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    Types of Psychic Abilities

    Psychic aptitude is usually categorized within the mystical or parapsychology realms rather than the technical or scientific realms. Many scientific inquiries have been made into human psychic skill.

    A person who has the ability to observe information that is not perceived by normal senses is called a "psychic." Such people are able to perceive information because of "extrasensory perceptions." Psychic aptitudes are recognized as the sixth sense or telepathic insight. There are no palpable indications that psychic abilities do exist.

    Much investigation has been done to find the truth behind psychic abilities.

    Considering that the fundamental significance to any strong scientific deductions is reproducibility. If other investigators cannot repeat the meticulous outcomes, then there is also a high likelihood that the results are not true.

    From the historical studies that have been done, there is scientific certainty that people have the competence to experience vicissitudes straight with their mind, without the need to depend on the usual physical intelligences such as audible range, visualization, odor, taste and touch to recognize it.


    It is a shared misconception that people with psychic abilities must be tremendously altered characters. The possession of psychic skills does not determine a person's level of development.

    Types of Psychic Abilities

    There are several types of psychic abilities that are said to be existing. At Kasamba.com you can find them all:

    This is the ability that allows a person to see things that are not apparent to others. This is the most common psychic ability.

    This ability allows a person to feel the emotions of others and because of that they are called "empaths."

    This ability allows a person to hear things that are outside the range of normal hearing.

    This is the skill that allows a person to move things without touching them. Even those skilled with this ability are often questioned for their authenticity.

    This is the aptitude to pick up energy impressions from a physical object.

    Remote Viewing
    This ability gives the person the skill to see or hear or even feel the target location which is unknown to the person.

    The brain acts as director to what a person would be concentrating on.

    Experiments have shown that increased psychic involvement happens when sensory organs are subdued, like when a person is dreaming or having a near-death experience.

    There is also a possibility that genetics are a factor in psychic abilities. Although this has not been found to be an essential part of psychic ability, scientists have not rejected the possibility that a gene that could be responsible for such qualities.

    There are also many cases in which people seem to experience certain psychic abilities after suffering from head trauma. The reason is that when people suffer from any serious head trauma the structure and the function of their brain is often changed. They're frequently not capable of functioning well in the real world since they sometimes lose the analytical side of their brain.

    Whether psychic abilities exist or not, the science behind them is still an ongoing debate.

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