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    The Scorpio Page

    Scorpio Relationship Tips

    Reveal the Magical Sorceress in You

    By Loy Young

    Honey, shut your mouth this month. It's not a time to talk out issues or deal with conflicts. It is time to be sensual, enticing, even captivating.

    If you didn't win your man over during Virgo by being ever so virginal and pure, do not despair. Or during Libra when you talked and talked about every issue in sight, and you are still far apart. It's Scorpio, time to awaken the magical sorceress in you.

    Entice Him into Your Lair

    Every man wants a woman to overpower him, make him beg for mercy, at least under the covers. During Scorpio, there is no need to pretend you are not all powerful and in charge. Start weaving your magic with that come hither look in your eyes which acts like a magnet drawing your man to you. Note; I did say have him come after you, a sorceress does not hunt down the man, she entices him into her lair.

    Tipping the Scales in Your Favor

    You've always had sensual power but maybe were afraid to fully use it, fearing you would be ravaged without your permission. This time, you are not only giving permission, you are consciously stirring your man's passion to come after you.

    Or maybe you knew all along that sensuality would tip the scales, giving you an unfair advantage. Go ahead, tip the scales. Libra is over. Have a magical relationship by awakening your Goddess of Sensuality.

    Keep Your Body Young

    You want to awaken the sensual Goddess in you permanently, not just for Scorpio. Besides your brain which hopefully is on hold right now, the next most important organs in terms of keeping the body young are the sex organs. Imagine, sumptuous sex is really the fountain of youth for both you and your partner. And all the time, you thought you were just experiencing pleasure. Isn't it delightful to find out enchanting health benefits are occurring at the same time?

    Sexually Enlightened

    Once you realize the health benefits for both of you, you may want to continue to do what comes naturally, but also learn the tantric secrets of the Hindu or Taoism. Sex is a natural part of their spiritual teachings. Why not become younger and sexually enlightened at the same time?

    Intimacy Reduces Conflict

    Another benefit for awakening your Sex Goddess is the reduction in conflict. The way you give to each other in bed will carry over into your daily life. You will want to please each other more either in or out of bed.

    Real Magic is in the Surrender

    First you have to get yourself emotionally in the mood, only then will you feel like the Goddess of Sensuality you are. That is the trick. After all, to achieve the heights you deserve, you do have to fully surrender. And you do not want to fake it, as it is in the surrender where the real magic occurs. That is when you are catapulted into the inner realms, renewing and recharging yourself. And as you return to earth, your aura radiates with rejuvenating elixir for your partner.

    About the author - Accomplished astrologist and relationship specialist, Loy Young is devoted to teaching personal empowerment by embracing the cosmic energies.

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