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    What NOT to Say to a Sagittarius

    By Elaine Edelson

    1. Can I wipe my nose on your sleeve? I just can't stop crying. Wow. Wanna see that Sagittarius friend of yours bolt faster than lightening? Just keep up the sad act. Sagittarians love jovial dispositions. This doesn't mean they won't help you. They are very dedicated to serving the populace. Just keep your sniffles to yourself and crack a smile once in a while...now that's a good friend.

    2. Please...sit. Nope. If you're one of those "I can sit for hours and do nothing kinda person" then you might as well sit on the porch in a rocking chair and wave to your Sag friend as they zoom by 47 times a day. Don't expect your Sag to stick around long because they're just too busy and on the go. But DO invite them in to sample your newest tea while kneeling on your prayer mat from that far off distant Asian land. Your Sag friend has a pension for travel and fun little nick-knacks from half way around the world. "Hmm, chai spice tea and chanting? Sounds great...now I gotta run!"

    3. Honest. I saw Sarah Palin come out of a space ship. You've gotta believe me. Sagittarians are some of the most skeptical people on Earth. Don't get me wrong...they WANNA believe, but need lots of proof. Once they believe you, they're hooked. But if they find out that you've duped them watch out! You'll be side-swiped by a sharp, rapier wit that will cut you to the quick. Sagittarians like to explore philosophies. Some Sag's though, (especially men) don't actually experience the philosophies they read about. As I said...they need proof that water's wet before they drink it. To help that judgmental Sag of yours, be consistent. Show them that you like to search for answers, too, but don't always say you have the definitive answer. This keeps them hopeful that they'll have more places to go to and things to research. Because otherwise, what's the point?

    4. I saw God on the cover of the Enquirer. Pa-leese! and Gimme a break. As I said, your Sag is a truth seeker. You cannot tell them what IT is. They have to discover IT for themselves. Yes, give a few clues and pique their interest. Then book them a flight to South America. Send them on a spiritual mission to find the Lost Ruins of Man or something. Ooh, what a turn on. The only thing they'll want to know is if they can go first class (and can they bring home a monkey as a souvenir?) to sell, of course! Some Sagittarians can be very motivated by money. Almost as much as spiritual journeys. And if they can combine the two, well then it doesn't get any better than that!

    5. I deserve it! Your Sag has a knee jerk reaction to people who feel entitled. If you come to your Sagittarian friend with an attitude of indignance or victimization, you will no longer have a Sagittarian friend. They'll offer suggestions to help you out of your sorry ways, but they won't hold your hand....UNLESS you're holding out your other hand to someone less fortunate. Show them that you truly care about mankind. Go help yourself then turn around and help someone else. Now, it's true that many Sagittarian men are shy and don't always express their deepest selves. (That might be true of all men) but your Sag man is ready to go to the mat to promote a practical spirituality. Your Sag woman has no problem expressing herself (watch out for passive aggressive AND surprising direct hits). She's ready to apply a spiritual practice to elevate the consciousness of humanity. Let's all hold hands and sing, Kumbaya.

    Author, Elaine Edelson is a Modern Mystic, empath, intuitive, astrologer, author, and radio show host of "Manifest Change Now."

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