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    Reiki - Weave Life Force Energy Into Your Day

    By Wendy St. Germain

    Reiki can be easily integrated into many aspects of your daily life allowing you to benefit from the relaxing and healing properties of life force energy. In my article, Reiki - Woven Into the Spiritual Fabric of Your Life, I outlined simple Reiki Techniques to start your day, but when you get to work, there are many more opportunities to do Reiki:

    • Make a Reiki symbol card by drawing all the Reiki symbols to which you have been attuned on a piece of paper or a file card. I did this on my computer by drawing the symbols on paper and scanning into the computer. Then print the symbols on a business card and place it out of site around your work space. You can put one under your keyboard, in your file cabinet or on the back of your wall calendar.
    • Use Reiki symbols as passwords for online accounts, you will be typing them each time you login.
    • Place a mini Reiki crystal grid on your desk, at work, in a very attractive box. Keep a picture on your crystal grid at home so when you charge it, the one at work is also filled with Reiki energy.
    • Give your self Reiki during your work day, when appropriate. You can place your hand on your leg and give yourself Reiki often, if you have that intention.
    • Draw or place a Reiki symbol card in your checkbook. You can also take a copy of your bank and credit card statements and draw symbols on them or make a bundle out of them, place a Reiki symbol card in the bundle; placing it in a sacred spot in your home. We live in an infinite universe; it's natural for us to experience abundance, including financial abundance, in our lives. The more abundance we attract in to our own lives the more we raise the level of receiving for everyone. Let Reiki help you achieve your life's purpose.
    • Put Reiki symbols in your wallet.
    • Carry crystals and wear crystal jewelry charge with Reiki.

    Be creative, you will be surprised how many ways you can be a channel for Reiki energy.

    • Draw symbols or place Reiki Symbol cards behind the pictures on your walls and the books on the shelves in your home.
    • If it is practical, draw symbols on your water filter. Mine has a symbol card and crystals charged with Reiki in the casing. You will notice the difference in the taste of the water and you will have a constant source of Reiki water.
    • Draw Reiki symbols on cedar blocks and place them around the room when you are doing Reiki or when you are sleeping. You can turn them face down if you don't want your clients to see them. Cedar is traditionally known as a sacred wood. You will feel the energy as you put them around the room before a Reiki session and the smell of the cedar will enhance the environment.
    • Place crystals charge with Reiki into the potted plants in and around your home. My plants began to flourish after receiving this wonderful healing energy of crystals and Reiki. Place photos of the crystals and the plants on your Reiki crystal grid.
    • When leaving my house, before I close the front door, I draw a Reiki symbol to leave in the house until I return. It isn't necessary to draw symbols, you can visualize them or even just think of them and the energy becomes activated.
    • If you are a Reiki master, give yourself attunements regularly. I do every Sunday morning as soon as I get up.

    Here are a few more very effective techniques you can do almost anywhere:

    • In nearly every situation you can draw symbols and send Reiki with your eyes. It is said that your eyes are the window to your soul so when you use them to send Reiki, it is your soul that is purely channeling and sending Reiki and it is your soul which is also receiving the healing energy.
    • Intend to send Reiki. Think Reiki. When we think, our thoughts take form, so just by thinking Reiki you activate the Reiki energy in your brain and start the flow. When we receive attunements, symbols are placed in our head and our brain. The images of the Reiki symbols are stored there; so that without any other physical action we can think and send Reiki. It's our intention which is the driving force behind the energy and the movement to its destination. Reiki energy is like water flowing down in a bubbling stream; going where it is needed, following the path of least resistance.
    • When you shake hands with someone or hug someone give them Reiki. You can easily intend for Reiki to flow into your hands and allow the person with whom you are making contact to receive a touch of Reiki energy.
    • Be Reiki. Pick the Reiki symbol most appropriate for you at the time and imagine you are that Reiki symbol. Experience the energy of the symbol first hand. When you are done, send the symbol back to the universe and come back into your body.
    • When sending Reiki long distance, imagine the person or situation to which you are intending to send the Reiki small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, hold that imagine between your two hands and send Reiki. I feel very intense energy when I do this and have been told afterwards, by the people receiving, that they experienced very effective healing experiences.
    • The more Reiki you do, the better. Weave Reiki into the fabric of your life and you will notice it become richer and stronger. Activate the sacred and experience the divine.
    And so it is...
    (c) Wendy St. Germain. Wendy St. Germain is the author of "Do You Want to Be Happy NOW?

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