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    Things You Won't Say or Do On the Other Side - Part 1

    By Stephen Petullo

    Co-author of Your Love Life and Reincarnation: Why The Past Is Affecting Your Present and How To Fix It



    Based on our experience with past life regression, life-between-life regression, documented near death experiences, and the after life research of Stafford Betty, we believe there is nothing to fear about death.

    When you shed your physical body, your soul moves on to a different dimension. Once there, since you'll no longer be confined by the limits of your physical body, mind, biases, excuses, fears, and earthly programming, your perception of yourself and your actions in all your past lives will be crystal clear.

    You likely have a lot to look forward to after this life, especially if you try to be a good person in this life. Bad people are not punished on the other side, but they will have to return to Earth and make up for their actions.

    The list below applies to the after-life realms we call "the Light." This is where most souls go after death of the body. Dark or lower vibration realms also exist, where souls who match that energy go, but they always have the option of turning away from the darkness and progressing to the higher realms.

    Below are 15 things you won't say or do on the other side:

  • Deny reincarnation. After death of the body and entering the other side, it's obvious to all souls, sometimes painfully, that reincarnation and karma are far more than just theories.

  • Hold a grudge. Your soul will understand both sides of any conflict, the intended lessons, and why it's in your best interest to forgive yourself and anyone who ever hurt you while incarnated.

  • Feel prolonged despair over a lost love. Since you'll be reunited with lost loves on the other side, understand the reasons for the loss, and more importantly, see through all the romantic and earthly illusion, you might think you made life more difficult for yourself by prolonging the suffering.

  • Feel like time is running out to find a partner, have a baby, get rich, or reach other earthly goals. You won't strive for these goals there, but you might plan for them in future lifetimes, and realize you'll experience what you need to at the right time in the right lifetimes.

  • Feel lonely. You'll experience so much love and support that you won't have room for it.

  • Force a friendship or relationship for the wrong reasons. All your needs are met, so there's no reason to exploit anyone for anything.

  • Be unhappily single. There's no lack of love, thus no need for romantic relationships, but you can experience one if you choose to.

  • Lie to anyone, including yourself. Most humans tell white lies occasionally, but after death all is seen in the Light of truth, so it's impossible to be anything but completely honest. There's no hiding from the truth after you shed your earthly body and ego.

  • Manipulate a loved one. Love can only be unconditional there, so you won't be able to control anyone or carry out a hidden agenda.

  • Be excessively selfish. Everyone on Earth is selfish to some degree, but since you'll be extremely empathic, you won't want to be.

  • Feel guilty about sex. You won't feel the need to have sex, but you can if you choose to. You also might feel bewildered by the amount of shame associated with sex and nudity on Earth.

  • Be plagued by excessive morality and dogma. For example, you'll realize that "sex without marriage is bad" is a belief of man, not God.

  • Believe that money is evil. You'll understand that it's not bad to make and enjoy money while incarnated, as long as you aren't hurting anyone in the process.

  • Work for money. Souls work on themselves, rather than for a paycheck, in between lifetimes.

  • Steal. You'll have all you need so you won't need to. Also, you'll fully understand that even minor theft and other negative behavior when incarnated will incur negative karma that you'll have to balance.

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    In Light,

    Scott Petullo and Stephen Petullo, the Mystic Twins

    PART 2 - Things You Won't Say or Do on the Other Side


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    We're looking for destiny and free will case studies for future columns. Do you have a significant situation in your life that you're concerned about or one that did or did not turn out like you had hoped? E-mail us the situation, birth data of people involved (full birth names on legal birth certificates, exact time of birth, place and full date) and we may use your situation for a future column.

    We regret that we will not be able to respond to everyone who writes. Names and birth data will be kept private and identifying details will be changed upon request.

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    Las Vegas, NV 89107

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