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    Valentine's Day Do's and Don'ts

    What to do and what not to do for a perfect Valentine date!

    By Astrologer Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma

    Do's - Aries have an active and vibrant spirit to them. Often you will find yourself having to increase your pace to keep up with them. Frankness and straightforward behavior is always appreciated. Perhaps a picnic in the great outdoors or some travelling with your partner might bring out the best in them this Valentine's Day.

    Don'ts - Be tactful when you tell an Aries that he/she is wrong. They can be volatile. Aries are faithful and passionate, so beware of making them jealous. Do your best to spend some quality time alone with your partner and something special might just happen.

    Do's - They are artists by nature and love the beauty of living. They love to enjoy all that wealth can offer them. Food and drinks are a sure way to enjoy their company in happiness. Also anything art related is sure to bring out the best in them.

    Don'ts- They do not lose their tempers easily, but don't push your luck. Don't press them into tight corners or be unreasonable with them. Just give them their own space to be comfortable within and spend some time together and your day will be just fine.

    Do's - Geminis are highly intellectual and versatile people. They constantly need to be mentally stimulated, so make sure you conversation skills are kept high. Humor and good communication is a sure way to find a place in a Gemini's heart. Tickets for a movie or better yet, a play, should be a nice way to start the evening off together.

    Don'ts- Stability might not be the most important thing on their minds. Holding a Gemini back is a sure way to lose them, since they crave new and exciting changes all the time. Instead, adapting yourself to their needs is the best way to succeed by flowing with the current. So be open to your partner guiding your day together. Maybe an interest of his/her's will become one of your own, bringing you closer together in the process.

    Do's- The Cancer's changing moods will need you to be at your most flexible. Being moody and sensitive is part of their nature. Cancerians love food by the way. So if you can cook them a great meal and throw in a healthy dose of poetry and romance, then you're sure to reach their heart.

    Don'ts- Cancerians are sensitive and easily hurt. So treat their emotions with care. Even inanimate things can become emotionally bound to their hearts. Respect their tried and tested routes of action and thought. Perhaps re-living some experience you shared would be a great idea this V'day, for example, going for dinner to a favorite restaurant or watching a movie together that you both enjoyed in the past.

    Do's- Learn to give your Leo partner respect by listening to his/her advice. Leos love to do all things in great style and pomp, are easily won by flattery. So give them a chance to dress in their finest and find a place with tons of positive energy around to bring out the best in them. Being the centre of attraction never hurt a Leo after all.

    Don'ts - Be careful with their egos. Vanity is one of their biggest drawbacks. They dislike gloom and depression and people of that nature. So even if you feel down, don't let it show. Just let them take charge and turn a sigh into a smile. So keep things up-beat, brushing off small irritations that might pop up, and keep the energy around the two of you positive at all times.

    Do's - Virgo's feel a deep sense of duty and are very methodical. Taking a keen interest in their passions will make your time together more enjoyable as they go out of their way to help. A quiet evening together should do the trick, along with a healthy dose of conversation.

    Don'ts - Virgos shun the limelight by nature so don't push them into it. They hold fast to their secrets so learn to respect their privacy. Too much pomp and activity is not going to make them very comfortable, so plan something private and peaceful.

    Do's - Libras crave harmony and balance in their relationships. They are usually beautiful and are won over by people who recognize this fact. So a few compliments are sure to set the mood just right.

    Don'ts - Libra can sometimes be argumentative even though they are kind at heart. So avoid any road that could lead to an argument, keep things peaceful throughout the day. Keep in mind that Librans need time to decide, so give them space and be patient with them in all things.

    Do's - Scorpios are full of passion for life. They have tremendous drive for everything they do. They are loyal and grateful for anything good done for them. Tune into their wavelength if you really want to enjoy their company. So a good idea would be to explore one of his/her hobbies today and watch as he/she showers their happiness on you too.

    Don'ts - Scorpios are fiercely possessive. Avoid jealousy at all costs. They are known to have an explosive temper and keep their plans to themselves. So don't flirt around and handle them with care. Spending time with your partner today might just remind you what attracted you to him/her in the first place.

    Do's - Sagittarians are the happy-go-lucky kinds, full of enthusiasm for life. So there's not really much more you need to do to make them any happier, although planning something special together that's full of positive spirit might make your day together even better. Exploring a new city or an interesting part of the one you live in might bring out the curious, explorative spirit in him/her.

    Don'ts - They are fiercely independent and cannot tolerate restrictions. So let them enjoy their freedom. Sometimes their frank ways can almost be seen as rude, so don't be put off by that, learn to embrace it instead.

    Do's - A Capricorn's outlook is built on a conservative and practical base, with social status and image being everything to them. Maybe spending some time together at a party or place that's been on everyone's wish list over the last few days will win them over.

    Don'ts - Make sure that what ever you plan, you plan thoroughly. It should be smooth and bump-free. Nothing puts a Capricorn off more than sloppiness. Since your Capricorn partner also happens to be very economical, it might be best not to be too extravagant just to make them feel more comfortable.

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    Do's - A nice conversation on a passion of your partner's would be a great way to start things off. Another good tip would be to reveal a side of yourself that will take your partner by surprise, an interest your partner never knew you possessed. Fortunately for you, Aquarians are capable of great love.

    Don'ts - They love to follow their own instincts so learn to respect their decisions. So giving into your partner's wishes might not be such a bad thing if you really want to get to know him or her a little better. Even if they seem a bit detached, don't worry, that's just the way they are.

    Do's - Being artists at heart and born dreamers, Pisceans love all forms of culture and expression. So finding an interesting exhibition that's happening, tickets for a concert or a performance, or even a movie or play is sure to excite them and turn the day into something special.

    Don'ts - Pisceans by nature have very other-worldly ambitions. Materialism is not something they possess. The beauty of this trait is that the quality of your day together has nothing to do with money. If you can find something that will stir their imagination, then you have done your part. Being creatures of deep feelings, you will have to take care to treat their hearts with care.

    About Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma -
    Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma is the world's most famous astrologer, numerologist, palmist and a vaastu expert today and appears regularly on World Wide T.V Shows. Before that, was a Mechanical engineer but his destiny took him to pursue astrology as his main focus. With his scientific background, he researched and studied astronomy, numerology, gemology, and tantras. He was awarded a PhD for research in astrology.

    Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma is providing Daily Forecasts to many National and International Newspapers such as News India and Excel (In USA) etc. He provides his astrological services to many portals such as,,,,, etc. Watch him every day on Star News in Samarpan between 15:00 to 15:30 Hrs and daily on Sahara Samay at 8:30 Hrs in "Rashi Chaal" and PTC Punjabi "Tuwade Sitaare" at 00.00hrs. Website:

    His Awards are as follows:
    1. Best Vastu consultant in 2008.
    2. Rashtriya Rattan Award in 2002
    3. Pride of India Award in 2002.
    4. Gem of India Award in 2001.

    His recent predictions are-
    1. Predicted for Solar eclipse on Sahara Samay.
    2. Made prediction for the recognition of females worldwide that came true when Sorabhee of Indian Idol, Pinky Solankar and Aishwarya Rai got praised.
    3. Predictions came true for terrorist attacks recently in Delhi and Mumbai.

    You can reach Dr Sharma at the following addresses:
    1. Head Office: #1456, Sector-4, Panchkula- 134 112. Contact us at: 0172- 256 2832, 257 2874.
    2. Branch Office: Delhi E-31, F.F, Kalkaji, and New Delhi 110 019, Contact us at: 011-26449898, 26489899
    3. Branch Office: Mumbai #701-B, 7th Floor, Sangeeta-1, Versova (Andheri west), Contact us at: 022- 26398641

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