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    Libra Relationship Tips

    Conflict Resolution

    By Loy Young

    All astrology is based on the premise that the movements of the Sun, Moon, planets and constellations affect us and our behavior. Right now, we are in the time of Libra (Sept. 22 - Oct. 22) which begins at the Autumnal Equinox. That's when the tilt of the Earth's axis is inclined neither away or toward the Sun; the Sun is straight up above a point on the Equator. That's why Libra is called the scales or the sign of balance.

    This is a wonderful time to find balance with those people who mean so much to us.

    Why not learn to become a cosmic "greeny"? Harness and embrace these natural balancing movements and go with the flow. Libra's energies could help you master your own destiny, which by the way, requires you to resolve any conflicts with those ever so important people in your life.

    If Libra is about balance, then surely that must mean we must strive to find the balance between our conflicting viewpoints. Why not accept when you are attracted to people unlike yourself. It is to discover; what you are like, what you think, what you feel and what you really stand for. It's time to question yourself and the other person with Libra diplomacy, of course.

    Begin with Respect

    The first step in resolving differences begins with respect. Respect that the other person has the right to exist, has the right to his or her own beliefs and customs. Even though I'm talking at a very personal level right now, as humans, we go through the same problems at a global level also. If we want peace globally, we'll need to find these same answers in our own families, with our own partners.

    Just look at what is happening in the Middle East at the most basic level. True peace will have to deal with this one basic issue of respect. Both Jews and Arabs have the right to exist without causing harm to the other.

    Often times what was agreed on in mediation sessions never gets beyond the mediation chamber. For solutions to be implemented at home, it must begin and end with respect.


  • Can you respect that your partner has the right to exist? That means the person has the right to their beliefs.
  • And the same goes for you. Does your partner respect that you also have the right to exist with your own set of beliefs?
  • You may be so caught up in one of the faulty methods that arise from a core belief that you may not even know what it is your partner stands for. What fundamental beliefs are behind their action?
  • So it's time to take turns talking and listening, without interrupting with the other person. I suggest you take turns at different times, not in the same session. Keep in mind that you are more interested in the beliefs that are bringing about the actions, not just the actions themselves. The key to this listening is with the tone of respect, acceptance.
  • Many times, when the person is explaining their beliefs to you, they shift before your very eyes. The person gets to hear their own viewpoint. If it is an extreme, a zealot viewpoint, they will often revise their views while speaking. If it doesn't happen in the moment, know that because of the balancing effect during Libra time, the person may be a delayed reactor, and it could occur later. If you are respectful, not a lawyer looking for evidence to build your case, you can welcome this change.
  • I suggest that you be the listener first; be the role model for doing this. Listen without interrupting and show respect.
  • In this stage you are not necessarily looking for resolution. You are looking for both of you to fully express your different beliefs and to be heard with a tone of respect.
  • Once you try this, you will find that the conflicts that you are experiencing are based on the other person feeling that they are not heard, listened to, understood or respected.
  • The conclusion you are looking for is, "You are a good person, and I am a good person. We are both good people." This may be all you need to do in Libra. If you want to do even more, there are a few more parts. However, make sure you end here for the day.

    Wait a day or two before continuing to this next part.

    Identify the Problem and Solve It

    1. Now identify the problem. That's all. And say, "As two good people, let's solve the problem in front of us".
    2. And at this stage, when you start to come up with solutions, all solutions are listened to, no judgments made. Creative problem solving requires looking at many different options, treating all solutions as possible, not to be criticized, just spoken.
    3. I promise you that your problem is not unique, but problems other individuals go through also. If you cannot come up with solutions, seek out people that have gone through your same experiences and have come up with solutions. You are not looking for someone to tell you what to do. You may choose other ways, but you are looking to learn from people who have been successful with problem solving
    Don't let the yearly cycle of Libra pass you by without becoming courageous. Respectfully resolve your differences with those meaningful people in your life. It can be done.

    Accomplished astrologist and relationship specialist, Loy is devoted to teaching personal empowerment by embracing the cosmic energies.

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