pencil or a tape recorder to record messages. Some people like to say a prayer over the board before beginning. Most people will use their dominant hand to work the board.

    When there are a number of people using the board together, it is best to go clockwise around the board with each person taking their turn. People may be contacted by more than one spirit. Ask for one spirit at a time and get a name before you begin. Some spirits move across the board more quickly than others. An excited spirit will move the planchette faster.

    You can start by asking simple Yes or No questions to which you know the answer. It's best to start with general questions and move onto personal questions later when you are comfortable with the board. You can only ask a question once. You may get thought forms and mental images as you talk to the spirit. You can ask the spirit to stop if things start happening around you that make you feel uncomfortable.

    A word may come through with the letters in the wrong order. That is why you need someone not using the board to write the letters as they come through. You might get a trapped spirit that seeks help going to the light. To do this you need to call your spirit guide and ask them to guide the spirit to the next level. Send the spirit away if it wants something from you that you can't give. If it will not leave, stop using the board for a while.

    Some people feel that ouija Boards are dangerous. It depends on who uses them and the entities they attract. Not everyone is successful in using a ouija board whether or not they have psychic skills. Sometimes the board appears to work one day and not another.

    Most users believe that paranormal or supernatural forces are at work in spelling out answers. Skeptics believe that those using the board either consciously or unconsciously select what is read.

    An ouija board may help you to contact a spirit, but that doesn't mean that the spirit will have all the answers you seek - or that you can trust those answers. The ouija board can be a useful tool for mediumship but can also be a tool to tap into the subconscious minds of the users. It can be used to develop your psychic powers.

    The best way to avoid problems is to rid yourself of fear and apprehension. If things get negative, put the board away immediately, otherwise you will attract energies that draw on your fear. It's best to avoid using the ouija alone. If you've contacted a spirit with the board, it will be easier for it to reappear whenever you use it. Another person can help you if you start to worry, by keeping things in perspective.

    Members of the Most Haunted team have different views on ouija boards and whether they're safe to use. However, they have frequently used a glass for scrying, which relies on the same principle. The ouija board is simply a convenient, modern way of using ancient scrying techniques.

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