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    Pay Pal's Policy on Online Casinos

    PayPal intends to return to the online gambling industry after twelve years of absence. Twelve years ago, PayPal stopped servicing online gambling in the United States. After payment system separated from Ebay, its leaders decided it was time to return to the market of online casinos.

    First PayPal customers among online casino became Caesars and WSOP, which have added a PP logo to the list of supported deposit payment systems.

    In 2003, PayPal became a part of eBay and the company had to get away from gambling because the shareholders decided that it would have less risk and more benefit if they leave the support of online gambling in the US net.

    Also shareholders feared that their payment system would become more attractive target for cyber criminals.

    For now, we are talking about a limited return of the PayPal to the US gambling market. The company decided to work in test mode with the four largest online casinos. The system does not conduct business in those states where online casinos are prohibited. In other words, the areolas of its activity is limited to Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey.

    How to stay close to the leadership of the sources of PayPal, the company prepared a similar plan to return to the US gambling market, but so far no official comment on the subject hase been reported. It is not excluded - that company awaits the first reaction from online gamblers before taking any steps.

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