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    Things You Won't Say or Do On the Other Side - Part 2

    By Stephen Petullo

    Co-author of Your Love Life and Reincarnation: Why The Past Is Affecting Your Present and How To Fix It



    Based on life-after-life accounts from past life regression, the research of Stafford Betty, and Near Death Experiences (NDEs), the afterworld is quite different than life on Earth. One main reason is that you, or your soul, is no longer confined by the limits of your body and mind.

    The list in this article is about life after death in the Light, where most souls go after shedding their body. Some souls go to levels of a lower vibration, but they always have the choice to call out for help, embrace the Light and work to progress to higher levels.

    Below are 11 things you won't say or do on the other side:

  • Be racist or accuse others of race privilege.

  • You'll be able to clearly perceive all your other lifetimes you've lived as all or most races. Because of this, souls understand race is a temporary facade, so racism doesn't exist on the other side. Souls can also see that those screaming the loudest on Earth about privilege likely abused it in past lives.

  • Be sexist or accuse others of gender privilege.

  • All souls can see that they've experienced lives as both male and female in order to learn and grow, so gender privilege is a non-issue.

  • Feel guilty or envious about finances or status. Instead, you'll perceive all your previous lifetimes spanning back thousands of years as rich, poor, and in-between, and realize the karmic reasons and lessons for each.

  • Feel cheated about family, friendships, love life, or health. You'll understand that everyone earned it, or needed to experience it for growth and that they chose it, on a soul level.

  • Feel guilty for not strictly adhering to religious doctrine. There is no required religion, thus no one will give you any rules about how often or whom you are supposed to worship.

  • Be an atheist. On the lower planes souls can choose to deny a higher power. But once they go into the Light, they realize there is no religion, yet it's also impossible to ignore the energy of God or a higher power. They also realize that it's okay to be an atheist while incarnated; it won't disqualify you from entering the other side after death.

  • "I'm too old." While souls have varying degrees of wisdom and numbers of lifetimes, there are no physical body constraints. Many souls appear as they did on Earth in their last lifetime, but at their most vibrant and in their physical prime (many who've had near death experiences say souls look about 30 years old).

  • Forget your loved ones who are still incarnated on Earth. Many on the other side help their incarnated loved ones by sending them love and inspiration.

  • Be lazy. After souls rest and recuperate, particularly after a rough incarnation, they have more than enough energy to reflect on past life mistakes, learn, and plan for their next incarnation or the next level of their growth.

  • Assume that in order to be metaphysically aware, you must wear a robe, meditate all day, and live in a remote mountainous region. Instead, you'll look back on all the people in your previous incarnation and you might be shocked about the soul level of some of them beneath the surface. Some of the most seemingly mundane individuals are sometimes the most spiritually advanced souls.

  • Make metaphysical concepts seem much more complex than they really are to sell more books (hi Deepak!) Spiritual truths are simple on the other side.

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    In Light,

    Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo, the Mystic Twins

    PART 1 - Things You Won't Say or Do on the Other Side


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