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    Use the Power of Affirmations to Forgive and Release

    By Scott Petullo

    Co-author of Your Love Life and Reincarnation - Why The Past Is Affecting Your Present and How To Fix It



    Your Love Life
    and Reincarnation

    Why The Past Is
    Affecting Your Present
    and How To Fix It

    Affirmations are powerful and can help transform any area of life if you use them correctly.

    Can they buck fate, erase karma or help you create anything, no matter how ambitious the goal? We don't believe so; we've found through our empirical research that many of the major events and people in your life are fated.

    The good news is that you can make the most of your fate by using your free will. If you are in tune with yourself, at least somewhat realistic, and willing to make the effort to reach your goals, affirmations can be like the wind at your back. What you think and believe can influence your reality, within the confines of your fate.

    Affirmations are particularly useful to combat doubt, fears, and destructive worrying. How you perceive your life can make it a lot less stressful. Whenever you catch yourself thinking damaging thoughts, veto them and replace them with uplifting thoughts.

    But worrying and self-doubt don't only stem from your conscious mind; the subconscious mind has more control over your life than most people realize. Even if you consciously want to change your life, if your desired goal triggers your subconscious mind's fears and defenses, you might find yourself sabotaging your goal without even realizing it.

    Thankfully, affirmations can help overcome blocks in your subconscious mind because it can't distinguish between imagination and reality.

    Speaking of blocks, not forgiving yourself or anyone else can prevent you from being happy and block your life in various ways.

    What's that you say? A certain person doesn't deserve to be forgiven? That's understandable, but forgiveness isn't for them, it's for you. Forgiving yourself and anyone who hurt you is not about excusing bad behavior, but releasing the stored anger, resentment, or guilt that is holding you back. You don't need to forget what someone did (because they might do it again), but forgiveness is key. And you don't even need to tell them; this is about you.

    Below are 24 affirmations to help you forgive and release. With repetition your subconscious mind will accept them, and you'll find yourself feeling lighter and free of the burdensome weight.

    Select one or more of the affirmations below, write it down and put it where you'll see it often. Repeat it whenever you think of it, over and over, especially when you find yourself worrying. You can also repeat them in meditation as a focus point to go deeper.

    1) I'm forgiving everyone and myself.

    2) I'm forgiving everyone at work.

    3) I'm forgiving everyone in my family.

    4) I'm forgiving all friends, past, present, and future.

    5) I'm forgiving my partner, and any past partners.

    6) I'm forgiving my parents for any mistakes.

    7) I'm forgiving myself for any mistakes.

    8) I'm forgiving others for their weaknesses and mistakes.

    9) I'm forgiving, I'm forgiving, I'm forgiving.

    10) I'm releasing all anger

    11) I'm releasing resentment and guilt and any bad behavior that stems from it.

    12) I'm releasing any anger than prevents me from loving myself and others.

    13) I'm releasing all anxiety.

    14) I'm releasing any blocks to success.

    15) I'm releasing all resentment and stress from it.

    16) I no longer blame, but take total responsibility for my life.

    17) I'm in charge of my feelings, so I let go.

    18) I'm choosing to let go of the past, and let the heavy burden go.

    19) I release everyone and they release me.

    20) I perceive the whole picture, and forgive everyone.

    21) The more I forgive, the more intuitive I become.

    22) I'm accepting and forgiving myself and everyone else.

    23) I'm forgiving and letting go of judgment.

    24) I'm breathing deeply, relaxing, and forgiving.

    Now that you understand your thoughts can help improve your reality, use these affirmations to reap the rewards of forgiving yourself and anyone else.

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