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    B.K. Vijay

    When purchasing a piece of real estate property, one of the first things that strike our mind is Vaastu. Everyone who is purchasing a property wants the Vaastu of the property to be good, even if they don't believe in it. Vaastu is a complex and confusing topic for most of us. It depends on various things such as location and dimension of the property, which side is it facing, the construction, where to put what and the list goes on.

    In this article, we simplify the topic by discussing briefly the major components of Vaastu.

    What is Vaastu?

    Firstly, Vaastu is based on Indian science of architecture. It comprises five elements of nature - the Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. These five elements are also called 'Panchbhootas.' Each of these elements corresponds to a natural force that affects our lives. Therefore, each of these elements should be in a particular direction to gain the benefits of vaastu. Let's discuss the importance of these elements:

    Center - Space - (Brahmasthan)

    While choosing a plot for your house, it should either be in a rectangular or square shape. Avoid taking plots that are round, oval or triangular in shape. Brahmasthan is the central portion of a plot. This portion should be left empty and free from any kind of obstruction such as a wall, pillar, staircase, toilet or bedroom. It is left free because there should be better flow of energy inside the house. You can have the main hall constructed in this portion.

    North-East - Water - (Eshanya)

    The north-east corner of a house is considered a place of God, you can build a Pooja room (room to worship God) in this place. As this corner is considered to be sacred, keep it clean. See that you place lightweight objects in this corner and avoid heavy objects. The north-east corner is a perfect place for bore wells; you can also have the main entrance of the house. Avoid having staircase, toilets or master bedroom, you can have children's bedroom in north-east.

    South-East - Fire - (Agneya)

    South-east corner is a perfect place for kitchen, you can have electrical/heat generating appliances at this corner and you can place heavy objects in this area. A couple should avoid sleeping at this corner. Don't have the septic-tank or drainage system in the south-east portion.

    North-West - Air - (Vayavya) Having an entrance on north-west towards east is ideal. This portion of the house can also have bedrooms, living room, toilets, wash-basins or guest room. Rain water and the drainage system of the house should preferably flow towards north-east. Bedroom in the north-west portion is good for newly married couple. Avoid constructing kitchen or under-water tank in this portion.

    South-West - Earth - (Nairuthi)

    Lockers of cash and jewelery should be on south-west corner and should open toward north. Walls along the south-west should be thicker than the walls along the north-east. Construction of master bedroom, storage or over-head tank is ideal. Avoid having the main entrance of the house in this portion. Avoid having children's room, living room, bathroom or the kitchen in this area.

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